Why does memory loss happen? First of all, it should be noted that the above problem occurs when the brain reacts to external stimuli that have different directions. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • Troubles can arise due to addiction to bad habits: alcohol, smoking, etc. Such negative factors affect the blood circulation of the brain and the functioning of the body as a whole. Therefore, parents need to carefully monitor the behavior of their schoolchildren.
  • Memory lapses can cause lack of sleep. If the brain does not have time to rest, then its work as a whole worsens due to the fact that it is unable to process the information received during wakefulness. At first, forgetfulness appears, which later becomes more severe.
  • Often, schoolchildren have memory problems due to a lack of nutrition and vitamins. It is very important when a growing organism receives the necessary elements on time. If this does not happen, then it begins to malfunction, as a result of which brain activity and memory suffer.
  • Various drugs can have a negative effect on brain function. All this happens because the individual substances contained in the preparations are toxic to some extent. They can eliminate one disadvantage, but at the same time cause another.
  • Stressful situations also have a negative impact on any organism. Stress experienced by a child can lead to health problems, including memory impairment.
  • If a child does not see well, he may have difficulty remembering due to a lack of information.
  • When a teenager does not receive the proper mental load, his mental activity begins to degrade. This process also leads to memory loss.

Therefore, if necessary, conduct special classes in a timely manner to improve the memory of your child.

Methods for teenagers

It is necessary to develop memory at any age, especially in childhood and adolescence. There are special methods for this. Let’s consider them.

  • There is a very effective way that will suit everyone. With it, you can develop the memory of a child of 12-13 years. In addition, this method will improve visual memory and attention. It’s called “The Lost Object”. To implement it, ask the child to carefully examine the room for 1 minute, after which he should turn away. At this time, you need to hide a few items. Then the child should turn around and name the items that were removed. If he finds it difficult to complete such a task, it is necessary to train until everything works out.
  • At the age of 14, RAM should work very well. If this does not happen, corrective exercises should be carried out. For example, such as “Saving important data.” One of the parents should write several sentences, where the exact data will be present: names, dates. The sentence might go something like this: Martina was reading a novel that was written in 1891 and published well after that date, in 1910. After reading this information, the child must accurately reproduce the dates and remember other details.
  • For individuals aged 15 and 16, a game called “Cities” can be offered. The adult player says the first city, and the teen player continues this list. The title of the next paragraph must begin with the last letter of the first.

It is not necessary to conduct special classes with children to improve memory and do complex exercises. The perception of information is best when the techniques are used in a playful way.

For example, solving various puzzles, solving riddles and a game called “Find 10 Differences” also develop both visual and working memory very well.

Means to improve brain function

If brain activity is at a low level, you need to pay attention to this and ask for help from specialists. They will conduct the correct diagnosis and may even prescribe medication. However, this should be done when other methods no longer work. And remember that self-treatment and the use of specialized drugs can lead not only to negative consequences, but also to death.

Therefore, to improve brain activity, you can try to use such means that, unlike medications, will not cause any harm to the body.

  • For example, reading aloud over time will allow your child to better remember learning material. When such a process occurs, the brain perceives information not only in visual form, but also by ear.
  • Sports can have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and improve memory. With intense movements, the heart works with a vengeance and accelerates the blood, which saturates the brain and other organs with oxygen and useful substances.
  • You can temporarily turn the child into a left-hander if he is right-handed, and into a right-hander if he is left-handed. Such simple methods will definitely help, and here’s why: thanks to these actions, you will force your child’s consciousness to rebuild and work differently than it used to. A new unfamiliar activity trains consciousness and mind. The more they are loaded, the better for the development of a good memory.

Psychologists’ advice

You need to train your memory regularly. This has been proven by various psychological observations. For this, there are various activities, mindfulness games, etc. They develop attentiveness well, and after it memory improves.

  • Photographic memory can be acquired using the Aivazovsky method. To do this, you need to look at the picture for a long time and carefully, and then close your eyes and reproduce it in your mind. The same method can be used to develop long-term memory.
  • Learning verses and various texts by heart will help improve brain function and make memory perfect.
  • Your child needs to be calm.

When a person is calm, he is focused and can perceive the information received very well.