Where to look for vacancies?

Previously, newspapers were bought and vacancies looked through. Now almost nothing has changed, only jobs are now being searched on the Internet, and the list of offered vacancies has grown significantly. You can register on different sites and subscribe to the newsletter – this way you will always stay up to date with news about a new job.

It is possible to wait until one of the employers responds to your resume, but these expectations can stretch for an indefinite time. It is better to act, and before you start looking, you need to have at least an approximate idea of ​​u200bu200bthe desired position. After all, a courier who freely walks along the street and a secretary tied to the office are two different things.

To get started, you need to answer a few questions for yourself.

  • What field do I like to work in?
  • Am I considering a shift schedule? Or am I satisfied with the standard 5-day workload?
  • Am I interested in remote work?
  • What salary do I need?
  • Am I willing to take the time to get to the office?
  • Do I need formal employment?
  • Will this work help me fulfill my potential and improve my position?

All these details are very important. Offers with no prospects and with a small salary should be immediately rejected, because over time you still want to do something else – more serious and highly paid. It is better to immediately find a promising job.

There are a lot of sources for finding a good job: these are employment centers, social networks, the media, specialized sites, recruitment agencies (although you have to pay for the latter).

How to write a resume?

Writing a resume is an important step in finding a good job. How competently it will be written depends on how employers will perceive you. The main rule of the resume: less water and more specifics. You should not write in it something like: “I have been in sales for 2 years”, it is better to write: “In a year of work in the company, sales figures increased by 20%.

Items like these make you stand out from your competitors. The resume is obtained without water, and the employer will certainly turn his attention to your merits. When compiling a resume, being modest is unacceptable. This is a field for self-expression, employers should see all your advantages. If there is no work experience, you need to write about your achievements, strengths of your personality.

After writing a resume, it must be carefully re-read and checked for errors. No one wants to hire an illiterate employee. The text should be well-constructed, using only one font and standard black when writing it. Subheadings can be highlighted in bold.

The specified contact details – phone, e-mail, WhatsApp and others – must be entered correctly, and the phone must always be on. The resume should not talk about the presence of pets or your habits – it contains information that directly relates to the vacancy you are interested in. Preferably in resume to focus on those qualities that correspond to this vacancy.

How to prepare for an interview?

If the employer liked your resume, this is already a big plus, because you were noticed among competitors, which means that it is written correctly. The next, rather exciting step is the interview. In order for it to go smoothly and the employer to be impressed, follow simple rules.

  1. Prepare your formal costume: clothes should be clean, ironed and tidy so that the employer notices your neatness and serious approach to work. They do not come to the interview in the clothes in which they walk around the city: in sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt. However, some professions do not require a dress code – consider the specifics of the work.
  2. Practice in front of a mirror: the boss should see you as a person who is ready to take on the job with all responsibility. When talking with him, be polite, tactful, ask what you want to clarify (this is how you show your interest), if you are offered a questionnaire, fill it out without making mistakes.
  3. Prepare for the interview: if you come to the office or company, but can not correctly answer the questions of the employer, he will consider that this position is not very to your liking. This means that you should at least be aware of what this company specializes in, and find out what your activity will be before the interview.
  4. Do not drink alcohol: you should not go to an interview if you come home late after a party and have a headache the next morning. The employer will notice your condition, and this will definitely not be a plus for you. In no case do not drink alcohol before a meeting with the boss, but a sedative is not prohibited. This way you can control your anxiety.

List of the most accessible professions

There are many professions in which experience is not required. For example, in big cities, salespeople are always needed – and both young people and pensioners who do not want to stay at home can get a job. And also waiters, couriers, freelancers and many others are always required. Further about the professions in order.


I wanted to indicate this area first, as it is a space for young professionals (and, in general, for everyone who wants to earn money). Young people are especially in demand in the IT sector, however, in order to get a job, you need, if not work experience, then knowledge. Now you can find a lot of training lectures, so it’s not difficult to “pick up” them.

Freelancing earns: web designers, programmers, copywriters, editors, translators of various languages, artists, content managers and others. These professions are usually not tied to office work.

By the way, if you know any language: English or French, you can earn good money even without education (translators are always required).


Everyone has seen salespeople who are bored at the counter. But this job can be fun if you change your mind about it. Imagine how much happiness a salesperson gives to a child by selling him a soft toy, or how happy a married couple feels when buying rings from a sales assistant.

The seller is perhaps the most demanded job, which is taken without experience. And what to sell – the choice is quite large: clothes, food, children’s toys, shoes, antiques and so on. You can go further – and create your own online store, only for people to buy from you, it needs some kind of zest.


Of course, no one would like to work as a waiter (everyone dreams of sitting at a table in a restaurant, and not delivering dishes), but sometimes life develops in such a way that you have to agree to any job. This position does not require any special skills, the main thing is neatness, good looks, moral and physical stability.

Work experience is not required, and if you show yourself well, you can get a job in a more respectable place where wealthy people dine, which promises a high salary and generous tips. A friendly and sensitive waiter can build a career in the restaurant business and rise to a general manager.


This job is ideal for those who do not like to look out the window while sitting in the office. The courier means frequent movement – on foot and by transport, so you need to prepare. Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for the weather. There are advantages to working as a courier, it is strange that when choosing a position, she is bypassed.

You build your own schedule, control the income yourself – take more orders, so you get more money. To become a courier, it is not even necessary to pass an interview.

You can download the application to your smartphone and register. In this application, you will receive orders, and you yourself will be able to choose customers.

Helpful Hints

    In conclusion, I would like to give some useful tips. Before starting a job search, you need to know yourself carefully. It happens that a person has a talent or some special knowledge – for example, he knows Italian, but goes to work as a salesman. This is wrong, because it is better to spend your time and energy looking for a job as a translator – this way you can earn more and do what you are good at.

    Do not be afraid of vacancies with internships – if you prove yourself, then no one will expel you, but only gladly approve the desired position. Avoid those areas of activity in which there is no room for growth – sooner or later you will begin to think that you wasted years standing in one place. And, most importantly, decide what you want to do, what will bring you joy. Because if you like what you do, then everyone will benefit from it.

    If you subscribed to the news of one of the job sites, and you receive messages from “employers” who demand money in exchange for work, they are most likely scammers.

Such messages should not be taken seriously. A serious organization will never ask a potential employee to contribute money. Whatever organization you work with, always find out all the details about it.