Internet Marketer

There is evidence that on average a modern person spends 6 hours 42 minutes a day on the Internet. And the Russians even more – 7 hours 17 minutes a day. It is obvious that a large professional resource is required for such a rapidly developing sphere that has captured different aspects of human life. And in the ranking of popular professions, this is the Internet marketer. In short, this person is engaged in attracting customers. For example, the production of branded clothing was opened. It is simply physically difficult for the store owner to do everything, including attracting online customers, so he hires a specialist who will be responsible for this area of ​​​​action.

An internet marketer does the following:

    • develops a brand promotion strategy;


    • develops a sales funnel;


    • connects advertising tools;


    • controls and optimizes traffic;


    • conducts analytics, etc.


If the brand is large, and it has social media accounts with a huge number of subscribers, the marketer will assemble a team. It will include SMS, targetologists, copywriters, directologists and other specialists. The latest specialties do not require a “crust” with proof of the necessary education, because they do not yet teach SMS and targetologists in universities. But studying in online courses is welcome, because these are real professions, and a person “from scratch” will not be able to effectively engage in them. In a word, an Internet marketer is a profession that is broad in terms of functionality, requiring from a specialist both financial competence and confident knowledge of marketing, often also knowledge of languages. This is a good start for a business career, a great opportunity to learn how to play a team game, although most of the actions will have to be done remotely.

Internet advertising specialist

This is a narrower specialty, although it has something in common with the profession of an Internet marketer. A contextual advertising specialist (as this profession often sounds) is able to effectively, competently organize an advertising campaign to promote a product or service, introducing a brand to a large audience.

What does a contextual advertising specialist do:

    • develops an advertising campaign strategy;


    • creates advertising;


    • sets up ads, places them;


    • monitors the campaign, evaluates its effectiveness, makes adjustments;


    • complements and improves the existing ad unit.


To understand that this profession is right for you, you need to look at the portrait of an average PPC specialist. He must have an analytical mind, be patient (do not give up when working with routine), not be afraid of experiments and speak and write at a high level.


Web developer

This profession is confidently in trends, because this specialist creates new sites and services, as well as supports and maintains existing ones. He must study the customer’s task, help find the optimal solution, make code for the front-end and back-end (representatives of related professions), test it and fix errors. And then evaluate the results. Examples of web developer tasks:

    • develop an adaptive landing page for the product;


    • engage in the integration of the payment system;


    • create an interface for user registration.


And in more detail, you can consider the essence of the work of a web developer on a practical example, when, for example, the task is to launch an online store.

    • The developer receives the task, he also evaluates the deadline. If they suit his colleagues and superiors, they are recorded in the task tracker.


    • A new online service is not just a task, but a large-scale project that must be broken into parts (they call it decomposing).


    • Perhaps, work will begin with cooperation with the designer, the layout and details of the solution will be studied. For this, the developer’s tool will be graphic editors.


    • The next step is to write the code. This is usually done in a special text editor, although it is not necessary.


    • The written code needs to be tested. Check how its functionality will behave if the user has made a non-standard action. Manual testing does not cancel automated testing; a web developer also writes tests for the latter.


These 5 steps are the essence of the work of this specialist, although, of course, in a short description you can only go through the tops.


A programmer is engaged in the creation of computer programs. He also develops websites and applications. Can a programmer be called a web developer, and vice versa? Basically, you can. It’s just that once all the people involved in writing code and maintaining computers were called programmers. The digital industry is developing, and therefore such common names are divided into many highly specialized ones. The programmer works in different operating systems, uses different programming languages, and there are more than a dozen of them. The most demandedin world and the countries of the former USSR can be considered an application programmer. To understand what he does, you can compare it with the system. The system one develops operating systems, the applied one creates websites, applications, games, software.

