1000 young married Americans and their fathers have compiled a list of the top 5 qualities of an ideal wife. Comparing the answers, scientists at the University of California (USA) were very surprised: it turned out that …

Once upon a time, a sexy housewife was considered an ideal wife.  And now?Once upon a time, a sexy housewife was considered an ideal wife.  And now?

…the preferences of fathers and sons almost coincided! So, regardless of the development of society and the achievements of feminism, men’s dreams of a life partner remain unchanged. Perhaps you should take this into service if you want your family life to be happy. So, the first item in the list of qualities of an ideal wife for all respondents was …

1. Love your home more than your career and girlfriends

It is unpleasant for a man if his wife discusses him with her friendsIt is unpleasant for a man if his wife discusses him with her friends

Here is such a simple requirement – it was voiced by 80% of young men and almost 95% of the older generation. Moreover, if the fathers would like the woman to “keep the house clean and take care of the life of the children and the spouse”, then the majority of young people are still realists: they will have enough if “the wife will be happy to spend evenings at home with me watching TV or talking over a glass of wine.” It is noteworthy that young men do not put forward special requirements for cleaning.

But! At the same time, men do not like it when “the wife fills all the space.”

“Remember that your husband is an adult with his own thoughts and desires, so be patient with him if you want to live in a happy marriage, and also give him more space of his own,” advise American psychologists. “Give him the opportunity to spend time with friends, engage in hobbies or sports.”

In general, a good wife should not be many: there should be just enough of her so that a man feels the need for contact with his beloved woman. It is not worth filling all his living space, all his time, his whole life – otherwise the moment of satiety and rejection will quickly come. By the way, it is also sometimes vital for a wife to be alone – so as not to “dissolve” in her spouse and preserve and develop her individuality.

2. Love sex, but … (about “but” there will be a separate note below)

The ideal wife, according to men, loves sexThe ideal wife, according to men, loves sex

Sexual understanding is one of the most important components in any marriage. Therefore, it is no coincidence that men put the “sexual question” in second place. A passionate, uninhibited wife is everyone’s dream. But! Men categorically do not want to see a woman next to them who demands sex! And today, like 50 years ago, the initiative is in the hands of a man. Whether we like it or not … And it is strictly forbidden, noticing the cooling on his part, to try to “stir up” him by hook or by crook. For example, dance a striptease on the table, sort things out to the point of hoarseness, or frantically look for any ways to save the marriage. But what if the sexual appetites do not match?

“If the mutual need for sex does not match, it is better to leave without bringing the matter to children and mortgages,” approximately 90% of young men categorically think so.

Their fathers are more conservative: 76% of them believe that “harmony in marriage can be achieved if a woman respects the intimate needs of her husband and does not refuse him sexual intimacy.”

3. Do not portray a lady at home

At home, a man wants to relax, and the wife's task is to help him with this.At home, a man wants to relax, and the wife's task is to help him with this.

To be honest, all women love to impress in society with excellent manners, impeccable makeup and shoes for a bucks piece. And the results of the survey confirmed: yes, men of all ages are not opposed to their chosen one causing admiring sighs with her appearance and striking those around her with deep intellect. But at home, such a high bar annoys 63% of the older generation and 38% of the younger representatives of the stronger sex.

“A house in the mind of a man is a place of rest and safety,” psychologists explain. “And here a man does not want to play any social roles, so the ideal life partner in his view should be at home at home – albeit playful, sexy, but in no case in a “ceremonial” form – this does not contribute to mutual relaxation.”

4. Don’t “motivate”!

Not Not

The survey revealed what everyone secretly guessed: men – both young and old – unanimously do not like “wise wives” who believe that their tricks to “motivate” spouses are not obvious to them. And another 68% of young and 56% of older men complain about the constant reproaches from their wives for low wages and lack of career growth! At the same time, as it turned out, little depends on their social status and real incomes: it is truly impossible to satisfy the appetite of some wives. Another third of the representatives of the stronger sex suffers and gets annoyed by mocking banter and sarcastic jokes from their halves. As a result, the slightest such incident can turn into a big and extremely unpleasant scandal.

That is, do not manipulate, do not cheat, do not treat a man as a mentally handicapped dangerous criminal, do not give advice either at the wheel or at the table. In short, talk, not broadcast.

5. Love to cook

Here is a VERY IMPORTANT EXPLANATION: we are not talking about haute cuisine and even about healthy eating! Absolutely all men want their chosen one to cook what they LOVE. “Draw conclusions – and eat your salad dressed with zero-fat yogurt in splendid isolation,” American psychologists advise.

Not so difficult and impossible requirements, right? Maybe worth a try?

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