And here is what can motivate us to go in for sports.

  • I cannot rise above the second floor without rest.
  • My husband (boyfriend) / wife (girlfriend) left me because he thinks I’m too fat (oops).
  • I dream of a beautiful figure.
  • I want to lose 5-10 kilograms so that it is easier to move.
  • I want to find a way to relieve stress from time to time.
  • I want my children to be friends with sports.
  • I’m not lazy (ka).
  • I love myself.
  • I want to be loved.

So, something is forcing you to go to the gym, but this something has not yet turned from wishful thinking into reality. Do you want to start playing sports, get very tired after work, do you have every minute scheduled, do your children take away all the remaining time?

But all this is not a reason to deny yourself health and an active lifestyle.

How to overcome laziness?

Surely you have time to chat with a friend on the phone. Do you remember what an interesting series you finished watching yesterday, and the fifth level of the new version of your favorite game has already passed? As soon as you finish with all these things, turn on the washing machine before training and run to the gym. You can defeat yourself only by an effort of will. After physical activity, it will surely relieve your fatigue after mental activity. You will not notice how you will begin to breathe more freely both physically and psychologically. You will forget about shortness of breath, attacks of neuralgia, insomnia and headaches.

There is another obstacle that stops people from going to the gym – the cost of the issue. In almost all, even the most elite clubs, there are big discounts on subscriptions (watch out for promotions), and besides, it is not necessary to visit clubs that are designed for show business stars – the one across the street is no worse. The money saved on the purchase of medicines and “miracle remedies” for weight loss will be able to fully recoup the annual subscription.

The main thing is to stop being lazy, to overcome yourself and your habits. Starting from scratch and falling in love with sports is not as hard as it seems. And then you yourself will not notice how you start to eat right and do at least a little exercise at home every day in the morning.

But if all of the above has not yet set you on the path of sports, here are some more tips.

Find a partner

It’s fun to walk together not only across the open spaces, but also along the treadmill. At the same time, discuss the latest gossip, sales news, and why your mutual friend has not yet gone to the gym. Besides, as soon as laziness overcomes you again, your friend will immediately force you to get up from the couch, well, don’t leave your friend alone with the exercise bike, and next time you will save her from an attack of laziness.

Find a coach

If there is no suitable candidate for like-minded people among friends and acquaintances, let your coach be your partner. If this is your first time at the gym, then you just need the help of a specialist, otherwise the likelihood of injury, and other unpleasant health consequences, is high. Usually the services of an individual trainer are paid separately, and what the money is given for becomes even more expensive and valuable for us.

The coach not only provides advice, determines the adequate load, but also controls the attendance of classes.

Start a diary

Write there everything that you managed to achieve. Wring out 10 times, then 20 and so on. The volume of the waist (hips, arms, legs) decreased by 1 centimeter, then by 2, 3, and so on. Lost weight per kilogram, 2, 3 and so on. You can accompany the numbers with photographs, graphs. At some point, the process of your transformation and improvement can slow down a little, it happens to almost everyone, and then it will seem to you that all further efforts are useless. No, you just need to reconsider how it all began, and the refusal to continue the path will seem ridiculous.


Give yourself small gifts for different achievements. All places in the Olympic team are occupied, and therefore you will have to hand over medals and cups to yourself (although it is better to ask your husband / wife, friend / girlfriend to do this). Lost 3 kilograms – why not go to the spa, get an expensive manicure, buy a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist or a performance of your favorite theater. We did 50 squats instead of 15, which we barely mastered during the first workout – you can buy a new T-shirt (shorts, blouse, T-shirt, dress, and so on).

In the end, one not very “correct” dinner per month can also be afforded. By the way, sometimes it is even useful. Our body is cunning, as soon as it starts to lose, it immediately tries to save what has been accumulated over the years, and you haven’t given it sweets at night for a week already. Deceive him, give him something tasty for dinner, perhaps he will leave his savings at least for a while, and the weight will decrease again.

How to force yourself to go to the gym after work?

There are some practical tips to help organize yourself working. First of all, you should clearly plan the time both at work and after it. This will help you find time to practice.

  • To start don’t forget your workout suit bag at home, returning home for her, you are unlikely to leave it. Packing a bag, if it is in advance, helps to tune in to a sports evening in the morning.
  • remember, that exercise relieves emotional and psychological stress, and therefore employees, bosses will certainly mark your bright mind.
  • After a workout, you will fall asleep faster, so – better rest before the work day.
  • You won’t have time between work and sleepto look in the refrigerator and eat something unnecessary.
  • And even more so it is unlikely that the thought will pop into the store for a couple of jars of foam. For this, your tummy will definitely let go a couple of centimeters. You still have time to pump it up.


Choose the type of physical activity that is right for you. Now you can find classes for every taste and budget. You can work out in the usual “rocking chair” in the sports and recreation complex at the nearest school, and in an elite sports club. The main thing is that you go there with pleasure. So let’s get back to the types of activities that may interest you.

  • Step aerobics – classes are most often held in a group, exercises are performed using a special step platform, which is why this type of exercise is called in fitness centers. Recommended for strengthening leg muscles for those who have suffered a knee injury, suitable for the treatment and prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Aqua aerobics – Classes are held in the water. During the exercise, almost all muscle groups are affected. Hence the high efficiency of such classes.
  • fitness yoga is a mixture of ancient Indian teachings and modern knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. You will be taught how to correctly take such postures that will have a positive effect on the state of your body.
  • Fitbox – Thai boxing with elements of aerobics. The beats are delivered to the music at a high tempo. And don’t worry – you won’t get bruises. Your opponents will be a humble bag or a coach who will force you to move in search of a target for his punch. And what a great way to throw off tension and negativity.
  • EMS training suitable for those who have very little free time. Just 45 minutes in a special suit is comparable in effectiveness to a three-hour hour session in a regular gym. This is achieved due to the fact that during exercise your muscles are additionally stimulated by low-power electrical charges. The only downside is that it’s quite expensive.
  • If you don’t like the fitness room, go to the nearest dance club. Latino, belly dancing and even pole dancing will help you not only tighten your figure, but also learn how to move well. And at the next corporate evening, you will surely surprise your colleagues.
  • crossfit – classes include a kind of “coupling” of various exercises, which is performed at a fairly high pace a certain number of times.

And this is not all that will be offered to you if you still decide to overcome laziness physically. This, of course, can be done at home. But as practice proves, a simulator bought once sooner or later becomes a clothes hanger. And the exercise mat on the floor slowly turns into a bath mat. Therefore, it is better to go to the hall. But if for some reason you prefer to stay at home, then still find yourself a personal trainer. Now on the Internet there are many online courses and classes for every taste. They will cost you either very little or nothing at all.

But here lies the danger. What we get just like that, we do not really appreciate. Agree, having paid money for a lesson or purchasing a subscription, it will simply be a pity to miss training. Another powerful motivator for going to the gym can be the most banal argument. Make a bet with anyone that you will not miss a certain number of workouts or lose a certain number of pounds in a month. The chance to become winners and get a win will also spur you on to regular classes.

Regularly look at yourself in a full-length mirror, preferably before pulling on your favorite hoodie. Take out the jeans that you haven’t been able to fit in for a year and hang them in a conspicuous place, let them become an incentive.

Before deciding to go to the gym, you should consult with your doctor – a medical specialist will assess the initial state of health and choose the type of physical activity that will not only help you lose weight, but also be good for your health.