Pros and cons

Trips to foreign countries, which allow not just traveling to any country for personal interests and motives, are based on official necessity – for work. The benefits of employment in this format are obvious.

  • This is an opportunity and a reason to see other countries, as well as citiesin world, to see real life in their manifestation, and not just read and watch other people’s reports, listen to stories. Anyone who has a desire to fill his life with vivid impressions can become such a traveler. A person traveling to different countries can get acquainted with their culture and traditions, which can be very interesting.
  • Most of the time this job pays well. which is very important in the process of any professional activity.
  • Each country has its own interesting things, as well as necessary and useful things that can be purchased at a lower price.. There are such products and souvenirs that can only be bought in a certain country, and this is especially valuable.
  • You can find new friends abroad. Subsequently, they can help you find a permanent job in the country you like, for example, in the Netherlands.
  • Weakens the language barrier. As long as you have a constant interest in what is happening, in a month you are able to master at least a conversational minimum of any of the languages ​​​​of the country where you are. It doesn’t matter what language it is – English, Chinese, Hindi or Arabic. The human brain will learn any, as long as there is practice and the three natural laws of memorization work – impressions, repetitions and associations. But most often, going to work in a particular country, you need to know the language spoken by its population. This is good practice.
  • You can meet your other half abroad. This is true for both women and men.

The disadvantages of working while traveling are also present.

  • instability, difficulty in building a career. The highest positions – head of department, director (of any rank), president of the company, head of the holding – go only to those who nevertheless decided to settle in one of the countries. Although during the period of local wars and pandemics, remote leadership work is also rapidly developing, the reality is still far from the desired situation.
  • Some professions are dangerous. For example, a truck driver can suffer: ice due to suddenly bad weather, drifts, an accident with all the ensuing consequences. For photojournalists, TV reporters in the war zone, work is dangerous in its own way: you can get injured or even die.
  • Constant travel exhausts any person. Most often, people, having traveled around the countries, decide to quit the “travelling” lifestyle and settle in the country they like. Not every family can withstand constant trips, even when in a married couple for many years everything is decided only by love and affection for each other.

It is up to the individual individual to decide whether such a lifestyle is suitable. It’s never too late to get addicted to work while traveling, or to move away from it.

Most Popular Professions

Professions related to traveling around the world for girls, for young men, are primarily in contact with tourism. Tours are a leisure activity that not every independent layman can provide for himself. For example, even cyclists who travel long distances on their own on two wheels without public transport use the services of the same local guides from time to time.

The simplest example: having arrived in Crimea, you can book a tour of the sights of Yalta or Sevastopol. If you have been living in Crimea for more than a year and have managed to study everything there, get acquainted with the ancient and medieval cultures of this peninsula, then you can become such a guide for new visitors.


This is perhaps the most demanded profession on trips. With knowledge of English, you can work in different countries. But other languages ​​will also be useful, such as Spanish, French, Italian, as well as Chinese or Japanese. It all depends on which country you have to work in. The type of activity may be associated with conducting a variety of excursions, accompanying people on tours or receiving various delegations.

The choice of profession will depend on other knowledge available. Often, in addition to a good command of the language of a particular country, other skills are also required. To conduct, for example, excursions, you need to study the history of the place where you have to work, the sights.

tour operator

The tour operator must also have extensive knowledge of the countries in which he offers holidays. He must provide an answer to any question, tell the person in advance about where he can settle, what services to get, what to see, provide several offers to choose from. And the brighter and more interesting he tells about this or that tour, the more chances the company has to sell tours, which means to make a profit.

Of course, here, first of all, those employees who can tell about the product provided in a fascinating way and note all the advantages will be valued first of all. In addition, a person in this profession must be stress-resistant.

After all, it is often necessary to resolve conflict situations with clients or the host. And here it is very important that the tourist was satisfied and returned again to this travel agency.

Scuba diving instructor

A scuba diving instructor (guide diver) requires good health and stamina. As a rule, they are former athletes. Mexico, Maldives, Honduras, Philippines, Hawaii, Egypt, etc. are examples of regions where you can get such a job. Mostly men become divers, but there is no clear gender distinction for this profession: a diver can become any girl with good physical data and sports training.

But most often professional divers and rescuers become divers. For the Mediterranean countries, the demand for a diver’s work peaks in the summer, in the equatorial countries (for example, in Malaysia and Northern Australia) – all year round.


Travelers choose dozens of other professions for themselves: animator, event coordinator, oceanographer, top model (most suitable for tall young beauties). A non-profit profession is, for example, volunteering. The features of the last of these jobs are free accommodation, medical care. In all of the above professions, adaptability to work in a team, sociability will be required. If you are from Russia and are not limited to this country, but went, for example, to Paris, then you need to know French. Knowledge of English is desirable – this will allow you to expand the range of your activities.

Since the 20th century, with the mass distribution of cruise liners, the profession of an employee of such a vessel has become relevant. You can earn for a future life, while eating and living on such a liner for free. Varieties of such employment are a waiter, bartender, salesman, maid, sailor, etc. You will need not only a pleasant appearance, but also a good knowledge of, for example, all the same English. It will also require good health, for example, immunity to pitching, insensitivity to the so-called seasickness.

In a number of countries, there is a shortage of health workers from year to year. A girl who has completed nursing courses can work as a nurse in other countries – with the possibility of moving to any one she likes. The work of health workers is well paid.

Who are suitable?

Choosing one or another profession related to travel, a person should pay attention to what is closer to him due to his character and knowledge, as well as to whether there is a desire to constantly learn.

  • Profession of a guide suitable for people who know how to simply and fascinatingly talk about any object, be it a statue or a famous painting. This profession appeals to those who are well versed in history and culture, in the peculiarities of the area where he works, is extremely sociable and has good endurance. Be prepared to physically walk dozens of miles a day.
  • Travel blogger – a person who finds and shoots interesting objects in the cities and areas in which he stops. It will require the ability not only to take pictures from a good angle, but also to mount films. You will need the ability to correctly select photo and video materials. These skills are not taught anywhere – the “sense of the right” should come by itself. If you travel by bike or motorcycle, you will need an action camera – it is inconvenient to shoot from a smartphone on the move.
  • Profession translator suitable for people who are ready to learn different languages, for example, European ones. But Arabic, Japanese or Korean will be of interest to those who are fond of oriental culture. Such a profession is suitable for those who have developed the habit of quickly switching from one language to another.