Professions in the economic sphere

It is not uncommon for men to choose professions in the economic field. This makes it possible to realize their mathematical and analytical abilities, to achieve success in various fields. Professions can be, for example:

  • economist;
  • financier;
  • insurance agent;
  • realtor;
  • banker;
  • accountant;
  • auditor;
  • personnel officer, etc.

You can’t do without the right education. Economists make a plan to create or develop a business. Predict his future fate. Individual entrepreneurs and heads of state productions must include specialists in economics in their staff. An employee of the economic sphere must have such qualities as attentiveness and deep knowledge of economic laws, be able to foresee the result of financial manipulations, professionally perform financial analysis and marketing moves, and offer the employer options for transactions involving reasonable risks. In the work of a financier, personal qualities are also important: communication skills and the inclinations of a psychologist in order to effectively build business dialogues.

Best of all, men fulfill themselves in positions in the economic sphere due to the peculiarities of their mindset. These are the so-called office specialties, and it is never too late to master them, even at the age of 30-35.

In the field of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the FSB

There are professions that attract boys much more, since they involve in many cases the protection of Russia and its citizens.


Today, firefighters are equipped with special equipment that allows them to quickly extinguish the fire and reach the upper floors of high-rise buildings. They have the appropriate outfit and equipment: overalls made of fireproof fabric, fire masks, communications equipment and other necessary things.

The choice of the profession of a firefighter should be taken seriously. From the outside, it seems romantic, heroic. But you need to know some of the nuances.

  • The profession is fraught with risk and injury. Nervous overstrain due to difficult extreme situations is not ruled out.
  • In addition, the working day not limited by schedule. A firefighter must always come to the scene of a fire when called.
  • The firefighter must be physically developed, hardy. Regular training is required.

If a man consciously chooses this profession, then he is an indifferent courageous person. It lives the desire to help and save.


Every man has a protective instinct. War, battles are the lot of the strong half. Now the army has an extensive structure with many military professions. Basically, they are associated with the branches of the military: pilots, missilemen, tankers, signalmen, etc. Depending on education and service life, appropriate ranks are assigned, for example, lieutenant or major. Recently, service under a contract has become popular, which is concluded for a certain time, and then can be extended. But even for this time, the employee swears allegiance to the Motherland and lives strictly according to the charter. In fact, the military does not belong to himself. All his actions are dictated by conditions, situations, subordination.

The military is fully supported by the state. This includes the provision of housing if needed. But the military cannot choose where to live. On the first order, he must move to a new duty station.

A military man must be a true patriot of his country, have the will and obey orders. The following qualities are essential:

  • bravery;
  • determination;
  • dedication;
  • capacity for heroic deeds.

The profession involves a willingness to overcome difficulties. The defense capability of the state depends on the activities of the military.


People of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are the first to come to the rescue in natural and man-made disasters, in severe accidents, terrorist attacks and in other situations. In the performance of their professional duties, they constantly take risks to save others.

The rescuer must have a lot of knowledge and skills:

  • be a firefighter;
  • be able to dive under water, be a diver;
  • know the basics of first aid;
  • not be afraid of heights – to be both a climber and a climber;
  • have a driver’s license and skillfully drive vehicles;
  • be able to train a search dog;
  • read the map well;
  • understand electrical appliances.

And this is not the whole list. Sometimes there are situations that require an instant reaction and a quick way out of it. You also need to have other skills.

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations rescue people from the rubble after an explosion or earthquake. Help to get out of the place of ignition in case of fires. Search teams are looking for missing people in the sea, forests, mountains. Flood evacuation. There are liquidators of chemical and radioactive pollution. This happens during industrial accidents.

The lifeguard’s responsibilities include:

  • respond quickly to an alarm in case of an emergency;
  • arrive at the destination on time;
  • to help people in need;
  • take part in the elimination of dangerous situations and eliminate their consequences;
  • keep special equipment and equipment in readiness;
  • observe safety at work.

These duties are performed both at the location of the base and on the road.

Any man who is in good health and has the appropriate physical training can become a lifeguard. It is important for him to be decisive and courageous, as well as mentally balanced. A representative of this profession always needs to quickly assess the situation and act accordingly, be able to work in a team.


Sometimes men choose to work in the FSB system. Employees can be both military and civilians. Physical training should be at the highest level. This is a must for everyone. In the process of studying at higher educational institutions, future FSB officers receive knowledge from various areas, including:

  • security of television and automated communications;
  • security of the analytical system;
  • computer system security;
  • cryptography;
  • ways to counter technical intelligence;
  • jurisprudence related to national security;
  • translation studies.

Service officers in the FSB is associated with intelligence activities, the fight against terrorism, with the border service, and information security. The structure of the FSB is branched. It includes many departments. Hence the long list of specialties. For example, a scout. The profession is often associated with frontier activities. The task of the intelligence officer is to obtain, process and transmit secret information.

Counterintelligence provide information to employees from the investigative and operational departments, as well as forestall the activities of intelligence agents of the opposite side. At the same time, narrowly focused specialties are also present in the structure: electronics engineers, economists, psychologists, investigators, engineers, cryptographers, etc. There are also law enforcement agencies for special operations. These are Vympel and Alpha.

In order to become a member of these units, you must serve in the army, be able to handle weapons, and have excellent physical fitness.

Service in the FSB is accompanied by a number of advantages:

  • you can get an excellent education that ordinary universities do not provide;
  • achieve high career success;
  • be part of the elite power structures;
  • have a high salary.

