The appearance of seizures can indicate diseases of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, as well as a deficiency of trace elements. This was told by the therapist Tatyana Romanenko, reports 24.

According to the specialist, when a cramp affects several muscle groups at once, this indicates damage to nerve cells.

Local cramps, which involve only a single muscle, are usually associated with local problems in the body. For example, such a phenomenon can occur with metabolic disorders, infections (tetanus or rabies), intoxication, and even sometimes with diabetes.

“Convulsions can also provoke a violation in the cardiovascular system. For example, a violation of the conduction of the heart, in particular AV blockade. A decrease in pressure can also lead to a cramp, ”Romanenko added.

In addition, the symptom may appear with a decrease in the level of calcium and magnesium in the blood, as well as with an increase in the level of potassium. Renal or liver failure is also sometimes accompanied by convulsions. There are also cases when involuntary muscle contractions occur with an overdose of certain painkillers and drugs for diseases of the nervous system.

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