Often, medications can be easily dispensed with. So, before you study the pharmaceutical market, pay attention to what and how you do so that your brain process is streamlined. Here are some tips to help you keep your mind fresh and sane. To restore memory, a person needs the following.

  • Good dream – 8-9 hours a day, no less, a person should be in a state of sleep. Only then will our brain rest and be able to receive and remember new information, as well as retain old information.
  • Oxygen Give your body as much as possible. It is especially useful for brain activity. Walk more. It is believed that the best time for this is morning, but this is not important, the main thing is to breathe more fresh air.
  • No stress – experiences and negative emotions “eat up” our brain. They litter the memory.
  • Gymnastics and exercises – Regularly perform at least the simplest physical exercises, they will also help saturate your brain with oxygen and improve blood circulation.
  • Proper nutrition – review your diet. Be sure to include in it products such as seaweed, nuts and dried fruits, chocolate (in small quantities), sour cream and cottage cheese, rice and buckwheat, and, of course, more vegetables and fruits, especially “pull up” on bananas and carrots. But mushrooms, onions, garlic, beans will have to be excluded from the menu. They are the enemies of our memory. But friends can include various teas from St. John’s wort, strawberries, thyme, lemon balm or hawthorn, for example.
  • Drinking mode – water should be given special attention. Our brain simply needs plain water. It is she, and not magic potions, that is the main source of nutrition for our head. 1.5-2 liters of clear, unflavored liquid per day should become the norm in your life. And don’t try to fool yourself.

Tea or coffee will not only not restore the necessary water balance, but can also harm the process of gaining the amount of moisture necessary for your body.

Correction of minor disorders

To improve your memory, you can try a number of exercises that you can do at home. Some of them are suitable only for adults, others can be used to develop memory in children.

  • Start teaching by heart poetry or prose – whatever you like best.
  • Try memorize the interior of a clothing store, in which they chose a jacket for the winter for a long time. And when you get home, draw it. If painting is not your forte, at least sketch it out, or in extreme cases, tell everything you saw to your daughter, suddenly she will like it, and she will also go to this department for shopping.
  • Change your usual routes. Tomorrow, when you are going to the bakery, turn off the straight path, and it is high time to find a new way to the public transport stop. New landscapes around will surely please your memory.
  • Often restore the picture of the past day, and preferably the previous day. What did you eat? What was the neighbor wearing when you met her at the entrance? What bus did you take to get home? What was the weather like outside when you left the house in the morning? Feel free to answer these questions.
  • Find your passion. Start knitting, sewing, collecting puzzles, this will also allow the memory to start a new life.
  • Play board games. It doesn’t have to be checkers or chess, cards are fine too. If you cannot find a worthy opponent nearby, look for him on the Internet. The main thing is to play and buy time from your brain.
  • Find a poster for your city. Go to a new exhibition or your favorite museum you haven’t visited in a while. Concerts, film screenings, meetings with creative people are also suitable.

The main thing is not to stop. Constantly give your brain new nourishment.

Restoration of functions in pathologies

This is possible only with the help of a doctor. There is no way to do it yourself. Do not “write out” prescriptions for yourself or your loved ones. All this can only speed up the process of memory loss. Each patient needs a special treatment plan, which is established by a specialist.

Depending on the type and phase of brain dysfunction, a person may need the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist, a speech therapist or physiotherapist, a neurologist or therapist, and even an occupational therapist. But before prescribing this or that treatment, the specialist will definitely ask you to pass a series of tests that will help you better understand the cause of the problem, and therefore determine the most effective way to solve it.

brain training

Training the brain is just as important as training the muscles. It, like all other parts of the body, simply atrophies without proper load.. Therefore, this should be done not when the problems have already begun, but regularly, as a preventive measure. For this, solving crossword puzzles, learning foreign languages ​​is suitable. But the main “sweetness” for our brain is positive. try Keep negative thoughts out of your life. After stress, our memory is often blocked. And then it can be quite difficult to help her.

In addition to drugs, there are other methods of influencing the mind, for example, hypnosis or auto-training. But it’s better not to bring it up. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, exercise, a positive attitude – all this will help keep in order not only your mind, but also your body.