Do you succumb to stereotyped thinking? If yes, then we are in a hurry to dispel your myths about the wedding, while it is still not too late.

3 Marriage Myths to Dispel Before Getting Married3 Marriage Myths to Dispel Before Getting Married

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Marriage Myth #1

“And they lived happily ever after…”


This is what Disney cartoons teach us, on which a new generation of sentimental hardworking youth has grown up. Do you remember how each of their fairy tales ends? It is this phrase. Both men and girls begin to perceive family life as an eternal honeymoon.
Like everything is in reality: a man comes home tired from work, and his wife can’t wait to go out, but she still cooks dinner for him.

Editor’s note: This phrase from our first myth made the whole world expect something phenomenal and fabulous from marriage. But in fact, everything is not so colorful.

Moral: Marriage is hard work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, in the depths of your soul, you cherish the dream of finding your prince who will love you for who you are. But in marriage, you will have to take care of your spouse, just as he will take care of you. So the roles are quite equal.

Marriage Myth #2

You think that you and your spouse have exactly the same expectations for marriage.


In any case, you either think about it, or sincerely want everything to be just like that, or strive to achieve this by any means on your own. After you decide to get married, it is very important to understand that from this moment you find yourself in a world of unrealizable (most often) expectations.

Why this is so: because you can not demand something from another person. You can only demand from yourself. After all, no one owes you anything, even having contacted you by marriage.

Favorite phrases from this myth: “I wanted to…”, “I thought…”.

What is the reason: since childhood, men and women draw themselves an ideal marriage and an ideal family, based on books, films, adult stories. And by the time of marriage, each of the couple had formed their own vision of family life as such.

Moral: The first year after marriage is the hardest. It exposes sharp divisions and shows sharp surprises. Everyone will have unspoken expectations. There is only one way to solve difficulties: to be honest about what you want from life after the wedding. It is advisable to discuss these points before marriage.

Marriage Myth #3

“My spouse will become my soulmate, complete me, and we will be one!”


You are most likely guided by the phrase “opposites attract”, which is based on the physical attraction of two opposite particles. And in this situation, you sincerely believe that the person will complement you – add new pluses to your portrait, eradicating the shortcomings.

As a matter of fact: marriage is a way of self-improvement and self-education. He makes us move forward, become better and reach new heights. And you must achieve all this yourself, without pinning hopes on your soul mate.

Moral: neither marriage nor a loved one can make you as a person a single whole. Stop thinking in patterns in the spirit of “we are made for each other.” You should not depend on your husband. Everyone in a married couple is a separate, self-sufficient and independent person. Otherwise, you need to urgently deal with an inferiority complex.

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