If a woman decides to change her hairstyle, then she has decided to change her life in general and is ready for change.

short haircutshort haircut

And if a representative of the fair sex decides to radically change her hair, or rather, make a short haircut, this may indicate a faded interest in the sexual side of life.

According to psychologists, the desire to change the hairstyle is always associated with changes in a woman’s life. But if a lady decides to cut long curls, this may be due to the attenuation of sexual desire, since some haircuts are associated with the suppression of sexuality. And these are mostly too short haircuts.


According to experts, many women cut their hair after having a baby. And the sexual factor is really involved in this decision, because after childbirth, the libido of new mothers often decreases. The new worries of caring for the baby completely absorb the woman, and she loses sexual interest in her partner for a while.

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The age factor also plays a role – the older the woman, the shorter the haircut.

By the way, psychologists are sure that men are well versed in non-verbal factors and perceive a short haircut as a signal of asexuality.

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The men were shown photographs of the fairer sex with long hair and a short haircut. The stronger sex noted that women with long hair looked more attractive and sexy.