Misunderstanding between a man and a woman is a common thing. This is a consequence of different life views, habits and emotionality. But, you must admit, you still want to correctly “read” his signals, especially when it comes to love feelings.


How to know if a guy likes youHow to know if a guy likes you

Oddly enough, most men are rather shy and are not always ready to directly express their sympathy. Therefore, the girl will have to become more attentive and observe his behavior.

1. Pay attention to his gestures and facial expressions

They always betray our true emotions, no matter how hard we try to hide it. If you are attractive to a young man, he will try in every possible way to be closer to you – he will sit next to you, accidentally touch, his head, body and toes of shoes will be directed in your direction. A man in love will always take care of how he looks in the presence of a lady of the heart – he will straighten his shoulders, begin to straighten his hair, belt, twist buttons. Follow his facial expressions while you say something. When we like a person, we involuntarily repeat his facial expression after him and silently pronounce the lines.

How to understand by gestures that a guy can like youHow to understand by gestures that a guy can like you

2. Make eye contact

No wonder they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And there is. In our eyes, we can really understand our feelings. If a young man looks in your direction, looks for you with his eyes in the crowd, tries to examine you, and in personal communication carefully looks into your eyes, then you are definitely interesting to him. They also say that when we look at a person we like, our pupils dilate. so take a close look.

how to know if a guy likes youhow to know if a guy likes you

3. Listen to what he tells you

In a conversation, a guy will want to impress you – he will joke, tell different stories, ask for your opinion, focus on your common interests. In addition, when communicating with you, he will be polite and attentive. And in the company he will speak louder and more than anyone, so that you will definitely pay attention and hear about all his merits.

how to know if a guy likes mehow to know if a guy likes me

4. Ask him for help

Men like to be heroes in the eyes of their beloved, so if you ask him for help, he will immediately agree. This may be a very small request, but it will show how important you are to the guy. Moreover, for him this is another great opportunity to chat with you, which he definitely will not miss.

signs that a guy likes yousigns that a guy likes you

5. Analyze social media activity

Social networks have become a huge part of our lives and most often it is there that guys are most active. Why? This makes it easier to avoid embarrassed looks and awkward pauses. He will like your photos, write comments, throw off funny pictures, in general, do everything to interest you. Maybe at first it will seem to you that it’s funny or stupid, don’t be so categorical, he’s just trying to please.

how to know if a guy likes mehow to know if a guy likes me

We have analyzed the main signs by which you can understand if you are a nice guy. But do not forget that we are all individual and some points may not coincide. Therefore, it is worth not making hasty conclusions, but observing a little. And, in the end, if a young man is really nice to you, do not be afraid to take the first step on your own, perhaps this will be the impetus for him.

how to know if a guy likes youhow to know if a guy likes you

And what signs of sympathy did you notice? Share in the comments!