But for some reason, having received a certificate, we often forget about this simple way to streamline our lives, but in vain. It is clear that the list of things that need to be done before the age of 18 and 30 for girls and boys will be different, and everyone has their own top things, depending on age, gender, social and financial status. But anyway the list is needed if you do not want to regret in old age the wasted years when you were in the prime of life and desires.

Why do our desires often remain only desires? Because for most of us, the plan for the day is very primitive – work-home-work. We just get bogged down in the swamp of everyday life, in which there must be a place for a holiday. And then, going to bed, we catch ourselves thinking that life is passing us by.

How many times have we promised ourselves to read “War and Peace”, but now our son graduated from the institute, and we never got to the bookstore. And when we are going to our beloved grandmother’s anniversary, we suddenly wonder why, even at her 80s, she goes to the pool three times a week, and we still haven’t signed up for the gym.

A friend, by the way, in a month marries her daughter, but we never found the only one with whom we could start a family. And there was no time to get to know each other. Putting off your desires all the time is bad for your health.. Get away from the ominous “work-home-work” formula. Take a sheet of paper, take a break from everyday worries and write down what you once dreamed about and what you dream about now.

As your wishes come true, cross them off the list. Believe me, after a while you will understand – life is getting better.

How to compose it correctly?

To get started, choose a time, at least half an hour, and preferably more. Remember – you are starting a new rich life. And so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly lived years, designate these very goals. Grab a pen and paper or create a new file on your computer and get started. Don’t be afraid to dream. Ideally, of course, so that it is not your desires that surprise your capabilities, but vice versa. But in any case, remember that life is richer than plans, so go for it.

First of all, answer the following questions for yourself.

  • What would you do today if you knew that the world would end tomorrow? No, not the one that the Mayans allegedly promised in December 2012, but a real apocalypse.
  • What have you always wanted to do but never got around to?
  • What countries have you always wanted to visit, or maybe there are other places that your legs never reached – theaters or museums, for example?
  • Remember your wildest dreams.
  • Answer yourself the question of who you want to become. Not in the sense of a profession (cook, engineer or trainer), but in a broader sense.
  • Admit what you don’t know yet, but would certainly like to learn.
  • Imagine exactly what you would like to tell your grandchildren on your 101st birthday.
  • List what and who you miss in life.

Most likely, some of your “Wishlist” will scare you or even make you laugh. The main thing is not to stop. Write down all your even the most secret desires. Ideally, such a list should contain at least 100 items.

Can’t imagine such a rich life for yourself? Contact “comrades in misfortune” on the Internet – they will help.

Wish Top

There are tons of to-do lists that everyone needs to do in life. And they are divided into different categories. Here are 100 things that a teenager under 18 and a girl under 20 must do, and then – up to 25 years, up to 30 years and even until the end of life.

Your task is to create your own unique list. To make it easier for you, here are a number of wishes that are common to almost everyone. So let’s get started.

