The right music for the alarm clock

Many people prefer to wake up to an alarm clock. However, not everyone likes it when an unpleasant sound interrupts their sleep. However, no matter how pleasant the sound of the alarm clock may be, it will still cause irritation in a person. And yet, without such a thing as an alarm clock, it is difficult to do without. So, it is necessary to use this device so that it does not harm the body. If a person went to bed late and did not get enough sleep, he may not hear the ringing the first time and not wake up in time.

Many prefer in this case to act drastically. They set a very loud and very harsh sound on the alarm clock. The harsh noise is hard to hear. However, after such a sudden awakening, a person will not be able to work all day and feel normal. What to do then? First of all, do not act radically in relation to yourself and thereby do not harm your health. In the case when you need to wake up, you can set a loud sound, but let it be very melodic and pleasant.

BUT further it is necessary to approach this issue more thoughtfully. For example, you need to go to bed early and only at a certain time. Such actions must be continuous and methodical. Thus, your body will get used to falling asleep and waking up at the same time. Then in the morning you will hear the alarm clock.

If we talk about a specific sound, then it must be installed on the advice of psychologists, namely: the music should be very calm and quiet. For example, let it be birdsong or a classical melody.


If a person has motivation, he acts consciously and without strain. Therefore, it is always and everywhere necessary to observe this paragraph, including in case of awakening. While at home, think over your day in advance in the evening. You can draw a rough plan on paper. Let it include such items as a well-deserved rest. For example, if you complete all the current affairs that you planned earlier, you can go to a cafe or to the theater. Believe me, you will try to complete the tasks with all your might very quickly and efficiently.

And in the morning you will have no problem waking up because of your goals. Remember that the lack of goals is always fraught with negative consequences. Without certain incentives, it is very difficult for a person to move forward. Without an incentive, any person will sooner or later be overcome by laziness. As a rule, such a vice overtakes a person in the morning and does not let go until the evening. And so that it does not become a habit, get rid of it by all available means, including early awakenings, setting goals and pleasant bonuses.

Right light

Light and human biorhythms are very strongly interconnected. At dawn, people wake up, and at sunset they go to bed. Before going to bed, the hormone “melatonin” is produced, and it is in the evening that its concentration is quite high. It regulates the rhythms of the body and affects the well-being of a person. In the morning, the level of the above hormone is very high, so waking up becomes torture. Nevertheless, human biorhythms have long gone astray, and therefore the awakening of a person is helped by artificial light, which must be correct. The light should be neither warm nor cold.

You can not gather in the semi-darkness, as these actions will cause even more drowsiness. Therefore, it is best to use such light sources that allow you to adjust the lighting: increase the brightness or, conversely, dim it.

For example, sconces equipped with a dimmer can solve this problem.


A very important point for proper awakening. Charging must be done before breakfast. Even simple exercises will significantly lift your spirit and mood. Stand up straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Perform tilts so as not to stretch the muscles too much. After that, you can perform a few squats and run in place. Charging must be done within 10 minutes.

Thanks to physical movements, you will disperse the blood, and it, in turn, will supply your organs with useful substances and oxygen. The brain will also receive the necessary nutrition and begin to work on a quick recovery after sleep.


Morning procedures are no less important for awakening. In order for your body to go from sleep to wakefulness without stress, you need to wash your face with water at room temperature.

Too hot or too cold water will harm your skin. In addition, such sudden changes in temperature after sleep will be harmful to your well-being in general. Vascular spasms mainly occur due to a rapid change in temperature regimes. Remember this and try not to stress your body in the morning.

Cold and hot shower

This type of water procedures is very useful both for the body as a whole and for the skin. Changes in temperature will only benefit you. Therefore, first turn on very warm water, and then put your body and face under a cold stream. To cheer up, it is enough to do such manipulations 5-6 times.

If you have health problems, in particular, the cardiovascular system does not work well, then it is better to refuse this procedure or consult a doctor.

Glass of water

Water is the source of life. Therefore, after drinking 1 glass of water at room temperature without gas in the morning, you can easily cheer up. Only water should be well purified from harmful impurities.

Water will be a good stimulus to start your digestive system, and your breakfast will only benefit. In addition, a glass of clean water, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will help get rid of toxins and problems with the liver and kidneys. Follow this recommendation regularly, and you can also get rid of constipation.

Additional options

Learning to wake up at the right time without coffee will help some tricks. They will also help you fall asleep quickly and wake up quickly for work or school, even in the fall, just when it is very difficult to do so.

