Our psychologist Elena Shpundra shares her own opinion about the age difference between famous couples and ordinary families. Is it worth it to become a new girl for an old grandfather?

Girl for grandpaGirl for grandpa

Recently, 69-year-old Alexander Gradsky again became a father. Gradsky’s wife is 34 years old, and she is younger than her husband’s eldest son.

59-year-old Dmitry Dibrov is expecting a sixth child, who will be born to him by his 29-year-old wife Polina. Polina, by the way, bore him the previous three. It’s funny that Dibrov’s eldest daughter is also pregnant, that is, a happy father will immediately become a grandfather. Or a happy grandfather – a father. Choose whichever you like best.

And, probably, I would not have written this caustic text if Gradsky did not look like a shaggy boar, and Dibrov, who was carried away by Botox, looked like a grandmother. He is preparing to become a grandfather and father at the same time, but he looks like a grandmother. I definitely don’t envy his grandchildren and children: they will have a mess in their heads in an attempt to distinguish xy from xy in this bizarre family.

 Alexander Gradsky Alexander Gradsky

And, yes, Vincent Cassel, who is 51, also married a 21-year-old model. But look at Vincent: he is not trying to pretend that he is 30, like Dibrov, or that he doesn’t care how he looks – “you can be fat, shaggy, wear a loose shirt – the main thing is that you are Gradsky.”

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan went furthest of all, at the age of 81 he married a 38-year-old. Which, in the process of divorce, rinsed his name in shit so that even the public, greedy for lower-belt sensations, became ashamed. She told reporters: “Stop, we don’t want to see or read this anymore, it’s too disgusting.”

The old story

But let’s leave the grandfathers. The image of a young, beautiful, but poor girl who becomes a victim of circumstances and sells herself to an elderly patron has long been known in literature and cinema.

Nastasya Filippovna from Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot, who was seduced in her youth by wealthy master Totsky and became a demi-monde, Anna from Chekhov’s Anna on the Neck, who escaped poverty into a hateful marriage, Holly Golightly from Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, forced to marry at 14 years to feed her younger brothers – such was the life of a woman 100-150 years ago. Men had power and money, women had youth and beauty.

The only exceptions were the heirs of large fortunes. They were more free to choose.

age differenceage difference

Even 50 years ago, when there were no fortunes left, and men and women were equal in the right to work, but not in the right to freedom and choice, a young and pretty girl had either a path to love, but through hostels, garrisons and communal apartments. Or still in the calculation, with separate housing and prosperity, and maybe a career.

Because only in the film ” Does Not Believe in Tears” the heroine could go from a simple worker to a factory director and become him at less than forty, never once faced with an offer to sleep.

And even if she slept with everyone who is needed, at best, the crown of her career was the post of deputy director. In the days of patriarchy, a certain number of women were still allowed into the upper ranks, like Tereshkova into space in order to represent her to everyone. But all key and significant positions still belonged to men. Therefore, girls who wanted more comfortable conditions chose promising men without looking at feelings.

What about today?

But now the world has changed, women have long gone beyond “children, kitchen, church.” They began not only to earn money, but also to confidently take over power. Selling yourself to a man in exchange for status and benefits is no longer necessary. Women create for themselves both.

We have finally entered the era not formally, but actually of equal relations, when partnership is valued in the other, and not goodies. Unions are formed because together it is interesting, warm, comfortable. There are common goals, common views, a common vector of movement. And not because “she is beautiful, but he works.”

age differenceage difference

But still there are girls who think that having sold themselves to a rich old man, they will shorten and ease their path to success. They will definitely shorten the path. Vital. Because youth is something that happens once in a lifetime. And will never happen again. How much Botox do not pour into yourself.

You will now object to me, remembering Robin Wright or Brigitte Macron. Same Jennifer Lopez. All their chosen ones are much younger than themselves. But look at Robin Wright, her figure and regal posture at 52. At the time of Santa Barbara, she was just a young, pretty, but expressionless actress. And only after forty her talent and beauty blossomed.

Brigitte Macron is not trying to pretend that she is 25 or at least 30. She bears her age with dignity. And J. Lo in general, it seems that she has been mothballed. At 49, she looks as beautiful as at 30. They don’t need to buy men for themselves, because they are already desirable.

But are the elders welcome? Of course, their young wives say yes. But looking at the baldness and hands in Phil Ruffin’s senile chicks, it’s hard for me to believe Alexandra Nikolaenko.

Of course, people at any age want to be loved and wanted. But would you like and love these people if they had no money and status?

In the case of Robin Wright, I’m sure yes, but looking at Dibrov’s Botox, I doubt it. Therefore, girls, unhook your hands from senile, grandfather’s penises. Take what you have – youth – and live it in such a way that it is pleasant to remember it.

Love, develop, travel, seek, make mistakes, lose and find. Give yourself to yourself. And not the elderly Don Juan.