Are you planning a wedding? We will tell you about stylish details and accessories that will make both your image and the ceremony unique.

wedding photowedding photo

Just as love is in the little things, the beauty of a wedding is in the details. Jewelry for the bride, wedding bouquet, invitations, photo album – our ideas will help you with the choice.

Jewelry for the bride

Jewelry for the bride photoJewelry for the bride photo

No matter how beautiful the bride’s dress is, to make the image complete, you need to place accents. For this, craftsmen create delicate jewelry made of beads, Czech crystal, pearls, semi-precious stones. You can choose individual jewelry or sets, such as a bracelet and earrings or earrings and a necklace. Delicate twigs and combs for hair are in trend, craftsmen perform them in different colors. They are suitable for hairstyles of any complexity, regardless of the length of the hair and the presence of a veil.


 Invitation photos Invitation photos

The guests make their first impression of the wedding before the start of the holiday, when they receive invitations. In order to immediately set the mood and atmosphere, it is better to arrange invitations in the style of the entire celebration. Author’s invitation masters are made of thick paper, designer cardboard and even wood. They can be concise, strict, bright or pastel – just like you see your day.

Boxes and plates for rings

Boxes and plates photoBoxes and plates photo

An important detail of the wedding ceremony is a stand for wedding rings. It can be not only a decorated pillow, but also a plate or a closed box. For several seasons, eco-style wooden boxes and plates have been popular. They can be decorated with carvings, engravings, and inside – fabric or lace. They put the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding. The trend of this season is glass boxes, inside they are decorated with moss or flowers. Against this background, the rings look spectacular and look beautiful in the photo.

Guest books

Guest booksGuest books

Guest books are made in the form of a notebook or an album. Depending on the style of the wedding design, you can order a wooden cover with engraving or a textile cover with Tiffany decor.

wedding photo albums

wedding photo albumswedding photo albums

While you carefully choose your photographer and prepare for your wedding photo shoot, don’t forget your photo album. Masters create personalized albums with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. The cover is made of wood or textile. Instead of an album, you can buy a flash drive in a wooden case, packed in a small box of the same material. But this is an amateur.

Double bouquet

Bouquet-understudy photoBouquet-understudy photo

The sun, the warmth of the hands and the wind can ruin the perfect look of a bridal bouquet. To keep the image of the bride until the end of the holiday, you need to take care of the understudy bouquet. A double bouquet of artificial flowers will withstand any weather whims, it does not wrinkle or crumble. An understudy will replace the main bouquet at a photo shoot, it can also be thrown to girlfriends at the end of the celebration.

Cake Toppers

Cake ToppersCake Toppers

Add a twist to your wedding cake with these stylish author’s toppers. Masters make wooden toppers for every taste – in the form of the inscriptions “Mr & Mrs”, “LOVE”, they can carve your names or words that mean a lot to you. They can be used not only for a cake, but also for other treats, for example, for decorating a wedding candy bar.


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