In order to acquire inner strength, it is necessary to deal with any doubts. A strong person is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • self confidence;
  • independence;
  • straightness;
  • firmness of character;
  • persistence;
  • reliability;
  • purposefulness;
  • thinking through actions;
  • control over your feelings;
  • the ability to admit and correct their own mistakes;
  • flexibility;
  • charisma;
  • ability to improvise.

The strengths include the ability to seek advice and help from another subject. Self-sufficient people know how to defend their boundaries and say “no”.

A strong-willed person is not afraid to stumble, does not engage in self-criticism and self-flagellation. A strong personality does not wait for the approval of strangers, because he does not doubt his abilities. The disadvantages include constant tension due to control over any situations, inability to relax and recuperate.

To become a serious independent person, it is necessary to develop the qualities inherent in a strong character.

  • good will power helps personality calmly overcome internal obstacles on the way to achieving the intended goal. The accomplishment of any task increases self-esteem and self-control.
  • A responsibility is one of the key qualities of a strong individual. Without it, it is impossible to build a successful career and long-term partnerships, create strong friendships and a happy family hearth.
  • organization is to follow the established schedule. You need to plan daily for the upcoming actions and not deviate from your plan. Only in the event of an emergency situation is it possible to correct the planned events.
  • Sociability helps an individual to make interesting acquaintances, build a dialogue with any person, get out of a conflict situation with dignity and find a way to resolve a problem.

Effective Methods

Self-analysis helps a person to identify their own preferences and desires. There are various personality tests that allow a person to understand himself. With their help, a person can get a lot of new information about his own person, discover hidden creative potential, learn about his real abilities and inclinations. After passing the tests, you must use the existing techniques to move from a weak nature to a strong personality. First of all, you need to strengthen the inner strength. It represents the emotional, cognitive and physical resources of the individual. First you need to listen to your body and imagination. Internal uncertainty arises from the fear of not coping with a situation, of failing. Identifying one’s own fears, eradicating them, solving various problems, life prospects give additional strength to a person, as well as confidence in the future.

To get rid of fears, you need to write down your experiences in a notebook in the opposite sense. The technique of this method is as follows: first you need to recognize and experience your own negative emotions, then transform them into positive statements and only after that fix them in a notebook. Read the biographies of famous people who reached the top thanks to their strong character. It was charisma and strengths of character that allowed them to gain fame. Carefully study their life path, pay attention to all the small details of the ascent to a high level. The following exercise leads to a good result: make eye contact with any passer-by, look into his eyes for as long as possible. You can try to talk on the street with a stranger. If you happen to be in a queue, start a conversation with people standing next to you.

Watch your gestures. For this purpose, you can use a mirror. Smile at your reflection. Your face and body are given to you by nature, therefore they are of particular value. Only very strong people are able to realize this fact. They will not create artificial beauty by exhausting themselves with diets and torturing themselves with plastic surgeries. The “Symbol of Victory” method helps to increase self-confidence. First you need to choose some pattern or geometric figure. Turn it into your symbol of victory over personal weaknesses. Keep this talisman with you at all times. Even a cursory glance at him will remind you of victory. A certain smell of perfume or cologne, a specific accessory, item of clothing, dress or suit can become a talisman of self-confidence.

There is another technique that helps a person become a strong personality. It is designed for 3 weeks.

  • Recommended during the first week write down positive affirmations in a notebook, that make you feel good. After 7 days, you need to read the entire list.
  • All next week reflect in the records all the doubts that arise in one’s own abilities. By the end of the week, analyze them, look for the reasons that provoked your indecision, identify the main fears and ways to eradicate them.
  • The third week is given to overcome uncertainty. For 7 days, it is necessary to record in a notebook only positive moments and the chosen ways of getting rid of negative feelings and emotions.

To develop self-confidence and inner strength, experts recommend compiling a table consisting of 3 columns:

  • produced quality;
  • what needs to be done;
  • result.

This table needs to be constantly updated with the appropriate entries. For example, in the first column, enter the phrase “ability to take a hit.” The second column will contain information on how to be able to rise after the next fall. This information relates to a specific person and certain events that happened to him.

An example is an unsuccessful presentation with a report on economic theory in front of classmates. It is necessary to set a goal, for example, to direct efforts towards the development of this science. Next, you need to paint the phased work in the same column.

After a certain time, an entry may appear in the final column: “I have mastered the main economic terms, studied the necessary topics. I feel confident in my abilities.”

Gaining strength of mind

The strength of the spirit is determined by the inner core of the personality. A spiritually strong person does not deviate from his moral and moral principles. He never allows the humiliation of others, knows how to forgive. The strength of the spirit can be cultivated in oneself.

  • First of all, you should set your thoughts on victory. Experts recommend waking up with the phrase: “Today I feel much more confident and stronger than yesterday.”
  • You need to learn to defend your own views. Blindly following other people’s opinions indicates disbelief in one’s own strengths. Learn to objectively assess the situation, express a personal point of view and stick to it. Don’t give in to pressure from other people.
  • A self-sufficient person must correctly formulate his thoughts and clearly convey them to the interlocutor. Speech should be delivered clearly and without hesitation. To attract others, it is desirable to saturate it with vital energy. It is important to take part in various discussions.
  • Self-improvement enables the subject to stock up on a certain amount of knowledge. You should devote more time to reading. It helps to improve memory, develop imagination, simulate various situations and the ability to find the best solution to any problem.
  • Maintain strict discipline. Make a daily routine for yourself. Control your thoughts and actions. Give up all bad habits, go in for sports, take walks in the fresh air, visit museums and exhibitions, go to concerts and theaters. Schedule your day, celebrate important events and strive to fulfill your plans.
  • Accept all failures with dignity. Don’t give up under any circumstances. Do not feel sorry for yourself, since self-pity has a destructive effect on personal development. In case of failure, you can return to the starting point and try to start the journey again in order to reach the desired peak.
  • An important point is the complete acceptance of oneself as a person.. You need to adequately assess your positive and negative traits, work on yourself and develop good qualities.
  • Don’t try to shift the blame for your failures to others. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions. Try to find the causes of the errors that have occurred and correct them. Do not blame others for the events in your life. Only you are responsible for them. Make responsible decisions yourself.
  • One must listen to justified criticism, draw appropriate conclusions and look for ways to correct one’s erroneous actions.. If the criticism of strangers has no basis, then you should not worry and get hung up on it. Control your emotions and do not stir up conflict with your opponent. He won’t help.
  • With people who drag you down, you need to limit communication. And also exclude from your environment those who take up a lot of your time with empty talk.

Fight inner anger and anger, fill your heart with kindness, and your mind with pure thoughts. Tell people the truth, avoid lies.