Musical instruments are tuned according to a certain Standard, adopted in 1711, when an English musician invented the tuning fork. If you hit the tuning fork, you can hear the sound of a certain frequency of sound. Until now, the tuning fork serves as a tool for tuning not only instruments, but also in singing. Modern tuning fork models give the sound “la” of the first octave, its sound frequency is 440 Hz. The essence of the tuning is based on musical notes, of which there are 7, and each of the notes has its own wavelength and frequency of its oscillations.

Musical notation, called solfeggio, was created by the Italian monk Guido in the 1st century AD. e. Over time, solfeggio was slightly changed, and today it exists in the form in which we know it, that is, consisting of 7 notes. Each note has a Latin name and the translation looks very interesting:

  • Do – note “to” – Dominus, that is, the Lord God;
  • Re – note “re” – Rerum, which means matter;
  • Mi – note “mi” – Miraculum, means miracles;
  • Fa – note “fa” – Familias planetarum, in Latin seven planets (seven I);
  • Sol – note “salt” – Solis, translated as the Sun;
  • La – note “la” – Lactea Via, that is, the Milky Way;
  • Si – note “si” – Siderae, means heaven.

Solfeggio chants have been carried out for a long time, it’s just that no one called them that before. Evidence of this is the studied manuscripts of the ancient monks of the Gregorian era. Already in those days, such chants were not only euphony, but also healing. These sounds are now called the Music of Ascension Frequencies. People involved in spiritual practices correlate 7 notes with the chakras of the human subtle field, which are also 7.

How do different frequencies work?

The frequencies that serve to tune the body, soul, mind of a person are called Ascension Frequencies. They are consonant in their vibrations with singing Tibetan bowls. Listening to these sounds, a person freezes in attention. Healing with harmonic sound is unique, but modern people are often skeptical about it. Each of the 7 sounds has its own frequency index. There are 6 basic sounds, these include 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, in addition, there are additional sound frequencies found a little later than the main ones – these are 174 Hz, 285 Hz and 936 Hz.

The most effective for a person are the first 6 basic frequencies, but additional sound vibrations also have a positive meaning for a person. Anyone who has attended a sound therapy session at least once will never remain indifferent to this technique.

The main frequencies work with our energy and physical body, while the additional frequencies work with the subtle spheres of the subconscious.

The manifestation of frequencies on the human body is as follows.

  • Sound 174 Hz – this frequency helps to relieve physical pain and mental suffering, normalizes the state of the body at the cellular level, gives us a feeling of love, peace and security.
  • Sound 285 Hz – sound promotes cell renewal, regenerates damaged tissues, improves the tone of the body and each of its cells.
  • Sound 396 Hz – helps to find hidden blocks in the subconscious, wrong beliefs that create problems in life. It helps to change moods, eliminating sorrows and sorrows, fears and guilt, which does not allow a person to realize himself in this world. After listening, there is a feeling of joy and liberation.
  • Sound 417 Hz – stimulates changes in life by helping to find and discover the source of energy that changes lives for the better. Sound is able to eliminate traumatic experiences, find and dissolve wrong emotional attitudes and habits.
  • Sound 528 Hz – increases clarity of thinking, stimulates the development of talent, gives inspiration and energy for accomplishments, enhances intuition and helps to find the right path in life. This frequency is called the frequency of love, it can work wonders.
  • Sound 639 Hz – promotes harmony and expands the horizons for communication. Helps to build relationships with family members, friends, colleagues. It improves personal qualities, awakening in a person love, understanding, tolerance.
  • Sound 741 Hz – opens the possibility to intuitively feel what food is useful for the body and what is harmful, which gradually leads to a healthy lifestyle. It expands the horizons of consciousness, sharpens intuition, stimulates the flexibility of the psyche, helping it to cope with complex tasks. Promotes self-expression, helps the body cleanse cells of toxins.
  • Sound 852 Hz – helps to become a more spiritual person, streamlines chaos. Helps to understand situations of deception, reveals the essence of people, frees from illusions.
  • Sound 963 Hz – creates a connection between the soul and the Spirit, connecting a person with his source of true nature. It helps to return to the reference settings laid down in us by nature itself. Helps to make any system the most perfect and understandable.

In addition to the well-studied basic and additional frequencies of sound vibrations, there is another parameter equal to 1074 Hz. This frequency is under study, but it is already known that it gives a person balance and peace.

How and why to use?

Each of the known sound frequencies has its own meaning and affects the 7 chakras. To keep the energy and the physical body in a healthy state, it is necessary to listen to the sounds of solfeggio at least once every 7-10 days. It is not necessary to listen to the musical scale in order, you can choose sounds the way you prefer, or in order to eliminate certain problems. Practitioners believe that full listening provides the body with a reference balance of the chakra system. You can listen to the sounds with headphones or using a stereo system.

Recordings in MP format. 3 are considered better quality than the MP format. four. The most effective is repeated listening. Music improves not only human health, but also cleanses the room of negative vibrations.

healing effect

Sound therapy has proven results, which are confirmed by official medicine. Healing can be started with any frequency, but for beginners, it is better to choose sounds with vibrations of 396 Hz. This frequency ensures the restoration of Svadhishthana. While listening, you can visualize the scarlet tones, at this time grief is replaced by joy, the feeling of guilt goes away, the mind awakens. After stimulating this chakra, you can go to a frequency of 417 Hz, which normalizes the work of the yellow chakra. Solfeggio will give you a charge of energy while listening and transfer it to the solar plexus area, where the chakra is located. After this course, you can move on to a frequency of 528 Hz. Here, the yellow chakra is already activated, and under the influence of sound, the structure of DNA is normalized.

By listening to the frequency of 639 Hz, you activate the green heart chakra, which is responsible for the sphere of interpersonal relationships. While listening, you can meditate and imagine green shades. To balance the blue throat chakra, you need to listen to the frequency of 741 Hz. Vibrations of sound will enhance intuition and help solve even the most difficult problems. For those who are engaged in spiritual practices or healing, the sound with a frequency of 852 Hz will help open the “third eye” channel. Such an event will allow a person to rise to a new stage in his personal development and will reveal many truths to him. Solfeggio at a frequency of 963 Hz allows a person to transform any system in his body and in the external environment in the way that nature intended.

It is best to listen to vibrations in solitude and silence, relaxing and closing your eyes. Regular practice of sound therapy will not make you wait long for the arrival of positive changes not only in health, but also in life in general.