Everyone says that stress is bad for health and that it inevitably leads to problems: with health, mentality, beauty, relationships. But is everything so bad? Here are five unexpected reasons to love stress.

the benefits of stressthe benefits of stress

Stress is considered a natural response to something new. This means that a person leaves the comfort zone and gradually grows as a person. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Why stress is good

Some experts even say that the person who solves some problems and problems is truly happy, and does not slowly go with the flow, like a log. And indeed: in small doses, stress should be considered beneficial. And that’s why.

beneficial stressbeneficial stress

1. Helps the brain

In moments of mild stress, we completely lose drowsiness and lethargy, and the brain literally begins to produce new ideas. It is thanks to stress that cognitive abilities improve by getting a little doping.

However, be careful: constant stress or too much can cause you, on the contrary, to begin to think too badly.

2. Accelerates the development of the child

Scientists have determined that mild stress during pregnancy not only does not harm the baby, but, on the contrary, accelerates its development. Therefore, if you are pregnant and are afraid that even mild stress will harm the child, you can not worry.

3. Strengthens the immune system

As a rule, high levels of cortisol can lead to health problems, but this is not always the case. The fact is that a moderate level of stress allows you to quickly restore the resources of the body, and also strengthens the immune system.


This is due to three other hormones: adrenaline, norepinephrine and corticosterone. It is their level that jumps slightly if a person feels mild stress. They are also responsible for the transport of immune cells, their transfer to the organs. The immune system gets a little shake-up and gets ready to go, making you less prone to mild sores.

4. Improves performance

Due to the fact that light stress mobilizes you as a whole, you will be more effective at work:

  • increased vigilance and attention to detail;
  • the speed of performing various work tasks will increase;
  • cool ideas and the right decisions will come to mind more often.

The result is high productivity and impressive results. Take note.

5. Improves stamina

Stressful situations improve resilience to further unrest. That is, light stress serves as a kind of vaccine that will work at the right time, and you will be much more resistant to the present moments of the storm.

Also, light stress will improve physical health, endurance.

how stress is goodhow stress is good

What do scientists say?

American scientists from the University of California at Berkeley found that short-term stress has a positive effect on brain activity, in particular on concentration and cognitive abilities. The experiments were carried out on rodents.

First, laboratory rats were subjected to severe short-term stress. It turned out that after that, the formation of stem cells in rodents doubled.

Subsequently, these cells turned into new neurons. After conducting tests two weeks later, the scientists found that the experimental rats had improved intelligence and memory, as well as increased mental activity.

Scientists suggest that it is this mechanism of reaction to short-term severe stress that allows animals to adapt to changing living conditions and survive, however, they focus on the fact that chronic stress leads to the opposite results: neuronal production is reduced, which leads to memory impairment, as well as the risk of developing serious diseases.