Is there a conspiracy for happiness, and if so, what does it sound like? Four secrets of the Indians from the ancient Toltec tribe promise us peace of mind, mutual understanding and love. Do you want to know what these secrets are?

commandments of happinesscommandments of happiness

Don Miguel Ruiz told the story of how to find harmony in life in his book Four Agreements. Book of Toltec Wisdom. Practical guide. By the way, this book is one of the favorites of Oprah Winfrey, who has long been recognized as the most influential woman in the United States. And so the fairy tale begins…

A long time ago, there lived a girl in the Toltec tribe. For her beauty and intelligence, she was chosen as a wife by the son of the leader. On the eve of the wedding, an old witch came into the bride’s wigwam. “I wish you happiness, listen to my magical commandments,” she said. But the beauty only brushed aside the old woman, dressing up for a wedding feast. The offended witch disappeared from the village. And a few months later, the beauty’s family life was upset: quarrels with her mother-in-law began, her husband increasingly began to disappear from home for a long time. The woman rushed to look for the sorceress, but it was too late …

Since then, many have been looking for the secrets of the Toltecs, but find only fragmentary information. Miguel Ruiz, a descendant of the Toltecs, managed to find four such secrets.

Secret number 1. Let your words be worth their weight in gold

Observe moderation in speech: do not speak too much, nor too quickly. Be direct and honest. Do not slander or belittle others. Don’t brag and don’t exalt yourself. Do not doubt those close to you, do not envy those who are far away.

legends of happinesslegends of happiness

Where to begin? According to Miguel Ruiz, everything begins with inner speech addressed to oneself. Not only criticism and condemnation of others, but also our incessant: “I won’t succeed”, “I’m not good for anything”, “I don’t look good” – all this is negative that clogs our mentality.

Secret number 2. Do not think about someone else’s hut

Other people’s affairs do not concern you: if you develop immunity to other people’s views and actions, you will avoid useless suffering. Not always the events that happened to us are the result of our behavior. Sometimes good or bad things just happen to us.

ancient secrets of happinessancient secrets of happiness

Where to begin? If your loved one is tired or in a bad mood, you should not immediately take it personally, be offended and slam the door. If this is not your fault, do not look for it in yourself.

Secret number 3. Do not guess other people’s thoughts

Humble your pride and ask a question if you don’t understand something. In communicating with others, seek maximum clarity in order to avoid misunderstandings, not get upset and not suffer.

Where to begin? Stop thinking for others. As soon as we think we know what the other person is thinking, we need to say to ourselves: “Stop! Let me ask him directly about it.”

Secret #4 Always Cultivate Your Field

But you can be sick, frustrated or tired… What to do then? When you do too much, you drain your energy and hurt yourself. But if you do less than possible, then you earn a feeling of guilt. Just under any circumstances, make every effort – and you will not have remorse.

Where to begin? The worst trap is perfectionism. One way to avoid it is to replace “I have to do it” with “I can do it”. It is necessary, as Miguel Ruiz advises, to “assume the goal set for yourself and not care about the judgments and expectations of others.”

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Author: Lisa Women’s magazine