The desire to be the Only and Irreplaceable is the basis of our strong relationships with men. Meanwhile, for them, not everything is so simple, so sometimes we can hear the bewildering “It was just sex, she doesn’t mean anything to me, why are you so worried ?!” So is it worth it or not to worry about cheating?

how to survive betrayalhow to survive betrayal

But it’s hard for us to come to terms with the fact that someone has invaded our couple’s space. And when our emotional and sexual exclusivity is destroyed, our self-esteem suffers and trust in a partner is broken. In the heat of the moment, we begin to do rash acts, make hasty decisions, react not in a balanced way, but under the influence of momentary emotions. In addition, betrayal has acquired numerous myths, many of which can really ruin the harmony of our relationship. So if there is a change…

Myth number 1. “So I don’t suit him with something”

errors when changingerrors when changing

Nothing like this! Your partner may still treat you with fervor and passion, but we are all human beings, and it is quite natural to react to attractive people of the opposite sex. This, on the contrary, speaks of our good sexual “appetite”. But to implement it on the side … Here everyone decides for himself: whether to get momentary pleasure, risking existing relationships, or to refresh feelings in a couple? And this decision depends on us, and not on our permanent partner. Therefore, in no case do not look for mythical flaws in yourself! But if you yourself feel that something is not right with you, the betrayal of your partner will help you shake yourself up and become at least bitter, but medicine.

Myth #2: “Maybe it’s time for us to break up?”

This is far from always the case. Many infidelities are committed unintentionally and are not related to relationships within an existing couple. A corporate party at your husband’s, a friend’s birthday party that you went to without him… They drank, danced, fooled around, and then somehow ended up in bed… Yes, it’s stupid, yes, it’s ugly, but often it all ended there. Unless, of course, the other half finds out.

Myth number 4. “It’s just friendship”

Hmm… If you have a friend of the opposite sex with whom you have a more emotional relationship than with your husband, a friend with whom you can easily laugh, cry, complain about your boss or discuss health or work problems, sooner or later this friend becomes more important to you than your spouse. Such a relationship can hurt your spouse, even if it doesn’t smell like sex. Do you want to continue the friendship? Get your friend to get along with your spouse.

Myth #5: “It was only sex.”

how to survive betrayalhow to survive betrayal

You can believe it if a man says so. And that is not always the case. Psychological surveys show that 85% of women and 55% of men who have extramarital affairs experienced attachment to their partners, despite the assertion that “it’s just sex.” Perhaps the only option when such a relationship is not colored emotionally is when your partner visits professional “priestesses of love”.

Myth number 6. “You have to wait it out and everything will end well”

“Wise Women” advises to wait out the “changeable” period. But will life get better? Cheating is always a threat to a couple, an outflow of energy from it. In addition, relationships on the side force the changing partner to lie, keep silent, and hide their actions. And this leads to alienation between partners. From the outside, such couples may look prosperous, but often “wise women” pay for their “wisdom” with numerous diseases. Suppressed stress provokes various psychosomatic diseases, the nervous system suffers, the mode of “anxious expectation” of a repetition of a traumatic situation is activated – do you need it? Of course, nothing happens, if you want to improve relations, try to analyze what exactly prompted your partner to cheat, how it affected your relationship, and draw conclusions!