It turns out that a regular trip to the hairdresser can cause serious health problems called “beauty salon syndrome.” In the worst case, you can even die from it. Who is at risk of this attack and how to avoid it?

Such a syndrome recently overtook a 50-year-old resident of India. The woman decided to get a new hairstyle, but after the haircut, she began to have strange symptoms: dizziness, nausea that did not go away. She turned to a gastroenterologist, but he did not find any abnormalities and referred her to a neurologist. He immediately noticed the uneven gait of the patient and determined that the woman had suffered a stroke.

The examination showed that cerebral circulation was disturbed due to pinching of the vertebral artery while washing the head before cutting. The woman’s vertebral artery was thin, and its compression immediately caused a slowdown in blood flow to the brain and the corresponding symptoms.

This happens a lot more often than you think.

How common is “beauty salon syndrome”? Who is at risk and how to prevent the disease? told about this doctor-rehabilitation specialistchief physician of the clinic, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Shishonin:

– A pre-stroke state after going to a beauty salon is a common occurrence, especially in people with cervical osteochondrosis: those who have a clamped neck have high blood pressure. And in most people, hypertension occurs just because the vessels of the neck are pinched: the brain does not have enough oxygen, and it raises the pressure. This can occur not only in women, but also in men when they wash their hair after a haircut. A person can stand up and get a stroke.

However, calling it the “beauty salon syndrome” is incorrect. For example, in my practice, most often people with such symptoms turn after visiting the dentist. In a beauty salon, a person sits, relatively speaking, for 40 minutes, and at the dentist – 3-6 hours, or even more. I know situations when a person left the dentist, and right on the threshold he became ill, he was taken away by an ambulance in a pre-stroke condition. The person associates this with the fact that they were picking their mouths, they think that they caused injuries. But in fact, the reason is that he rested his neck, the displaced vertebrae passed on the vertebral artery.

Not only after the hairdresser and dentist’s office

After operations, there is also such a syndrome. Suppose a person has had an operation, they are transferred to a gurney to be taken to the ward, since he is unconscious, his head dangles, and the vertebrae can also shift, pinch the arteries, which leads to poor health, poor sleep, etc.

Therefore, it is more correct to call it “vertebral artery syndrome”.

The danger is that problems in the neck are often hidden, so they are not paid attention to for a long time. For example, a person may have high blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, decreased vision, hearing, memory, depression, sleep disturbances… This is all a consequence of a vertebral artery that has been compressed. This may also lead to arrhythmias. But the neck itself does not hurt yet. A person begins to run around neurologists instead of immediately doing an ultrasound of the vessels of the neck and understanding the problem. I note that not every ultrasound specialist will see this, so it is better to contact a specialist who specializes specifically in ultrasound diagnostics of the cervical arteries.

What is important for patients to know?

If such symptoms occur, you need to demand that you first of all have a detailed ultrasound of the vertebral artery.

To prevent such complications, you need to do simple gymnastics for the neck. The complex can be found on the Internet. It will be easier from gymnastics, because it relieves compression and improves blood flow through the vertebral arteries. This is salvation.