How to take the first steps towards personal growth?

Self-development affects the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual spheres of human life. Changes must occur in each of them. You need to start the path to self-development with setting a clear goal. It is necessary to identify the area that needs to be corrected more than others, and start from there. Identify your main problems, fix them on a piece of paper.

Describe what you specifically want to change in your life. Don’t try to take on everything at once. Such an impulse quickly passes, as it leads to a lack of time, the extinction of the initial fuse and energy. As a result, the chances of success decrease. There are several universal methods of effective self-development that contribute to successful life change.

  • First way provides time for reflection. You need to ask yourself more questions about your own aspirations: where do you intend to go, what do you want to achieve, what result do you expect. Think about the things you are going to do during the day. Convince yourself of the successful outcome of the planned actions. Live as if you know the answers to all questions.
  • According to the second method, start each day by learning something new. Turn learning into a healthy habit. Involve yourself in interesting things, direct your life in a positive direction.
  • Take time to rest, do not waste your energy in vain. Do not waste precious moments on useless and meaningless things. Do not spend the night watching TV and surfing the Internet. Getting enough sleep is an important factor.
  • The next method involves the knowledge of personal desires. Deal with your internal contradictions. Determine what drives you when making specific decisions. Try to objectively analyze your own actions. Answer yourself the questions: do you tend to change your desires frequently, are you looking for excuses to evade the goal. For example, why did you strive to stick to proper nutrition, and a day later changed your mind? How strong was your motivation?
  • Physical exercise plays an important role in self-development. It is no coincidence that there is a winged Latin saying: a healthy mind in a healthy body. The physical condition of a person should be at such a level that one does not have to think about it. Take care of your body. Support it with morning exercises, sports games, exercise in the gym and good nutrition.
  • There is another very effective way of self-improvement. It’s about getting your priorities right. First of all, you need to focus on one area, then gradually you should connect other areas. For example, your first priority is to build a relationship with your loved one. Dive deep into the issue of personal life, find ways to resolve the brewing conflict. And only then focus your attention on buying healthy foods and daily walks in the fresh air. The next stage of self-realization will be career advancement.

Prioritization helps you properly allocate your own resources and not overload yourself.

Drawing up a lesson plan

The relevance of self-development remains for all ages of women. Sometimes an attractive girl, who is also a wonderful hostess, is lonely. The problem lies in the misunderstanding of what kind of man she needs. It can be difficult for a young woman to decide with whom and what kind of relationship she wants to build. A mature lady should also look for ways to continue improving her personality.

Create your own wish list. It may include such areas: spiritual development, career growth, health, love, family, communication, material well-being, leisure and hobbies. Each item is a collage with beautiful pictures from your dreams. Write affirmations in a separate notebook. Repeating positive affirmations daily helps to tune in to the right wave.

Experts offer step-by-step instructions for self-development classes. The primary task is to find an area of ​​life that requires fundamental changes. Ask yourself what makes you feel dissatisfied.

If your parents are pushing you to create a family and have children, and you feel unprepared for such a serious and responsible step, then you should not take it to please your loved ones. Look for your path.

The next step is to select and formulate a goal.

  • The real goal corresponds to the current possibilities. For example, you have never been involved in cooking. And the ability to create a culinary masterpiece seems fantastic to you. But after six months of searching for interesting recipes and spending some time at the stove, you will achieve the desired results.
  • A short-term goal involves drawing up a plan for the near future. For example, a weekly list might include visiting a local history museum, reading a few chapters from a work of fiction, restoring a battered book, meeting with distant relatives.
  • The motivating goal should not pursue the fulfillment of other people’s desires. For example, your parents want you to be a dancer or a singer. The desire to please mother and father can lead to wasted time. The goal pursued must motivate. You should think carefully about the importance and necessity of the tasks set for yourself.

After defining the goals, a separate action plan must be drawn up. To make it a reality, create a system that will be a supporting framework for the step-by-step implementation of your actions from day to day. First you need to fill in the column “My goals for the year by area.” Each goal should have clear deadlines. Do not set too many goals in each area – a maximum of 3 goals for one area. The next step is to break down your yearly goals by quarter and month.

Start implementing the plan right away. Don’t wait for the right moment, don’t put it off until tomorrow. For example, you decide to learn German. First you need to think about an additional source of income to pay for language courses. The next step is to enroll in a study German group. This is followed by intensive study of the language, obtaining a certificate. Plan a trip to a country where people who speak German live. Start communicating with native speakers in advance. Try to get to study at a summer camp with a language bias. Make adjustments to your plans as needed.

What helps not to give up halfway?

Some fail to achieve their goal due to lack of patience. At any stage, there may be a temptation to abandon the planned actions. The subject convinces himself that it is possible to live without the fulfillment of this desire. Or a person begins to mentally refer to strong employment, time pressure. Some mature people try to convince themselves that they are too old to achieve their intended goal.

Others express fears that their life will not worsen after reaching the goal. Suddenly, the abundance of money that has fallen on their heads will cause envy among friends, and relations with them will deteriorate. Or even worse: you can become a victim of a robbery or extortion. Such reflections appear to justify their own laziness. Age cannot be an obstacle to the fulfillment of a dream. True friends are sincerely happy for your success. Not only millionaires are robbed, but also poor people.

In the fight against such thoughts, the compilation of two lists helps.

  • The first list can be titled as follows: what will I get if I achieve my goal. In this column you need to put all the pluses that await you. For example: having received a managerial position, I will be able to move around in a company car and go on business trips abroad. The quality of life will improve significantly.
  • The second list should have this heading: what will I deprive myself of if I do not reach the goal. Without an appointment to the post of chief, you will still have to use public transport, there will be no trips abroad. Low income will affect the quality of life.

Psychologists’ advice for self-realization

Thoughts are material. Think positively and all your intentions will come true. Keep a diary daily. Record your achievements and failures. Review your records periodically. This will give you strength and motivate you to take action. Leave the past behind. Negative experiences should not hinder your further progress. Get rid of anxiety, fear and self-doubt. Past failures should not affect your current state and behavior.

Periodically try to look at yourself from the outside. Notice your positive and negative changes. At the same time, never draw parallels between your achievements and the successes of others. Learn to love yourself and those around you. Show respect for people, do not focus on their shortcomings. Expand your circle of contacts. Find like-minded people. Spend your leisure time with them. Meet a person who has already achieved success in the field you are interested in. Let him advise you, tell you what mistakes to avoid. Let him be your mentor.

Do not stop at the achieved results, otherwise the development will stop. In the absence of progress, regression occurs, there is no intermediate state. Share your experience and knowledge gained with friends and acquaintances. Enlist the support of loved ones. Even with insufficient availability of forces and resources to achieve the intended goal, do not stop, keep moving forward. Get ready to overcome obstacles. Notice your not only big, but also small successes. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Self-realization involves getting out of your comfort zone. Without this, personal growth is impossible. Leaving the usual way of life allows you to reach a new level of self-improvement.