Women often complain about how difficult it is to meet online. They get stupid photos, and stupid comments, and offers of sex, and outright rudeness and rudeness. Yes, and I myself have written more than once ironic and not very texts about online dating. However, there must be equality and balance in everything. If everything is so bad and sad from a female point of view, then how does everything look from a male point of view?

talk to girls on a dating sitetalk to girls on a dating site

And I decided not to trust male reviews and check everything personally. The purpose of the experiment was to check whether it is easy to meet a girl online and start at least an initial conversation with her.

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My alter ego – handsome brunette Max – soon took his place on a popular dating service. He is in his early 30s. Athlete, athlete. Moderately courageous, moderately intellectual. Follows fashion trends, but makes a fetish out of them.

I looked at my photos and profile and felt that I could fall in love with myself.

I thought that it would be just as easy for me if they didn’t fall in love, then at least the girls would talk to me. But it was not there.

Girls on a dating site: first impression

dating site + for relationships with girlsdating site + for relationships with girls

Since Max is a little over 30, we got to know him with girls in the range of 23-35 years. The first thing that struck us was the photographs.

Of course, I didn’t expect miracles from the generation of selfies, but the fact that every fourth selfie was taken in the toilet or in the bathroom was a revelation. One beautiful girl captured herself not in the toilet, no – on the street, but under the sign “Toilet”. And this photo flaunts on the main page of the profile.

A girl with a normal photo and a profile, but named Zhopa, also raised a lot of questions. Max, it was, twitched to run away. But the experiment is a sacred thing, and we were left to taste this flour to the bottom.

photos of girls from dating sitesphotos of girls from dating sites

The abundance of pouting lips and boobs was also amazing. Men, of course, love with their eyes, but when lips are on top, and boobs are immediately below them, you very quickly get the feeling that you are casting actresses for German porn.

Almost disoriented, Max sent out likes to anyone who had anything else in the photo. For example, the mind is in the eyes.

Out of about 100 questionnaires, we sent out 30 likes. Only 20 of them reciprocated.

And this is for Max, handsome. And what about the guys easier?

Moving on: how to start a conversation

dating site + with girlsdating site + with girls

Next, we decided to write to everyone who showed interest. But what to write? How to start a conversation with an unknown girl?

At first, Max tried to go through the questionnaires – maybe they will give a clue. For the purposes of dating, many had “just communication”, and only a small part indicated that they wanted to go on a date.

In the interests of either nothing or a lot. I remembered that men used to write to me. We started with a simple “hello, how are you?” or with a compliment.

In response to “how are you,” several girls answered “normul” or “nothing.” Max was confused. But he didn’t give up. And I tried to continue the conversation. We asked the questions “What are you doing?”, “What are your hobbies?”, “Who are you looking for on the site?”

dating site with girls without registrationdating site with girls without registration

One girl replied that she was not looking for anything, she was just talking. At the same time, for all 5 of her words, she sent about 15 emoticons. It looks like a “how are you?” conversation. Normul (Smiley). I’m great. (Finger up sticker) Class (3 emoticons) is very enriching intellectually and spiritually. And if she does this with a dozen guys every day, then the life of Ogre Ellochka was much richer.

One of the girls said that she was fond of nothing, but her work works, this also gave a lot of space for the development of a dialogue.

The rest answered about hobbies and activities, but few people asked Max what he was doing. Almost no one asked how this handsome and intelligent guy lives and what he is looking for. And only one of the 20 girls started a lively conversation.

And if Max was a real guy, and not my alter ego, then he would gladly call this girl for coffee.

By the end of the second day of the experiment, Max was exhausted as if we were unloading wagons with him, and not trying to meet a pretty girl.

Experimenter’s Conclusions

dating site profile girlsdating site profile girls

The conclusions from all this are disappointing. Girls present themselves as some beautiful pictures, gifts, valuable prizes. They are so in love with themselves that they don’t even notice against which they take a selfie – “I decorate everything with myself, even a spit-stained bench in the yard in the district.”

And for some reason, they firmly believe that the guys will jump for these prizes or climb the towers, or kneel at the spit on the bench. Even cute ones like Max. But it is unlikely that Max, a real guy with a good education, a career, an athletic figure and a pretty face, will do it. A guy with a lower rank is not considered by the girls at all.

dating site with girls from ukrainedating site with girls from ukraine

Yes, no matter how the world changes, initiative and activity still come from a man. But any man needs a woman to help him.

Supported the initiative. Showed counter activity. And most importantly, she showed at least some interest in the man himself, asked him about him, and not about his work or about what kind of car he drives.

Until that happens, girls, you will continue to live in the world of selfies. Beautiful and lonely. One thing pleases – there are still many unimprinted toilets.