The occurrence of apathy (depression) occurs against the background of stress and various psychological traumas.. The lack of serotonin in the brain also contributes to the occurrence of the diseases in question. In addition, apathy can also occur due to various negative factors. For example, a person experienced grief – the loss of a loved one, and he may also have poor heredity or endocrine dysfunction.

Laziness usually causes a lack of emotions. An individual cannot endlessly rejoice or be upset. If there is an overabundance in the emotional plan, then the body turns on protection, and it manifests itself in the complete extinction of experiences. Emotions can also fade away against the background of boredom and longing.

In addition to the above reasons, apathy can be caused by the following factors:

  • old age, chronic diseases (paralysis, diabetes, oncology);
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol) or pills that a person takes uncontrollably;
  • in women, an apathetic state can be caused by birth control pills, the onset of menopause, pregnancy;
  • strong emotional outburst, physical overstrain;
  • avitaminosis, lack of sun.

To avoid negative consequences, you need to know about the most pronounced signs of this condition. There are only two of them.

  • When apathy is very pronounced (the individual becomes too slow and does not show interest in the events taking place around him).
  • When an individual does not show others his inner state. He just one day may experience suicidal tendencies. This is how the endogenous destruction of personality occurs.

To get away from the most serious consequences of apathy, you need to know about its main symptoms. Despite the fact that a person during apathy does not experience delight from ordinary minutes, he is still not devoid of positive emotions. All this is due to the fact that in his soul there is a glimmer of hope for the onset of better times.

At the same time, the individual does not scream and does not throw tantrums. He simply demonstrates indifference even when it is necessary to show feelings. All his feelings are completely atrophied. A very neglected state is expressed in the absence of plans for the future. A person does not get acquainted with anyone and finally closes in his soul.

In most cases, apathy acts as a protective mechanism against negative life manifestations. However, some scientists believe that lethargy may also be congenital.

The way out of the obsessive state depends on personal qualities. The main thing is to include all your strong-willed qualities and try to overcome laziness. And remember that the conditions that were discussed above, first of all, indicate that a person needs rest.

And if such negative signs are of a protracted nature, then it is better to consult a doctor.

How to get rid?

If there are negative factors, then they must be overcome in oneself. The best way to do this is to find the cause of their occurrence. Your subconscious mind will tell you why bad changes in your behavior occur. And remember: you can’t get used to the blues. The decline of mental strength must be restored.

Despite understanding the absurdity of the situation, people who have fallen into an obsessive state do not want to change anything in their lives. It `s naturally. They resigned themselves to their fate. But you still need to remember that you can not put up with failures. An unsuccessful experience is also an experience for which you must thank fate. Life consists of ups and downs. That’s why behind the dark stripe there will surely come a light one. Know that this is a pattern that needs to be learned.

As soon as the first emotions from losses fade away, you need to give rest to the whole body. Take a day off and sleep well. After that, close the door to the past, where all grievances and failures will remain. And then follow these recommendations to return to normal as soon as possible.

Alternating work and leisure

This method helps to fight laziness and apathy. Of course, if you work a lot, then you have no time to think about your emotional state. It is voltage that can provoke the above problem.

So, if you can’t afford to leave for a few days in warmer climes, then take a day off and visit a massage parlor. When you return from pleasant procedures, be sure to arrange a festive dinner for yourself. Invite close people to it. After such activities, you will feel much better. Learn to relax. Go visit and do not refuse to attend festive events. Such actions significantly raise the general mood.

These recommendations also apply to people who do not work and are at home all the time. They apply to both housewives and women on maternity leave. Believe me, household chores are sometimes even more tiring than the things that people do at work. That’s why don’t discount yourself. You deserve a rest!

Day planning

Many people are very busy at work and at home. They try to redo all their affairs, despite being tired. Very often things overlap. Because of such moments, conflicts arise at work and at home. It is very difficult for an adult and independent person to experience failure. If this situation has a long-term character, then its overcoming will be delayed. The person will get stressed. And this is a direct path to apathy.

Help to deal with this problem day planning. Get a diary in which you will enter all the affairs, including household ones. Let next to each item is the time that you allocate for its implementation.

