The most harmless phrases in your opinion can deeply hurt your man and even lead to divorce. Forget them forever! The problem is that men and women perceive information differently. Read and draw your own conclusions!

5 phrases that will lead to divorce5 phrases that will lead to divorce

Well, what’s wrong with the words “Okay, I’d better do it myself” or “Be a man!”? But they encroach on the self-respect of a man, and he cannot stand it! American psychologist Anne Crowley claims that in families where the wife often repeats the following 5 phrases, the probability of divorce after 2 years is 67%. Make an effort and never repeat them again – and happiness in your family will not be disturbed!

1. “Okay, I’d better do it myself”

what not to say to your husbandwhat not to say to your husband

Six months ago, you asked to hang a shelf or fix a faucet and still see no results? Well, you have two options: either remind you a couple more times, or … really resolve the issue yourself, but without informing your partner about it. Are you afraid he will notice? Do not worry: most men are distinguished by an enviable inattention regarding everything related to domestic life. And for those few who are not indifferent to comfort, the shelves have long been nailed down and the taps do not flow.

Even if your partner forgot to comply with your request several times, let him save face, don’t say: “Okay, I’d better do it myself,” says Ann Crowley, a family psychologist from Austin. – It’s a terrible phrase. For a man, it means that you do not think that he is capable of doing anything at all, and you do not need him.

2. “I could have guessed myself …”

female phrases destroying relationshipsfemale phrases destroying relationships

No, it couldn’t – the representatives of the stronger sex are arranged in such a way that they don’t understand hints, they don’t know how to guess, and all our “inspirations” only annoy them. Just tell him directly what you want from him. But there is good news: men remember well the cases when their beloved was enthusiastic about their initiative. So if you want pleasant surprises to be present in your life from time to time, say more often: “Thank you, I have always dreamed of this, you are so sensitive and attentive!”

3. “We need to talk”

top 5 dangerous female phrasestop 5 dangerous female phrases

Oh, it’s terrible! No other words are capable of instilling so much horror in the heart of a man as this harmless, at first glance, phrase. You yourself understand that saying this, you are not going to confess your love to him or discuss the prospects of our team at the World Cup? This is a harbinger of a long serious conversation, complaints and criticism. And you know what he will do sooner or later? That’s right – run away …

4. “Be a man!”

dangerous female phrasesdangerous female phrases

This is a direct insult: every man considers himself such, and your doubt that he belongs to the great tribe of earners and protectors means (in his opinion) that you do not love him. And even despise. And with such a woman, few men want to stay.

5. “Clean up after yourself. I’m not your mommy!”

what not to say to your husbandwhat not to say to your husband

If you repeat this every day, perhaps he will really remember how kind, affectionate and understanding his mother was, and how good he was with her. Or at least WITHOUT you… So get creative and come up with a more subtle and effective way to get your loved one interested in putting things in their place or in the basket. But with pleasure, support your beloved in the most, in your opinion, funny and childish undertakings: this will give him subconscious confidence in your love and care.

Men remain boys until old age, while girls already in childhood have the habits of mothers of families, Ann Crowley emphasizes. – So that you do not have the feeling that you and your partner are dispersing like ships in the sea, try to show spontaneity in behavior more often. And return to childhood together: nothing brings you closer together than a joint immersion in carelessness!

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