What it is?

Feminine energy is a special substance that provides the fair sex with the desire to live and draw inspiration from the environment. Energy strength makes it possible to keep the internal state at a height and significantly raises self-esteem.

The Vedas say: female energy is very similar to angelic. However, these same Vedas say that a woman cannot always be associated with a beautiful creature. In their opinion, in addition to benefits, it can also bring destruction. Why? Because the female energy field originates from three components:

  • from the Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati;
  • from the Goddess of Destruction – Durga;
  • from the Goddess of Prosperity – Lakshmi.

People very often remember the goddess Saraswati, as today it is fashionable to be creative and have a lot of knowledge. Also, all people strive for love and fidelity. Therefore, the goddess Lakshmi is also often mentioned when it comes to the unity of the family. However, Durga often remains on the sidelines. Why is this happening? Because any normal woman tries to suppress her craving for destruction, although it is believed that it is the energy of a warrior that is very close to a woman. By the way, this energy is often confused with masculine.

Any lady needs to know: without the energy of Durga, she will not be able to protect herself or her home, she will not be able to properly manage a man. Only when a woman learns how to properly use the energy of Durga, she will become a real feminine lady. Conclusion: female energy consists of three parts. Each of these parts plays a certain role in the life of every woman. Therefore, it is necessary to develop in three directions in order to become happy.

In addition, any person should be able to properly use their individuality for their own purposes. Then she will become very seductive and will stop feeling lonely and useless.

Signs of shortage

Sometimes the female energy of some persons has a very weak impulse since childhood. There are reasons for this. For example, some parents really want a boy, but a girl is born, as a result of which they initially try to give her the wrong upbringing that she should receive.

If just such a situation happened in your life, or if you lost some of your energy for another reason, then you need to try to restore your feminine power. Otherwise you will live in a wrong way. So, we list the signs by which you can determine the low level of female energy.

  • If we talk about the level of the 1st chakra – Muladhara, then the woman will always act as follows: “I myself will take care of this business and I will not trust it to anyone.” Thus, a woman begins to think like a man. As a result, the work of the above chakra is disrupted, and the person’s libido is blocked. From here, problems begin in the family or in relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Those women who cannot please either a man or themselves have defect in the 2nd chakra – Swadhisthana. As a result, in such women, energy gradually flows away. This leads to complexes, reproductive problems, etc.
  • Violations in the 3rd chakra – Manipur – lead to the fact that a woman cannot receive material benefits from a man. Why is this happening? A man either temporarily stops the cash flow, or he becomes a gigolo.
  • If the energy flow stops in the 4th chakra – Anahata, then the woman blocks love for herself. The female charm leaves her, and her external data lose their attractiveness. She closes herself and does not want to communicate with the opposite sex.
  • 5th chakra – Vishuddha – Responsible for the communication center. If an energy imbalance occurs in this chakra, then the person becomes too active. As a result, she takes over male behavior with all the ensuing consequences. In fact, she completely takes away his position from a man and takes his place. As a rule, such a representative of the fair sex subsequently becomes very irritable and angry.
  • Ajna or third eye gives a woman the opportunity to use intuition. If the energy background at this point falls, then the woman turns into a very inert creature.

However, the above factors can be understood only by those persons who are at least a little privy to certain knowledge. Other women need to pay attention to the following points in order to identify the lack of female energy.

  • If it’s easier for you to be socially active than to take care of your family. For example, a woman, instead of devoting most of her time to her family, disappears at work. Thus she replaces her femininity with masculine duties.
  • A woman wants to sleep all the time, and there is no strength to take care of her children and her husband.
  • Excess communication outside the family hearth takes away not only the energy of the lady, but also makes her entire family more vulnerable.
  • Often a woman who has lost her femininity and the corresponding energy has only trousers, jackets and jeans in her wardrobe. In this case, the energy of fertility, which the fair sex draws from the Earth, disappears.
  • A woman ceases to have warm feelings for her “I” and for her body.
  • A woman is engaged in men’s work: she carries stones, hammers nails, etc.
  • A woman prefers to engage in male sports (wrestling, boxing, etc.) or in her, as in a man, the spirit of competition wakes up.

Attention: if you find the above factors in yourself or your close friend, immediately begin to take action to eliminate the negative situation.

