Intimate preferences are an individual matter. Although they also have typical ones. Falling in love with images of attractive characters is a childhood hobby, but it does not pass by the subconscious.

After all, later, already at a conscious age, we often unconsciously look for partners according to these patterns. And sometimes we find Let’s try to trace the fate of several seductive male types.

Type 1. D’Artagnan, aka Dashing Musketeer

“Mustache and sword – everything is with him!” – the simple girl Kathy rejoiced, to whom the sky sent a nobleman – a bully and an adventurer. And what did the man of her dreams do to the poor thing? He made his way to Milady’s bed for one purpose, to Kathy herself – on the other, and in his free time from amorous exploits he sighed for the landlord’s wife … But what a darling! To fight – with anyone, to get into state affairs – easily, to go on a spree – not a fool … In general, life around him is in full swing! And he himself is sincerely interested in his game.

Dream object in the bedroom. He is also boyishly energetic and restless, which captivates a romantic nature. And he is also impulsive and capable of sweeping gestures: he can amaze the imagination. True, changeable and inconsistent. But this eccentricity also turns on, you won’t get bored with this …

The moral here is this. If you want to add bright colors to life – feel free to start an affair with d’Artagnan! Just don’t expect that over time you will make a faithful good boy out of him. Remember how inventively the hero Dumas denied the just demands of Madeleine: “You live with me – get married!”, Even when he was over forty! So, in order to avoid suffering and tears, a healthy dose of one’s own frivolity is required here – and thoughtful contraception.

Type 2. Leon-killer, aka Noble Robber

All times and peoples have their own heroes of this kind: Robin Hoods with their codes of honor … “Real men.” Such a prince will not expect favors from female nature. After all, he is used to the fact that any circumstances are submissive to his strength and inflexibility. Although you always want to believe in his especially reverent attitude towards the chosen one.

He will crush everyone, spare no one – but in one single point he will have a touching weak spot! Personally for you.

Dream object in the bedroom. He does not have to be in conflict with the law: after all, it is not very convenient in everyday life. But he simply must have a worn leather jacket that smelled of machine oil, a three-day stubble and a ferocious look. He behaves like a conqueror. He decides what and how to do, it remains only with bated breath to obey. Initiative and activity comes from him.

The moral here is this. It’s all nice, of course. Emancipation is emancipation, but no one has canceled the desire to be small, weak and defenseless. To catch only the moment at which he becomes touchingly affectionate! And then in the films they promised an exciting mixture of brutality and sentimentality, but in life it happens: you catch such a macho – and he is a robber by a robber, and nobility is somehow not particularly noticeable …

Type 3. Ichthyander, aka Incorrigible Romantic

Raised in an underwater lab, the gilled youth grew up out of touch with life. Naive and sublime, he let the fish out of the nets and brought pearls to the beautiful woman who won his heart … And he frankly confessed his feelings to her. True, his inability to stand firmly on the ground ended sadly. But can even one of the rude local fishermen compare with this unearthly creature ?!

Dream object in the bedroom. It is not known what he has been doing underwater for so many years, but he is just as unfamiliar with reality. His ideas are always beautiful in some ways, unrealistic in others, and exaggerated in others. For example, he may know that the girl before the most important thing needs to be warmed up for a long time and beautifully. Remarkable knowledge! But in practice, it can turn out to be so long and beautiful that you start to fall asleep …

The moral here is this. The character is rare, so if you meet, you need to take it while there are still such. And multiply as much as possible. And then in the near future, all the quivering waving of eyelashes, poetic speeches and kisses on each finger will become something exclusively from the realm of fantasy. But along the way it would be nice and unobtrusively to bring closer to earthly realities. And then the matter may not reach reproduction.

Type 4. Sherlock Holmes, aka the Great Egghead

They get involved less often. But if they are addicted … Intelligence is still a great power! True, the enchanted girls for some reason do not take into account that the ingenious detective led some strangely ascetic life. In terms of women. And with Irene Adler, he did not succeed.

Dream object in the bedroom. A wise man who charmed a girl with speeches will not necessarily turn out to be an ascetic who sublimates all his sexual energy into great discoveries. He can also take physical love very seriously. Only this seriousness can take some comic turn. Let’s say he studies with a pencil several volumes on the topic of Taoist sex – and each time he will carefully perform manipulations in order to delay the decisive moment and save more “chi” energy …

The moral here is this. If you are seriously sure that the most erotic part of a man’s body is the brain, be prepared for the fact that this is the same unpredictable organ as the heart. So, in addition to the strength of the intellect, pay attention to related parameters: like a sense of humor, and feelings in general! ..

Type 5. Shurik, aka Charming Klumsy

How cute is he! Even a girl can be undressed and not noticed – as in that wonderful episode from “Operation Y”. However, the result turned out to be positive: the girl herself voluntarily went to the boy. Maybe because he so wanted to tame? Warm, snuggle – and he will turn mountains for you in gratitude! And it is unlikely that innate nobility will allow him to look to the left after that.

Dream object in the bedroom. Perhaps, someone such a choice will seem strange. To give him a hint – he obviously won’t understand or misunderstand, to directly entrust him with some business – he will probably screw up, trample his feet in the dance, turn the table over in the process of hugs … So what! He is kind, and in his awkwardness there is a sea of ​​u200bu200bcharm. Plus naturalness and even timidity.

After all, not every girl is pleased with the impression that in the eyes (and hands) of her partner she is only a sexy projectile for honing her skills! And Shurik is not a sex machine, he is alive and warm, his awkwardness causes a desire to console and guide. The main thing is that they do not take root in it too deeply, at the level of complexes …

The moral here is this. A suitable variant of a man for a girl with strong leadership abilities and maternal inclinations. The main thing is not to overdo it. The most harmless of Shuriks is still a man, not a plush kitten. Don’t hurt his dignity! Otherwise, you will wake up a tiger in him, which, due to awkwardness, is able to smash everything around.

8 ladies’ man

Attempts to classify men are made even by men themselves.

For example, psychologist David di Angelo has eight types of men who are successful with women – and about the same number of types of “sexual losers.”

The first group included:

  • “bad guy” (who gives off a dizzying sense of danger),
  • “adventurer” (with whom you will not get bored),
  • “seducer” (who knows how to wake a woman in a woman)
  • “poet” (a mysterious young man not of this world).
  • “successful guy” (earner-breadwinner),
  • “dad” (one who commands and makes decisions),
  • “ordinary guy” (realist standing firmly on the earth’s surface)
  • and “toady” (henpecked, obeying his partner in everything).

And, according to di Angelo, women are repelled by such “types”: sloppy “hippies”, one-sided “geeks”, rude “ignoramuses”, hard-nosed “xenophobes”, obsessive “molesters”, insecure “cowards”, spoiled “mama’s sons” and stubborn “disputers”.

Does it look like the truth? 🙂