At the same time, the FSB officer must understand the full responsibility that is entrusted to him. This is the observance of secrecy, and the need to risk life in certain risk situations. Emotional and physical stress are constant companions of work in the FSB. You need to be ready for this. Not everyone can enter the FSB system. A careful selection is being made. A man must be healthy both physically and mentally. Have a higher education and be a patriot and citizen of your country. Realistically assess the responsibility that is assigned to him.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for order and tranquility within the country. Police officers serve in this paramilitary structure. The Ministry of Internal Affairs includes various departments, for example, the department for combating economic crimes, the drug control service, the department for solving especially serious crimes, etc. Detectives, district police officers, and investigators work here. To become a specialist in any of the areas, you need to graduate from a law school and be ready to devote a lot of time to work. This type of activity is associated with risk, the ability to think analytically, make decisions quickly, and act according to the situation. Good physical preparation is also necessary for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is an opportunity for career growth, the detective always has a chance to become a good investigator. An investigator may head a department in the police or prosecutor’s office, etc.

Required working professions


Now a miner is not a worker with a pick in his hands. The profession involves the use of various kinds of equipment and devices. Therefore, the concept of “miner” is a collective, generalized one. The name of the mining profession depends on the type of equipment the worker specializes in. And there are many. To get a narrow mining specialty, you still have to learn. For example, get a license to drive trucks or maintain a winch lift. Miners work not only deep in the face, but also on the surface, performing auxiliary functions, for example, miners, machinists, etc.

The profession is highly paid compared to others. But the money side of the coin also requires special qualities:

  • do not suffer from claustrophobia, because you will have to be underground for a long time;
  • have reactive thinking – make quick decisions in emergency situations;
  • have physical strength and endurance.

Miners extract not only coal, but also other minerals of strategic importance. The mining profession is dangerous not only for life, but also for health. Coal dust and gases after the explosion of ore can affect the lungs. The loud noise of the working equipment affects hearing.

Modern mines are equipped so that the risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum. But still they happen. This is a collapse of a mine shaft or groundwater breakthroughs, which can lead to flooding. Now this rarely happens. The work is hard, “dirty”, but there is a big plus. It lies in the fact that this is the highest paid working profession.


The welder must be fluent in his specialty. Mistakes can lead to disaster if the metal parts of the object connected by it come apart at the seam during operation. Welders receive a narrow specialization, depending on which machine they work with. There are electric, gas, automatic. If the worker has mastered all these devices, then this is already a station wagon.

The workers are equipped. It protects a person from fiery sparks and bright flashes. Welders are in demand at factories, factories and other organizations in the industrial sector. This is a sought after profession. Employers are looking to get highly qualified specialist. But even beginners are easy to get a job.

Salary depends on the class of skill, on the complexity and volume of work.


The trucker spends all his working time on the road. Depending on the route – from a day to several days. The profession is attractive because demanded, well paid. Special education is not required, it is enough to have a driver’s license, be able to drive cars of different brands. However, there are also difficulties.

A truck driver is always at risk of getting into an accident. Drivers often suffer from back problems, because they spend most of their time sitting and experience emotional overstrain. The driver is responsible for the cargo that he was entrusted to transport. Therefore, he must strictly follow the conditions put forward by the employer.

car mechanic

A car mechanic, or auto mechanic, repairs and maintains cars. The profession is the most popular, because every third person has a car, and transport often breaks down for various reasons. Work is not limited to repair and maintenance. Sometimes you have to completely restore transport. Auto mechanics sometimes act as consultants when buying a car. The income is good and constant. It all depends on the skill level.


Working professions are those that are associated with physical labor. They are for men. To master them, you need get an education in a school or technical school, where most of the time you have to practice. Especially men’s are a bricklayer, a blacksmith, a machinist, an installer, a plumber, a carpenter, etc.

Specialties in Aviation

An airport is more than just a runway. It is also an extensive structure, which includes maintenance of aircraft, the creation of conditions for safe flights, and service. Women also work in aviation, but there are professions where men are indispensable.

First of all, these are pilots. The profession is romantic, but fraught with risk, has its own difficulties.

  • Pilot must be highly educated, well versed in the design of the aircraft, possess the skills of handling high-tech equipment.
  • Aircraft technician preparing the plane for flight. Troubleshoots, checks the reliability of all components of the aircraft. Flight safety largely depends on it.
  • Air traffic controller maintains constant communication with the pilot, corrects his work. His mistake can turn into a catastrophe, which will entail victims. The profession requires iron psycho-emotional endurance.

Sports-related professions

Sports professions are represented by a wide range. It:

  • sports equipment maintenance engineer;
  • adaptive physical education instructor;
  • mountaineering instructor;
  • anti-doping specialist;
  • sports manager;
  • physical education teacher in educational institutions, etc.

Professions related to sports are aimed at improving health, developing physical indicators, acquiring skills (mountaineering, sports tourism, etc.), achieving sports success, as well as maintaining sports facilities and equipment, etc. The most popular and demanded profession is a coach. He can train both professional athletes and children in various sections. Most often, this is a person who has achieved certain heights in a particular sport.

There is a category – professional athletes. This is no longer just a hobby, but a specialization. The athlete must be disciplined, strictly observe the regimen established by the coach, efficient, physically enduring. Athletes are served by doctors, masseurs, tailors, nutritionists, etc. Both men and women can master these professions.

Selection Guide

For men who are educated and want to make a career, it is best to associate their activities with the army, the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service, and the Ministry of Emergencies. There will be an opportunity to improve the level of education and your status. In addition, employees of these structures are provided with all kinds of benefits. The salary is high. If there is no opportunity or desire to get an education, then you will have to choose working professions. The highest paid are miners and welders. They are also provided with benefits related to the harmfulness of work.

Men have a wider field of choice of professions. This is due to natural data: physical strength, emotional endurance, male mentality. Therefore, men can choose work associated with both physical and intellectual work.