A software engineer, for example, provides mechanized and automated processing of information that enters the information and computer center. A software engineer can be engaged in automation and mechanization of the production process, etc. And there is a separate category of specialists called marketers-programmers. This is a professional who owns the science of marketing and has extensive knowledge in programming. It turns out that he owns two professions, which means that the list of his competencies is much higher than that of possible competitors.

Important! Researchers of different levels and countries often write that the future belongs to specialists who have equally mastered two professions, were able to join them, and therefore their uniqueness increases, and hence their demand.



Separately, it is worth saying a little about the professions that have already been mentioned above, as well as supplementing the list. In the list of demanded new professions will be:

    • SMS. This is a specialist who develops a customer account. He works on social media. But social networks have long ceased to be an additional point of sale, and are increasingly acting as the main trading field, therefore, an ambitious brand cannot exist without an SMM specialist. In other words, this is a person engaged in social media marketing. It unobtrusively directs the customer’s subscribers to perform the target action that is relevant to him. This could be going to a website, buying a product, voting for a candidate, filling out a survey, watching a video and leaving a reaction, etc.


    • Copywriter. At the moment, the term is a generalized name for specialists in different areas. One thing unites them for sure – this person writes texts for money. These can be long articles (long reads) or product descriptions, advertising slogans and texts for social networks. It is assumed that the specialist owns the word, which helps the customer to sell their product, service, attract guests to the site, etc.


    • Data Scientist. This is an analytics expert, one of the most attractive and well-paid new jobs right now.  If a young specialist does not want to limit himself geographically, he knows languages ​​and is competent in his field, he can get a job in other countries of the world. A specialist works with company data, studies it, looks for dependencies, draws conclusions, visualizes, etc. He uses mathematical algorithms, special software and development tools. It can work with text, sound, video, documents, etc.


    • Targetologist. If a person recently searched the Internet for photos of girls with fashionable handbags for spring, the next day in his social networks he will see an advertisement for bags. The targetologist is engaged in setting up targeted advertising. Moreover, not only in social networks, but also in search engines. He defines the target audience and adjusts the ad so that it reaches the right customers.


    • Video editor. Some high school students start working as a video editor while still at school. And given how much video content is being produced now, it becomes clear that more and more customers need editors. In universities, this is practically not taught, but certain knowledge can be obtained in online courses. True, it is not bad if the specialist has a higher related education: in the field of computer technology or even art (you need to have an idea about harmony, aesthetics, etc.).


All these professions are not yet at risk – the necessary personal participation, the look of a creative person or a special kind of analyst is not yet subject to machines. Yes, and a huge number of today’s schoolchildren are close and interested in the niche in which the listed specialists will be involved. That is, the rating of safe and in-demand professions will include an Internet marketer, a contextual advertising specialist, a targetologist, a web developer, etc.

Options for girls

The beauty industry has also expanded significantly in the last decade. Now the word “hairdresser” is used less frequently, because in many salons specialists are divided not between those who cut hair, and those who deal with complex coloring. The profession of a hairdresser has always attracted girls: it is affordable, higher education is not required, and good career prospects. And for women, this is really a good option: finding a suitable college, supplementing education with courses is not so difficult, and not so expensive. But to gain a foothold and grow in the profession is harder, because it should be exactly a vocation.

What other professions should girls pay attention to:

    • photo retoucher – passion for photo editors can be turned into earnings;


    • nail stylists – so called those who are engaged in nail design;


    • illustrators – the profession is also suitable for guys, but too many girls were able to loudly declare themselves in this profession and form a recognizable personal brand;


    • architects – if you think a little, this specialty looks archaic compared to the previous ones, but it is really in demand and promising, because cities are being rebuilt, and many new objects are being created in them;


    • testers – not only guys work in the IT field.


In this list, diverse professions are specially selected, because it is impossible (and not necessary) to focus applicants on only one area. As long as medicine cannot exist without doctors, this profession will also be considered in demand, and this is a fair statement. But pedagogy, which is losing popularity, is not a reason to abandon plans to connect her life with the education and upbringing of children, if a high school student really has an inclination for this. If the throwing relates to a financial issue, one should remember talented tutors, speech therapists in great demand, teachers who have queues at child development centers, etc.