Recovery methods

What is a woman meant for? To save energy and then give it to loved ones. Such energy works wonders and makes the world more colorful. What to do if the representative of the weaker sex herself lacks strength? You need to scoop them using the following methods.


You can restore the missing part of the energy in the body with the help of sports. For this, it is not necessary to go to the gym. You just need to engage in such exercises that will keep your body normal. And if the bodily condition improves, then the mental state will also achieve harmony.

Another equally effective way is to read affirmations. They will help you learn how to fill in the missing components for your comfortable life. You need to practice them in the following way.

  • We write affirmative phrases on the sheet, for example, such as: “I am beautiful”, “I am strong”, “I am happy”, etc. Write a phrase that will reflect your innermost desire. Then study it well.
  • Choose a location for your session. The room must be clean. It should not contain children and animals. Before you start the practice itself, ventilate the room.
  • Sit in front of a mirror and light a candle. Its color should match your desire. For example, if you want to be loved, then take a red candle. To achieve harmony and happiness, you can take a white or pink candle.
  • Next, take a close look at your reflection. Focus on the look. Look yourself straight in the eyes and say the affirmation. You need to repeat it at least 30-40 times, maybe more.
  • After the session is over, sit in silence with your eyes closed and visualize what you have in mind.

Pay attention to the following points.

  • To succeed, focus very strongly on your desire.
  • Look directly into your eyes.
  • Don’t get distracted by other thoughts.
  • Visualize your desire.
  • Affirmations work best before bed. After the session, go to bed. Then your consciousness will definitely remember what you “impose” on it.

Now let’s see how this practice works.

  • So, when you constantly and every day pronounce the same phrase (and at the same time put meaning and your energy into it), then it begins to gradually materialize. How? The human brain is directly connected with the Cosmos. It is not without reason that the top of the head is considered to be a certain point for the ejection and acceptance of energies from the Higher powers.
  • After reading the same phrase for a long time, your brain will start to “overflow”. In order to at least slightly free up space, he will need to make an ejection into space. And this means that your desire will reach the goal, and the Cosmos will replenish your energy. Thus, you can get what you have in mind.


An equally effective way to fill up with energy is meditation. You will need a quiet and clean room, where there will be a cozy sofa (chair) with pillows or a meditation mat. There should not be animals and strangers. Also, the room should be very quiet.

Meditation technique.

  • Sit on the couch or on a special rug. Take a pose. If you are sitting on the couch, put a pillow under your back. If you used the rug, then sit in the Lotus or Half Lotus position.
  • Close your eyes. Breathe evenly to fully relax.
  • Imagine how all the dark energy gradually moves away from you into the Earth.
  • Then focus again and imagine a bright column of light that penetrates you through and through. Thus, you will be filled with energy from the Cosmos.
  • Then trace its movements throughout the body: first it penetrates the chest, then the light clot is distributed towards the abdomen and your limbs. Then your head is filled with this energy.
  • Now you are able to emit light. This light spreads throughout your home. You are full of happiness.
  • Sit in this state for several minutes.
  • Open your eyes, but don’t get up right away. Let your brain be aware of what happened.

Some recommendations.

  • Do this practice in clean and loose clothing. Let nothing stop you.
  • Your mental state should also be normal. If you had a fight with someone, then it is better to postpone the lesson for a while until your nerves return to normal.
  • To enhance the effect, turn on pleasant music, light aroma candles.
  • You should not eat before meditation, otherwise you will fall asleep.
  • If you can’t concentrate because of thoughts that, unfortunately, climb into your head, then don’t be discouraged. Just ignore these thoughts. Let them float like clouds, and you watch their movement from a distance.

You can take energy from the Cosmos with the help of mantras.

  • The text of the mantra must be well learned. From this moment, the replenishment of your forces will begin.
  • You have to believe in what you say.
  • Before reading you need to take a comfortable. pose.
  • You need to repeat the mantra from 3 to 108 times. You need to do this daily.

Now it remains to find out which mantra gives filling with life-giving forces. Let’s list them: TOHI MOHI MOHI TOHI ANTAR KAISA or RA MA DA SA SEI SO HANG.


