A new flash mob has begun on the Web: hundreds of users post photos from their family archives to prove that time has no power over true love. In these pictures – parents, grandmothers – and some already have their own story. Check out the touching before and after photos!

love can last foreverlove can last forever

Some skeptics say that love lasts three years, and staying with one person all your life is a rare exception. It’s not true, people around the world say, and they have the proof!

As part of the new flash mob, the world saw hundreds of family photos, they depict couples during the years of their acquaintance – and today, many, many years later.

Their eyes also glow with love, they hug and hold hands. Love is not just obedient to all ages – all hearts are obedient to it, and often – once and for all life.

These touching pictures restore faith in love and devotion. Look!

“This is us 40 years later. And by the way, a denim jacket has also been with me since school! :)”

married couplemarried couple

“My grandparents: 58 years ago and today.”

family photofamily photo

“These are my parents during the holiday, in 1983 and in 2013. Love them!”

couple photocouple photo

“Mr Milton Estevez (94) and Mrs Elsa Falcone Estevez (91) celebrate 70 years of marriage.”

50 years later50 years later

“My grandparents met in 1952 at my grandma’s 14th birthday party. In June 2018, they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary!”

40 years later40 years later

“My parents celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary this year. For me, they always remain the perfect example of what love is.”

30 years later30 years later

“We have been together for 20 years, since the 8th grade.”

20 years later20 years later

“My cheerful parents have been together for 20 years.”

10 years later10 years later

“From honeymoon to 4 children and 6 grandchildren. It was a magical first 39 years! 🙂 ”

silver weddingsilver wedding

“Here is my 40 year old vintage. Love is like wine – some things just get better with time.”

20 years wedding20 years wedding

“My grandparents have been together for 60 years.”

golden weddinggolden wedding

“My grandparents on their wedding day. And 63 years later at Christmas, they are still living together in happiness and harmony.

cast iron weddingcast iron wedding

On your wedding day in 1953. And during the celebration of its 61st anniversary.”

paper weddingpaper wedding

“My parents repeated their wedding photo 60 years later.”

wooden weddingwooden wedding

“This is us at 15 years old. And we are 35!”

in 20 yearsin 20 years

“True love, from 1962 to 2017! These are 55 years, in which it was not easy to survive. Keep kissing, Harry and Katie!”

love foreverlove forever

“This is me, with the love of my life. Our wedding in 1995 – and now. These years have gone by so fast!

love for lifelove for life

“From 1990 to 2017. Married 26 years. And there is still rock in the hearts!

photo of a married couplephoto of a married couple