Who to study for guys?

Most of the above professions are suitable for men. But the list can be expanded.

    • Roboticist. The specialist develops robots and maintains them. Of course, girls can also work in robotics, but traditionally more guys come to classes even at school. To become this specialist, you need to graduate from a university with a degree in Robotics and Mechatronics.


    • Biotechnologist. He studies living organisms and directs this knowledge to solve engineering problems. A simple example: by examining vision, a person can optimize and upgrade existing tracking systems.


    • Urbanist. Interest in this profession appeared not so long ago, because it itself is quite new. It can be called butt, because the specialist has knowledge in construction, architecture, sociology and even psychology.


    • Virtual space designer. This work can also be attributed to the IT-sphere.


    • Cyber ​​security specialist. Its main task is to protect information from leakage.


Perhaps we need to pay attention to innovative areas, to what is being actively accelerated right now, and to what are called the professions of the future.


What professions will appear in the future?

It makes sense to start by listing general trends. Analysts say that information technology will not only develop, but also require greater competencies from employees. This means that those who once retrained, completed express courses or simply do not develop in the profession, work with the old tools, will be tread on the heels of educated specialists who are ready to adapt to the study of new programs, languages, new information. And this will happen in the near future.

What other areas will develop and grow:

    • robotics;


    • construction and reconstruction;


    • ecology;


    • biotechnology;


    • the medicine.


The latter, perhaps, will change direction somewhat, because new personnel who are ready to work according to new standards, in new conditions and technical support will be, as they say, worth their weight in gold.


It is worth paying attention to interesting professions of the not very distant future.

    • City farmer. A chic specialty, because a person with this profession will have to develop farming on the roofs of houses and buildings in large cities. And this requires a fundamentally different agricultural technology, at least.


    • Robotics Developer. It sounds like a non-existent profession, but there is no doubt that it will appear (and the process has already begun). Another name is robotics lawyer. It will be such an intermediary between a person and a robot that will not allow the latter to harm a person. Sounds like something like a “superhero”, but it’s reality.


    • Space guide. It is predicted that already in 2030 space tourism will no longer be an absolute rarity, and wealthy people will be able to afford to “go into space on vacation.”


    • Ecosystem reconstruction specialist. The resources of the planet are being depleted every day, and in 10 years the urgency of the problem will require that specialists appear to help solve it. We are talking about non-renewable oil reserves, as well as dying plants and animals. Specialists, collecting genetic material, will be able to restore some of their species.


    • Body designer. This is a specialist in the field of bioengineering. And now we can dream that we will live to see a time when an injured organ can be replaced (this is partly true today), but the scale will be different. Body designers will turn the desires of clients into mock-ups, and surgeons will be able to focus on these mock-ups.


    • Engineer-developer of constant power devices. The transition to sustainable energy is on the list of the most promising challenges for humanity. A person will learn to use the energy of the sun and wind more efficiently, one might say, it will become the only source of nutrition. That is why the probability of a high demand for such specialists is rated as very high.


    • Curator of personal data. Many people know what neural interfaces are. In simple terms, they connect the human brain to a computer. A person will be able to record their own memories, thoughts and even plans and share them on social networks. So the curator of personal data will combine this information into a common stream, adapt it to the submission and present it properly.


It is also very important to say that it is no longer necessary to rely on the dominant academic education received once in a lifetime and forever. In fact, this situation still exists today. People began to study more often, in addition to universities, to take various courses that can be more effective than 5 years at the institute in terms of saturation with information, knowledge and skills. But in order to build a career, you will need to constantly study, because the information in this world becomes outdated very quickly. It is precisely on flexibility in obtaining education, on understanding the importance of self-education, on openness to new things, that the children who choose a profession today should be oriented.