Each couple has its own rules and clear boundaries. Constantly burned by painful betrayals, some prefer to negotiate near the shore and choose an open relationship. What does this type of relationship imply and for whom it is definitely not suitable – find out in the article.

open relationshipopen relationship

What is an “open relationship”?

An open relationship is a type of relationship in a couple in which both partners can go beyond what is permitted, from the point of view of the most ordinary couple. For example, they can go on dates with other people, kiss and even sleep with them. Simply put, in this situation, you can have a lover and not hide him from your husband. Some even introduce spouses to their “hobby”.

But sex is not a prerequisite for an “open relationship.” There are a number of rules that a couple can also set:

  • only flirting is allowed;
  • you can kiss, but sex is forbidden;
  • sex is allowed, but you cannot bring anyone into the marital home;
  • you can not spend more than one night with a new partner;
  • you can not talk at home about your connections;
  • not having sex with others without protection;
  • only one type of sex is allowed (for example, oral);
  • be sure to share all the details of dates;
  • and much more.

All these frameworks are clearly spoken out and accepted by the two partners in the same way. If you are allowed to go on dates, then two, and not just a man. So if your chosen one insists on “freedom of action” only for himself – perhaps this is a good manipulation on his part. And what is very convenient: he can “walk” with other girls, knowing that you will not go anywhere, and you will devote time only to him.

open relationship isopen relationship is

Why do couples come to an “open relationship”?

Every relationship goes through a crisis. About those who managed to survive his outbreaks, they say “they lived happily ever after and died on the same day”, while others part. But before such an important decision as “leaving”, any woman will try to correct the state of affairs. The most win-win option is to bring something fresh into the relationship. If some find new places to spend time together or experiment in bed, then others give each other a break, a break from each other. Being in the company of other people, you can understand what your soulmate means to you and make the right decision to get out of the crisis.

However, it is important to understand that “open relationships” is not a lifestyle, but just one of its stages. And any stages in our life tend to end. Do not delay with this, otherwise the relationship that you so dreamed of saving will drown forever.

open relationshipopen relationship

For whom is “open relationship” not an option?

It is worth noting that this type of relationship is not suitable for every couple. You should not even try to introduce such innovations if you and your partner are very jealous. An open relationship should completely exclude such moments, because the insults and speculations of each of you can play a cruel joke and become an occasion for eternal scandals.

Also, there is no need to experiment if neither you nor your partner see something useful for yourself in such an experience. It may be enough for you to just talk to each other or choose another way to diversify the relationship. This could be a trip to another city or even a country, learning a new hobby together (like pottery, playing the guitar, painting) or going to an adult store together.

Cons of “open relationship”

Remember that in an “open relationship” you will no longer be the only one with your man, which means there will be less attention to you. In addition, there is a risk that he will fall in love with another. If the initiative to introduce such a relationship comes from your chosen one, you are not obliged to agree. Perhaps he already has someone in mind and he wants to get close to this person without remorse. In any case, “open relationships” begin after you have agreed on everything, and not after someone’s betrayal.

When choosing an open relationship, be prepared to face criticism from family and friends who will dissuade you. If you and your partner are comfortable living without obligations, do not listen to anyone and live for your own pleasure. After all, relationships should bring ease and happiness, which are achieved differently for everyone.