  1. Jump with a parachute (those that raise tourists above sea level also count).
  2. Learn English (German, French, Japanese or any other language).
  3. Walk in the morning dew, preferably with bare feet.
  4. Learn to crochet (make crafts from papier-mâché, cross-stitch, draw). Discover your hidden talents.
  5. Sign up for a gym (pool, fitness club). After all, it’s a pity to throw away that beautiful skirt that no longer fits on you. Let it wait its time.
  6. Forgive your offender, with whom you have not spoken for many years and, in fact, you no longer remember what the fuss is about.
  7. Call your parents.
  8. Confess your feelings to a loved one.
  9. Spend a day away from civilization. Turn off your phone, tablet and other means of communication with the modern world.
  10. Meet the sunrise with your loved one in a romantic setting.
  11. Learn how to make dumplings.
  12. Swim with a dolphin.
  13. Cut your hair bald (dyed red, grow long hair).
  14. Study at a driving school.
  15. Saying “no” when you don’t feel like doing what you’re asked to do.
  16. Plant a tree, break a flower bed, create a greenhouse or grow a flower on a windowsill.
  17. Learn to dance the waltz (tango, square dance, salsa).
  18. Learn by heart your favorite poem (song).
  19. Read the collected works of Leo Tolstoy.
  20. Participate in a charity project.
  21. Quit smoking.
  22. Stop using foul language.
  23. Play football.
  24. Win the lottery.
  25. Find a new job.
  26. Complete a course in cutting and sewing.
  27. Visit a psychologist.
  28. Ride a horse.
  29. Feed the cat at the entrance.
  30. Take a walk in the forest.
  31. Get married (get married).
  32. Give a birth to a baby.
  33. Participate in military reconstruction.
  34. Dine in an upscale restaurant.
  35. Throw out unnecessary things.
  36. Forget failures.
  37. Take a course of massage.
  38. Smile (several times a day).
  39. Cry out of tenderness (happiness).
  40. Eat a basket of exotic fruits.
  41. Go sailing.
  42. End a relationship with a married man (married woman).
  43. Go to the mountains, conquer the mountain peaks.
  44. Attend a social reception.
  45. Assemble a dinner party.
  46. Take part in a community work day.
  47. Master Photoshop.
  48. Gather a collection of coins from at least 30 different countries around the world.
  49. Take a diving lesson.
  50. Visit your favorite teacher.
  51. Go to the bath.
  52. Celebrate the New Year in a “fairytale” country (everyone has their own).
  53. Take part in the march of the Immortal Regiment.
  54. Clean up the graves of relatives.
  55. Forgive yourself for an indecent act.
  56. Find a classmate (classmate) with whom (oops) were inseparable at school.
  57. Say “good morning” to a stranger.
  58. Get to know your neighbors.
  59. Buy a fur coat (or what you dreamed about, but everyone could not find the right amount).
  60. Make a gift just like that, for no reason.
  61. Make changes at home.
  62. Set in the bathroom jacuzzi.
  63. At least a month to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  64. Spend the whole day alone with your child.
  65. Spend the whole day alone.
  66. Ride an extreme ride.
  67. Ride on an elephant.
  68. Arrange a day out.
  69. Move grandma across the road.
  70. Learn to massage.
  71. Take a course of facial rejuvenation.
  72. Lie down in a thermal spring.
  73. Learn prayer.
  74. See the northern lights and the polar night.
  75. See how the bridges are raised in St. Petersburg.
  76. Drink the most expensive wine.
  77. Try foie gras or another delicacy.
  78. Take a photo with a crocodile in your hands.
  79. Go to the fear room.
  80. Create a family tree.
  81. Pass a preventive medical examination, pass all the tests.
  82. Catch a bucket of crayfish and cook them over a fire.
  83. Win a million.
  84. Attend a cooking class.
  85. Start pouring cold water in the morning.
  86. Dive into the hole.
  87. Help someone, even if you weren’t asked for it.
  88. Learn ten jokes.
  89. Climb the Eiffel Tower.
  90. Bungee jump.
  91. Walk through the whole city.
  92. Make homemade preparations for the winter.
  93. See the starfall.
  94. Catch huge fish in sea fishing.
  95. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  96. Teach your child how to cook cabbage soup.
  97. Swim across the river.
  98. Attend a classical music concert.
  99. Spend a week in the countryside.
  100. Get a million scarlet roses as a gift.

Your list may be similar to this one, or it may be completely different. The main thing is that he was. And even if some of your desires seem absolutely unrealizable. Thoughts, as you know, materialize. Moreover, you simply do not have enough time for some dreams.

Most likely, you just think so. Yes, and any person has something to strive for, even if it seems to him that he has already achieved everything in this life. And remember – “never say never”. Life is much shorter than we think. You should at least try to get everything or almost everything from it. And then on long winter evenings you will have something to tell your grandchildren.

You can teach them to enjoy every day. You will probably even write a book of memoirs that will be sold in millions of copies. You may even receive a large fee.

It will be enough for you to fulfill a dream that is not yet on the list, but it will definitely appear as items are deleted from the list created today. The faster this happens, the more you will have time. So, go ahead – towards the stars or where have you long wanted to?