You can also recharge your batteries with the help of communication with useful people. Surround yourself with such subjects who will teach you how to live correctly and draw on the source of well-being even where there is practically none. How? Turn bad events into good ones. For example, your car broke down on your way to work. Yes, it’s a nuisance. But if you look from the other side, then maybe not. Perhaps if your car had not broken down, you would have had an accident at the next crossing.

People who have positive thinking always and everywhere everything goes well. Watch their actions and thoughts. They try to constantly keep their state in balance and know how to turn their shortcomings into virtues. How do they do it? Due to the fact that they think positively and try not to get upset over trifles. Therefore, exclude from your circle of close friends those who always whine and complain about life.

Invite people into your life who are always smiling and joking. Remember: success always attracts success.

Rest at nature

A very good option to awaken your vitality. If you go out on a picnic where tall and strong trees grow, then you can double or even triple your strength. How? If you want to get rid of negativity, lean against the tallest pine tree. If you want to accumulate energy potential – hug a larch. Why is it necessary to make this choice? Because each type of plant has certain properties. Thorny plants have the ability to take away bad energy and destroy it. Larch has positive properties that allow you to be filled with energy.

Leaning against a strong aspen, you will receive protection from vampire people, against a birch – you will be able to increase your female capabilities. Oak will give you the strength to accomplish your plan. If you want to pitch a tent and settle in the forest, then such a vacation will give you the opportunity to replenish your strength due to the energy of the Earth. Since you will sleep on the forest floor, your body will be freed from the burden of everyday life and will connect with the forces of nature. Naturally, after this you will become stronger and more resilient. Fresh air and water from a clean reservoir will help to calm your soul. You can “take a breath” and tune in the right way.

An open fire on which you will cook and warm yourself will purify your aura. Your eyes will rest from the pictures associated with city life. The brain will receive a significant incentive to reboot.

How to learn to use female energy?

It is not enough to have energy. In order for it to work, you must first open it, and then learn how to use it correctly.

Here’s what to do.

  • The development of energy is not an easy path. So get ready for the fact that you will have to face some difficulties. For example, if you do not know how to communicate with people, then you should definitely learn this. How to do it? Stop complicating. To do this, discard all doubts from yourself and say to yourself: “Everything that I do, I do it right. Nobody can judge me.” And act.
  • The most important component in female energy is sexuality. In order for this part of your personality to never let you down, you must first love yourself. Understand this: who will love you if you don’t love yourself? Therefore, do everything so that your sexual energy attracts the opposite sex, first of all take care of your appearance. Become a well-groomed woman and start dressing with taste and fashion.
  • The energy that attracts men is not only external beauty, but also the mind. So the next step is your cultivation. The best way is to start learning useful information so that you can keep up the conversation in time. In addition, if you read a lot, then your speech will develop, and you will be able to “speak” any man, as well as make him interested in you.
  • A beautiful woman is a healthy woman. Therefore, always maintain your vitality. Since ancient times, it was believed that viable children are born from a strong woman. Nothing has changed since then. Men are instinctively drawn to those persons who can produce healthy offspring. Therefore, you need to attract the representatives of the stronger sex due to your good physical data. For this, it is important to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be proud, but don’t invite pride into your life. Pride and pride are two different things. The pride of a woman lies in not allowing herself to be disrespected by men. For example, some persons are ready to endure various humiliations from a partner, so long as he does not go to another. And they do it in vain. You can’t let a man relax and treat you like a thing. Remember: the more you allow a man liberties, the more you lower your energy level. Therefore, his interest in you, as a woman, disappears more and more each time. So you need to be smart. If you do not like something in the behavior of a partner, then do not be silent. This is the only way you can let him know that you will not put up with injustice.
  • And if we talk about pride, then you need to know the following. Behind pride hides simple female stupidity. A smart lady will never allow herself to be insolent in vain, directed towards a man. If you behave provocatively, then the representatives of the stronger sex will not perceive you as a person. In this case, you will not be able to find a common language with them and will be left alone.
  • Don’t spend all your free time at work. Remember: the purpose of a woman lies primarily in the upbringing of children and in maintaining order in the family. Therefore, you should perform simple actions, which are as follows: try to put the problems of good earnings on a man. For the successful implementation of this item, create all the conditions for it.

For example, constantly give wise advice on business development and provide it with peace and comfort. In this way, you will maintain your feminine focus and give your man the opportunity to reach his full potential.