Businesswoman Chrisanna Northrapp, along with University of Washington professor Pepper Schwartz and George Mason University professor James Witte, published The Normal Bar, which was the culmination of a large-scale sociological study of relations between men and women conducted by scientists.

Scientists have proven that men are more romantic, but at the same time windy, womenScientists have proven that men are more romantic, but at the same time windy, women

The researchers conducted more than 70,000 online surveys in which residents of different countries participated, which made it possible to generalize the data without adjusting for the social status, nationality and financial situation of the respondents.

It turned out that men are much more romantic than women. For example, 48% of men admitted that they fell in love with their girlfriends at first sight, while only 28% of women believe that their current feeling was born out of impulse.

Despite their forgetfulness, especially with regard to memorable dates, men still turned out to be more prone to sudden outbursts than women. At the same time, they confirmed the opinion that men cheat more: 33% of the men surveyed admitted that they had an affair on the side, and only 19% of women admitted to adultery.

It is encouraging that 74% of respondents believe that they are happy in a relationship, and 66% are generally sure that they have found a soul mate in their soul mate.