At one point, your relationship with social networks becomes strained and somehow unpleasant, and it has become completely unbearable to enter the news feed? It’s time to clean up your friends list.

who to remove from friendswho to remove from friends

What to do if from visiting social networks your life becomes dull and gloomy, and you yourself are as sad as possible? Why is this happening? How to identify candidates for elimination from your list of friends and subscriptions? We’ll tell you the details!

Why you need to get rid of toxic subscriptions

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social networks influence us, albeit in subtle ways. Social media can even cause depression and intense self-loathing. Is it worth saying that sometimes it is necessary to reduce their harmful influence?

Numerous studies conducted by psychologists have proven that active users of social networks are more likely to suffer from depression, self-esteem disorders and addictions. People who are predisposed to this are especially vulnerable: for them, toxic social networks exacerbate their existing inclinations and act destructively.

All this happens because people often embellish their lives in order to look good in the eyes of those who appear in it only as a follower on Instagram. Moreover, such people usually suffer themselves, since their real and virtual lives differ categorically. In normal people, this usually causes a sharp decrease in self-esteem, because we do not see the full picture of other people’s lives, but our own in all the unsightly details.

toxic social mediatoxic social media

Signs that social media is killing you:

  • low self-esteem;
  • Bad mood;
  • irritability;
  • decreased interest in past activities;
  • social isolation.

The main “wake-up call” is that social networks have ceased to bring you pleasure and have become a routine that weighs you down. If you notice that you go to social networks for no reason, check every day the pages of those who you don’t like, get angry or even cry – this means that social networks have a bad effect on you and spoil your mood, as well as your psyche.

If you feel all this for more than two weeks, be sure to pay attention to social networks, subscriptions to them, and also to your friends list.

Toxic subscriptions are one such problem that can be solved fairly quickly and even with little bloodshed. You just need to identify them and unsubscribe, as well as unfriend them in some cases.

How to understand who should be unfriended

There are many friends and subscriptions, but you are alone and you have one brain. So the thought of clearing the news feed of unpleasant personalities and those who humiliate you with their mere presence will seem absolutely stupid at first. We will help you sort out this issue.

toxic social mediatoxic social media

Are you constantly following this person?

Everyone has a girlfriend with a perfect life: she has a beautiful apartment, a perfect breakfast, a wonderful boyfriend, wonderful pets and lovely dresses. And compared to her photos, colorful and cute, our life is more like overcooked oatmeal with lumps. If you constantly follow the “ideal girlfriend” and your stomach is already twisting from the inferiority of your life, and you yourself cannot help but compare the two of you, it’s better to remove it altogether. Or at least unsubscribe from updates if it doesn’t work for objective reasons.

You are jealous

If you go to social networks to monitor who has what’s new and you are waiting for a terrible misfortune to fall on the heads of all these lucky ones, it is best to simply delete all of them from friends or hide them from the news feed.

former, new, old

Oh, that’s a whole other story about ruthless jealousy. We monitor the pages of ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends of ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends of current boyfriends, new girls of ex-boyfriends … continue? We think not. Do not try to maintain “friendly” relationships that weigh on you, but get rid of them.

You post to annoy

“Wow, I’ll break off all the raspberries for this Zoya,” you think and start preparing a post focused on only one person. Believe me, everyone knows about your little theater of one actor and one spectator, and it looks extremely stupid. This also includes attempts to make the ex jealous and regret that he left you. We just see how he, having seen your nails on Instagram or a selfie with a new boyfriend in a story, rushes to you at full speed to sprinkle ashes on his head and repent of all his sins.

You are being cyberbullied

If a person constantly writes “like witty” comments under each of your posts, tries in every way to hurt or just show that he is much better than you – this is not stupidity or your fault. You are dealing with a cyberbully, and moreover, this person writes nasty things simply because he cannot express them to his face.

Unnecessary past

If you haven’t communicated with an old school girlfriend for a hundred years, with whom, moreover, not the most pleasant moments, memories are connected, or you have quarreled for a long time, you just need to break off relations with her even offline. Bad memories have no place in your life.

Someone posting to piss you off

It’s just the finish line. Why do you even keep such a person as a friend? You just take it and delete it, and at the same time put it on the black list so that it would be disrespectful for you to go and see what they wrote there.

Delete, block and unsubscribe – it’s not shameful!

If social networks continue to ruin your life, just make sure that you can’t get to them: delete applications, delete from bookmarks in your browser and find something to do in real life. It is even more interesting than news feeds.