There are so many guys on the street that you can’t count them: tall, short, bald, hairy, with crooked teeth, in stupid jackets, over-fitted jeans. But you won’t find normal people with fire during the day and it infuriates. Did you recognize yourself? Then this article is for you.

how to find a boyfriendhow to find a boyfriend

Why can’t you find a normal guy, even though you try very, very hard? Let’s figure it out.

Not looking there

Do you want to find a normal guy, but on your way there are not beautiful princes, but all sorts of rednecks? Perhaps you should change your search location.

It is impossible to find an intellectual at the reception, a bully biker at an art exhibition, and a completely bald man at a barbershop. Of course, there are exceptions, but they only confirm the rule.

This problem can be solved by changing the place of search, as well as changing the circle of communication. Think about where the guy of your dreams can hang out and go there.

can't find a boyfriendcan't find a boyfriend

You don’t give a chance

You meet a guy and immediately push him away, saying: “No, this is not mine.” And you don’t give a single chance. But what if you try to look closely and let the person open up?

Sometimes great relationships can come out of it.

Not ready for a relationship

If everyone around is happy together, and you are happy separately, you should not get upset and rush in search of anyone. Sometimes at certain life stages it is important for us to be alone, because one does not mean lonely.

Remember the interview with Emma Watson, in which she told what self-partnered is.

You are too complex

In order for others to love you, you must love yourself. This wisdom is the main secret of human popularity and attractiveness. Because of some kind of mysticism, confident people who love themselves are liked by others much more than stiff and insecure people.

Usually people are too fixated on themselves to notice other people’s shortcomings, so you don’t have to worry about your own.

how to find a boyfriendhow to find a boyfriend

you repress

In a series about your life, you are the main villain. You are sarcastic, witty and extremely smart, but the male ego, we remind you, is damn fragile. Even a soap bubble is stronger than male self-esteem. If a man notices that someone is smarter than him, the unfortunate ego is torn to shreds and that’s it – only the heels sparkle in the distance.

Try not to turn the first date into putting down a potential boyfriend, and you might even end up with a second date. Or read The Art of War and develop a relationship strategy.

You are too amazing

You look perfect, always cheerful and stylish, you have a great career and amazing taste in music. But we remind you: the male ego is fragile and unhappy, it can be broken with a sneeze.

If you are tired of being admired from afar, afraid to come closer, you should try to become a little more down to earth.

You can’t stand shortcomings

Vasya is good, but he has a stupid laugh. Petya is beautiful like Apollo, but his haircut is just disgusting. And it’s better to keep silent about Vadim, because his habit of pouring cereal into milk is reprehensible.

If, for any shortcoming, even the smallest, your inner voice yells “Drive him, mock him!”, You should try to slow down.

And it could also be a man: your fairy-tale handsome prince has simply not been born yet and you just have to wait a bit 🙂