Comfortable sleep

The morning will be good if you sleep well. Remember, wise people always start a good morning in the evening. Therefore, you need to go to bed as early as possible. And then it is important for a person not just to sleep, but to sleep. To do this, first of all, your bed should be as comfortable as possible. Bed linen should not cause allergies. Natural fabrics will help to ensure this condition. A pillow under the head must be chosen not very hard and not very soft.

There should be no lighting in the room where you sleep, so use blackout curtains on the windows. The temperature in the room should not exceed 20 degrees. At high temperatures, the body begins to work with anguish. In winter, before going to bed, be sure to ventilate the room. In summer and warm time, you can sleep with the window open. So you will ensure a constant supply of oxygen, and the morning will become good for you.

Right Thoughts

So that your awakening does not cause any problems and you always get up in a good mood, form positive thinking. You should not think in the evening that something might go wrong in the morning. Believe in destiny and hope for success.

The main impetus for movement is thought. And, as you know, they materialize. If you make plans with an optimistic scenario, they will get a good continuation. If you constantly think about the bad, you will get a negative outcome in all your affairs.

Healthy breakfast

There are always and everywhere you need only useful products. Breakfast is no exception. It should be rich and light. It is very good to eat porridge in the morning, for example, from oatmeal, supplement it with fruits and vegetables. Drinks such as tea or coffee can invigorate your body. In addition, coffee and tea must be of good quality. Then you will enjoy and your health will not suffer.

For those who are used to eating quite hearty in the morning, boiled meat and cereals are recommended. You can afford a piece of white bread. Remember that the digestive system of the body starts in the morning. Therefore, you should not eat fried and very fatty foods. However, bread with a bit of butter is the perfect option to replenish your energy balance.

It is also good to eat boiled eggs, cheese, salad and other greens in the morning.

What should not be the morning?

The morning will be beautiful if you get up on the “right foot”. However, this is not always possible and not for everyone. Therefore, we will consider the points that must be avoided so as not to spoil your mood for the whole day.

If a person in the evening could not prepare for awakening, then it is quite possible that his morning will not be entirely good. For example, in the evening you could not go to bed early for some reason and overslept. If such an unpleasant situation has occurred, you should not follow the points listed below.

  • You should not “jump” abruptly out of bed and run to wash. Try to keep your mood “in your hands”, lie down for another 1 minute. After that, you can get up.
  • To wake up quickly, you do not need to take a cold shower or wash your face with ice water. Such stress will not do without consequences. You can seriously catch a cold, as the body, heated up after sleep, will receive a portion of cold or you will experience vasospasm. In the latter case, you are guaranteed a severe headache for the whole day.
  • If you overslept, then put up with this trouble and have breakfast properly. You should not swallow huge pieces, standing at the table, and dancing with impatience.
  • Do not wash down food with cold drinks, especially if you just took them out of the refrigerator. Dairy products should be brought to room temperature. Otherwise, after drinking milk from a bottle, you can go down with a sore throat the next day.
  • Woke up at the wrong time? This is not a reason to go out in a wrinkled shirt and with an uncombed head. A normal person always and everywhere should look neat. It doesn’t take long to pick out the right clothes, but you’ll feel comfortable all day meeting strangers.
  • You don’t have to call your office and tell them you’re two blocks from the office when you just got out of bed. Yes, and do not invent stories about traffic jams and about a broken car. Admit honestly that you overslept, and say that you will be a little late. It is better to immediately confess to the boss in your mistake than to blush with shame later if he accidentally finds out that you just overslept.
  • If an unpleasant story happened to you, then just accept the fact that it happened. There’s nothing you can do about it and you can’t fix anything. The main thing in a hurry is not to do more trouble. For example, do not turn off the iron or forget the kettle on the stove. If there is a fire, then you will suffer very heavy losses. So always remember this and take your time. Before you leave the house, once again inspect every corner of your apartment. Go around the rooms and check all sockets. Then go into the shower room and inspect the faucets. Be sure to visit the kitchen. Turn off the gas and faucet in the sink. If everything is in order, feel free to leave the house.
  • Going outside, also do not rush. Do not run to the stop, otherwise you may fall and injure yourself. If you get to work by car, then try to follow all traffic rules and do not exceed the speed limit. Remember that a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a potential danger. If you are not careful, you could run into a pedestrian or get into an accident.