Tip: Leave 1-2 hours for unforeseen cases. This will help you not to be nervous if force majeure occurs.

Daily regime

A simple daily routine will help overcome laziness. Let it be scheduled by the minute. In this option, there should be obligatory activities related to recreation and sports.

Complete nutrition

A hungry man cannot do work. To keep the body in good shape, you need to follow the principles of a balanced diet. Even while on a diet, you can eat well. Boiled meat will not spoil the figure, but it will saturate your brain with the necessary elements.

For good brain function eat more vegetables and fruits. Vitamins play a huge role in maintaining the proper functioning of the whole organism. Under no circumstances should you eat fast food.

By following simple rules, you will protect yourself from depression, which means that you will not be afraid of an apathetic state.

New paints

Gray days cause laziness. Psychology says that a person needs new emotions. When nothing happens in life, emotions begin to fade, and this is a direct path to apathy.

That’s why arrange holidays for yourself. They will help remove negativity. Allow yourself to have fun at least once in a while so that a large number of impressions remain. In winter, everyone wants warmth and sun. Therefore, if finances allow, buy a ticket to warm countries. This option will definitely cheer you up. If there is no possibility in terms of money, then arrange yourself an inexpensive vacation. To do this, get in the car and go with the whole family to nature. Traveling together will benefit everyone, including you.

Prevention measures

They are simple and do not require much effort. First of all, accustom yourself to rejoice in small things: a sunny day, the fact that you live and you are not bothered by various diseases.

Try to convince yourself that any failure is replaced by a successful period.. Therefore, let yourself be sad enough, and then pull yourself together and continue to live. You have to learn to smile with your soul. Just look at this world with joy and inspire yourself that you can overcome everything. Thus, your will and craving for victory will gradually develop.

Without setting goals, moving forward is impossible. As we already know, if a person does not have an incentive, then her life becomes gray. A goal is a direction that allows you to keep yourself within the optimization framework. Select it and go to it.

Strive to win first of all over your laziness. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed because it’s cold and raining outside, get up anyway and start moving. Drink coffee, cheer up. Then dress warmly and go straight to the street.

Set a goal for yourself to go to the store and buy something delicious. Believe me, along the way you will definitely meet people who will cheer you up. You will want to communicate with them. For those who have a family, it is much easier to perform mood restoration activities. In this case, laziness will only get in the way. To take care of loved ones, you need to overcome your vices. All personal problems are relegated to the background when a person cares about someone.

Let’s give an example of specific recommendations that will help you get rid of laziness.

  • Love the work you are doing. If this is not possible, then change the type of activity.
  • Determination will definitely drive away laziness.
  • The best remedy is motto. Come up with it for yourself personally and pronounce it when you are lazy.
  • If you don’t have the courage, then find inspiration. They can become a famous piece of music. It is desirable that it has a rhythmic motive.
  • Try not to get attached to the placethat makes you feel comfortable. And even sometimes visit less comfortable places.

Once you meet very simple conditions, you will want to do a lot more. The blues will surely retreat. You will be proud of your deeds, because you will defeat yourself. Psychologists say that this is the most difficult task for any person.


In the modern world, residents of cities and even small towns become victims of apathetic states. In summer, this factor does not affect so much, but in winter it manifests itself in full. Daily activities cause fatigue, and in order to get out of bed in the morning, you need to accomplish a whole feat. The following steps will help you avoid this condition.

  • The best way to set yourself up for work and positive is to plan for the day ahead. Of course, at first it will be difficult for the body to tune in a positive way. But do not despair if something does not work out. Gradually, you will get used to doing all the necessary actions, and they will not cause stress.
  • Take vitamins and supplements, especially in winter. Eat right, don’t overeat.
  • During your holidays, try to get as much sleep as possible. Remember that in a dream the human body restores all its functions and gains strength.

All these recommendations will help if you have a slight shift in psychological terms. Hormonal problems are serious disruptions in the body. Mostly women suffer from such manifestations for various reasons (pregnancy, menopause, transition period, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to consult with an endocrinologist. Based on the studies carried out, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment.