Due to poor concentration of attention, the individual is not able to complete the work he has begun. The cause of a sharp deterioration in memory can be various diseases, such as tumors, atherosclerotic vascular changes, respiratory system disorders, cardiovascular problems, etc.

In perfectly healthy people, memory can deteriorate due to constant stress and fatigue. Physical activity affects the quality of the brain in the same way as mental. Remember that everything should be in moderation. And, most importantly, get enough sleep!

In young people, problems can arise due to the “overflow” of memory with various information. For example, high school students preparing for the exam often complain about poor assimilation of information. All this is due to the fact that the brain cannot process too much knowledge.

In mobile children, too, there are signs of forgetfulness. It is difficult for a child to focus on the learning process and on play activities at the same time. Many schoolchildren, especially first-graders, want to play more than study. Yet again, After heavy loads at school, younger students often suffer from immunity. Therefore, they are prone to SARS, etc. This also reduces the concentration of attention and memory.

In adults, there may be other factors that weaken memory. Passion for bad habits, such as alcohol and smoking, significantly reduces the full functioning of brain activity.

Memory can deteriorate due to lack of vitamins. The lack of thiamine has a particularly strong effect on the deterioration of its work. People with high intelligence also suffer from inattention. They are so busy with mental work that the problems associated with everyday life recede into the background. And, of course, it is very difficult for a busy person to focus on such simple actions as turning off the iron, completing any small obligations, etc.

There are still people who are used to doing several things at once. Some act this way because they sincerely believe that it is in this way that they train their memory. Others perform several tasks at the same time in connection with official duties. However, it must be remembered that distraction cannot increase productivity. If you continue to act in the same direction, then you can get tired, and fatigue will lead to a decrease in attention and memory.

In any case, the elimination of the above problems directly depends on both the person himself and his relatives. With regular activities that will increase attention, the quality of your life will improve a lot.

Basic exercises

Before proceeding with any action, it is desirable to identify the cause of memory impairment. If the reason lies in the pathological changes occurring in your body, then you need to contact a specialist who will help eliminate them. He will prescribe drugs that help improve blood circulation in the brain and ensure proper nutrition.

Every person should take care of their health. Therefore, in order to improve memory, first of all, you should give up bad habits such as smoking and alcohol. There are other methods that help increase attention in adults. For example, such as memory training. Let’s consider them in order.

Memorizing items

Memory training is not a very difficult process. Perhaps you will be helped by fairly simple exercises that you can perform at home on your own. Try to describe an object from memory. For example, take a teapot for example. It must have an unusual shape. The exercise is as follows. Consider your subject very carefully. Try to remember every single detail and color scheme. Then turn away from it and describe it in every detail: pattern, color, shape, etc.

Then you should turn around again and examine the object carefully. Determine what was missing and what you were able to accurately describe. Then repeat the exercise. As soon as you can tell in detail in all the details, consider that you have coped with the task.

Please note: the human brain is capable of processing a large amount of information. Therefore, test your potential, and at the same time practice.

The next exercise will be a task where you will have to draw a teapot (perhaps you have already used it in the previous task) from memory. This will require a sheet of paper and pencils.

Here is another interesting exercise. For its implementation, take a book with bright pictures. Choose and consider one of the most extraordinary. Then close the book. Then tell me what you remember. Repeat the exercise until you reach perfection.

Here is an exercise in mindfulness. You will need an assistant to complete this exercise. Take and put on the table a few bright objects. Take a good look at each item individually and remember the location. Turn away for a few minutes and analyze the picture in your mind. During this time, let your assistant remove one of the things from the table. After that, you must determine which item was missing and describe it from memory.

Without visual analysis a qualitative perception of this world is impossible. Therefore, it should be trained according to the following method. Take in an involuntary order about 3 dozen sticks. But just don’t count them. Lay them out on the table as needed. Look at this picture for 3 seconds. Then you should turn away and mentally count the approximate number of sticks, and at the same time determine the location of each. Turn around and compare your mental picture with the original picture. Count the sticks. If everything matches, then you have an excellent visual memory. If it turned out badly, then repeat the training.


This exercise is the simplest and does not require much time. You can do it when you are moving in the direction from work or on some business. When you walk down the street, unfamiliar passers-by are walking towards you. In transport, you also meet strangers. Try to choose a certain object for yourself and carefully observe it and its behavior. Remember the person’s face. Before going to bed, remember it and try to mentally describe it.

It will be even better if you restore in your memory the chronology of the whole day, the people with whom you exchanged greeting phrases and the objects that surrounded you at that moment. If you managed to recall almost all the events in your mind, then you have a good potential for further studies.

There is also a method called “Eavesdropping”. If you often travel by public transport, then try to listen and remember an excerpt from the conversation of your fellow travelers. Be sure to carefully consider their appearance and observe their behavior. In the evening after work, sit comfortably in complete silence and try to remember, as well as reproduce the conversation of people.

It is also desirable to describe their appearance. This exercise allows you to easily develop memory and attention in a short time.

Aivazovsky method

Talented people have a very highly developed memory, especially those who are engaged in painting. The extraordinary artist Aivazovsky had an excellent photographic memory. He could look at the waves and the raging sea, as well as the ship sailing on them, and then imprint this picture in his brain for a long time. He did this as if photographing a landscape.

When he took up the canvas, he easily reproduced the picture he saw in his memory. After that, he had to transfer this image to the canvas with a brush and paints. Aivazovsky managed to achieve this effect with the help of many years of study. He could watch the sea for a long time. During such manipulations, the artist closed his eyes and personally imagined the future picture. In the same way, memory can be trained by any person at any age. Therefore, the method described below is called the Aivazovsky method.

So, for 5 minutes, carefully and intently look at an object or at any picture. Then close your eyes and try to imagine it in your mind. It would be even better if you transfer the image of the thing in question onto a sheet of paper with pencils. It is this method that will contribute to the effective training of your memory.


This method will help you find harmony with yourself and learn to pay attention to various little things. As a result, memory will develop.

For this technique, the psychologist will need to involve several people at once. As soon as a certain company meets, each of its members should sit on chairs in a circle. After that, everyone in turn starts tell different stories that happened in their lives. Wherein It is not forbidden to embellish your story a little. The rest of the audience listens attentively to the narrator and imagines in their minds what is being said.

At the next lesson, the psychologist may offer to continue the conversation started in the last lesson. Only the nature of the lesson needs to be changed a little. Each previously told story is put forward for discussion. Further, all members of the company are invited to continue its story or somehow change the script. You need to make it funny and interesting.

At the same time, the specialist asks the gathered people to take an active part in the game and try to turn on their imagination to the maximum.

We use mnemonics

To improve memory and to concentrate, you can use mnemonic techniques, which consist of a large set of memorization. Let’s look at different exercises.

  • We turn on the consciousness and encrypt the words. You need to do this with letters. For example, take the word “car”. This word will be denoted, for example, by the letter “U”, etc. This will be a quick memorization.
  • If there are vivid associations, then the information is easy to remember. For example, you need to remember the separate words “soap” and “delicious”. So, remember the phrase “delicious soap.” Unusual? So that’s the whole secret.
  • If you want to remember information – just rhyme it.
  • When learning foreign words, use consonance. For example, the English word “tonic” can be associated with the Russian word “thin”.
  • When memorizing objects, give them names that you can easily perceive. For example, the building of a cosmetic factory can be given the name “powder”.

Features of speed reading

You can develop mindfulness with the help of this simple method at home. Speed ​​reading provides many advantages in its implementation. In addition to developing attention, you can also become an intelligent person with a very good memory.

But first you need to understand the very technique of reading. This process goes like this. You look at the words (usually a couple) and a fixation occurs in your mind. This process takes about a quarter of a second. And then there is a shift of the gaze to another phrase. There is a jump, and it takes a split second. After a few repetitions, a phrase appears in your head.

This process takes about half a second. So, it turns out that a reader with normal abilities can read about 200 words in 1 minute.

You can improve the result if you do speed reading. There are 4 basic speed reading techniques.

  • When an individual leads the eyes along the lines at a certain interval using a pointing object (sharpened stick). This eliminates the confusion of the location of the lines.
  • fluent reading means highlighting the main parts in the text. You will not learn to read faster this way, but you will learn to identify those lines that are not important and can be skipped.
  • The text is divided into sections using fast visualization method. There is no eye movement here.
  • With help peripheral vision you can cover a large amount of text. This eliminates unnecessary eye movement, and thus you eliminate the load on them.

However, you may not achieve the desired result with speed reading. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the person and on the anatomical capabilities. If you have poor eyesight, the effect of reading will decrease. RAM is also of great importance. If it is not trained, then you can see a thousand words at once, but you will not learn the material you read.

Do I need to use abbreviation? It is necessary if you want to study material that does not require special attention, and its assimilation does not require the use of deep mental activity. For example, you know the recipe for a dish, but you need to clarify some details.

If you constantly practice reading and gradually increase the pace, then you will learn to read quickly and understand the essence of what you read.


Memory and attention are inextricably linked. If a person does not pay due attention to the information, he will not be able to assimilate and remember it. Therefore, by developing attention, you will simultaneously develop memory. Let us present the methods of development of both.

  • When solving logic problems, puzzles attention and photographic memory develop. These methods will help the development of logical thinking. And this feature will only increase your intellectual level.
  • Read and learn informationwhich is not entirely clear to you and for the assimilation of which you will need to apply the entire stock of intelligence.
  • get busy learning quatrains.
  • Change your line of work often. Even if you are writing books, then try to sew some fashionable dress with your own hands or build a locker on your own.
  • All classes must be conducted in complete silence. So you will not be distracted and can concentrate on the main thing.
  • After mental activities, walk more in the fresh air. This is how you supply your brain with oxygen.
  • get enough sleep. Your brain needs to unload. Then he will be able to work effectively.