Divorced men can be even those “nuts”. Before starting a serious or any kind of relationship with such individuals, you need to think several times and take a closer look at your lover.

divorced mendivorced men

Men who have been married look at the world and relationships in a very different way than those who have never been married. After a divorce, they have their own impression of marriage, not always good, and most importantly, now they treat serious relationships in a completely different way. In this article we will talk about men who should be feared. About those whose divorce affected too many things.


Waif, as strange as it may sound, was lost. He lost his life orientation due to the fact that his established life has changed dramatically, turned upside down, as a result of which the man cannot adapt to the new reality. The Lost is trying in every possible way to regain what he has lost, so he considers options only for a serious relationship. And it may be that he does not even guess what kind of woman he needs, he just needs a lost life.

You should say goodbye to such a man if you don’t want a serious relationship, because nothing will come of it.


The returnees greatly miss their ex-wives and regret the breakup, and at the same time strongly. They make the former the meaning of life, they want to return and suffer greatly when this cannot be done.

Returnees cannot build normal relationships until they let go of the divorce situation.

A relationship with a returnee is a bad comedy, because while you are trying to build something and put an emotional resource into it, it destroys everything, nostalgic and whining. At the same time, the ominous ghost of his ex looms over the two of you, who may well enjoy the love of a man or deliberately spoil everything according to the principle “I won’t give it to myself and I won’t give it to another.”

If you love it when your man runs off to screw in the light bulbs in the house of the former, cancels meetings for her and constantly talks about her – choose a returnee. But it’s best to just blacklist it and never see it again.

divorced mandivorced man

free eagle

Free eagles are too busy with fun and free life, they hang out and have fun, get to know each other and change relationships. They do not want a serious relationship, marriage and do not want to burden themselves again. Free eagles will not make a nest with you if it is formalized. Moreover, for free eagles, women are often just a way to have a good time, while the only one who has a good time is the proud bird itself.

You can’t rely on them, just as you can’t be better than them and more successful in at least something. Free eagles do not like those who overshadow them, so if you are successful, confident and beautiful, and this bird is hovering around, you should think about self-esteem: the eagle is majestic, but in reality it easily turns out to be a blown glass cockerel.

A misogynist

“Don’t be a hater, dear”

No one is worthy of his love, because all women are witches and bloodsuckers who pull juices, money, emotions and everything else from him. The misogynist considers himself the victim of an unsuccessful marriage, his ex is a monster, and he himself is the unfortunate victim of an insidious woman. Why should it be avoided? Because you get tired of proving to him that you are not like that, remaking yourself to please the misogynist and listening to tirades about how all the women are witches. At the same time, the misogynist often does not think that if everything around him smells of feces, it may turn out that he is in his pants.

Better to let the misogynist hate women, but somewhere on the other side of the world, away from you and your psyche.

relationship with a divorceerelationship with a divorcee


In a box of pencils is a baby with big ears. Babies need a mommy who will love them, care for them, care for them and cherish them. Divorce usually happens if a woman stops spinning around the baby and taking care of him only. Such a man is ready to be in a relationship only with his mother, and he needs you as her substitute.

Do you want to be a babysitter for an overage boy? Hardly.

Choose wisely and don’t be fooled by what men say. It’s better to just watch: their behavior betrays them with their heads!

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