How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Are you celebrating, preparing a romantic dinner, waiting for gifts, giving valentines to someone yourself? Or are you ignoring this strange holiday that came to us from the West? Personally, I have a rather complicated relationship with February 14th. And I know at least 7 good reasons not to celebrate it.

don't celebrate Valentine's Daydon't celebrate Valentine's Day

1. Doubtful reason

The whole story with Valentine is pretty murky. Whether such a priest really lived, under what circumstances he died, where he was buried – there are too many myths to be true. And all this looks very much like someone’s ingenious business plan.

2. Commercial approach

Plastic and chocolate hearts, teddy bears, tasteless postcards, heart-shaped balloons – it seems that on the eve of the holiday the whole world begins to pulsate and bleed syrup like one big sugar heart. Who needs these tons of meaningless souvenirs, bags of waste paper and an overabundance of sweets, except, of course, those who make money on it? How much useless plastic goes to waste? Which, as we remember, never completely decomposes …

Valentine's Day photoValentine's Day photo

3. Expensive pleasures

Buy flowers, book a table in a restaurant, succumb to the mythical “minus 14%” in a boutique – on February 14, all this will cost the price of an airplane. And if your chosen one is not an oligarch (and not a bastard who limited himself to a Valentine), then the amount in the check will hardly serve as an aphrodisiac for him …

4. Cheap poetry

A huge number of absolutely monstrous verses and template congratulations that this day generates is simply beyond good and evil. And I don’t know what’s worse – non-degradable plastic or the rhyme “rose-frost”.

5. The wrong coat

There is a good chance that you will be disappointed. To get a stupid valentine instead of designer jewelry, an invitation to drink on this occasion with friends instead of an invitation to get married, a bouquet of scarlet roses and, God forbid, a declaration of love FROM THE WRONG MAN – you must admit that this test is not for the faint of heart.

February 14 photoFebruary 14 photo

6. Again discrimination

And what about those who are without a partner? All this hype, fueled from all sides, makes single people feel flawed. And some especially sensitive women even buy flowers for themselves on this day (for the price of an airplane, as we remember), in order to avoid sympathetic looks. Well, those who do not consider themselves flawed – just get annoyed. Or worry about the pollution of the planet (see above).

7. All for show

And this vanity fair and social media gift show? Giant bouquets, tickets to Bali, Louis Vuitton bags… And you have a teddy bear from your ex and a valentine from a boring colleague. It’s just unbearable!

As you can see, there are quite enough reasons to batten down all windows and doors on February 14, turn off the means of communication, or even start some kind of protest flash mob. But by the way, there is one reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day, no matter what.

Three main words

One way or another, on this day in different parts of the world, people more often say cherished words to each other: “I love you”, “I love you”, Ti amo, Je t’aime, I love you, Ich liebe Dich … And words like we know, have a material embodiment. And that means more love on earth! And this, perhaps, redeems everything else. And in the end, figs with him, with this plastic 🙂


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