How to understand if a young man is in love or not? The following six signs will tell you that a man has not only sexual interest in you, but also warm feelings.

Young couple - photoYoung couple - photo

How to understand that a man is in love

1. A man always finds time to meet with you, call, reply to a message. You never feel a lack of his presence, because he tries by all means to fill your life with himself.

2. The young man is proud and boasts of your merits. He has already introduced you to all his friends and relatives, and in a conversation with them he never forgets to mention what a delicious borscht you once cooked for him.

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3. A partner often asks you about the most pleasant childhood memories, favorite music, food preferences…. This suggests that it is important for him to know absolutely everything about you.

4. A man often gives in or tries to find a compromise. Your chosen one will be happy to watch a soap opera instead of an action movie and will exchange a football match for an exhibition of contemporary art. And all just because you want it!

5. He plans a trip to your parents, a visit to mutual friends, repairs in your apartment – the man clearly wants you to be present in his future.

Couple in love - photoCouple in love - photo

6. Beloved is interested in how you got to work? How is your grandmother feeling? Do you have enough money for shopping? It is really important for him that you always remain satisfied and smile more often.

7. A man pampers you with gifts and surprises, regardless of the occasion. He may give you a bouquet of flowers only to see joyful emotions on your face. Your good mood is the best reward for him.


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