Industrial ecologist, employee of the Research Center for Structural Ceramic Nanomaterials, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Valentin Romanovsky spoke about hazardous substances that may be contained in water. It is reported by

The expert stressed that it is possible to test water for the content of such elements in specialized laboratories, while the list of substances can vary markedly depending on the area.

So, Romanovsky recommended that city residents periodically check the level of iron and chlorine contained in the water. At the same time, people living in rural areas should pay attention to nitrates, which can enter the water after fertilizing the soil.

“If the water hardness indicators exceed the norm, it is enough to boil the water. In general, in cities, a teapot filter with a replaceable cartridge is enough for home cleaning,” he stressed.

The ecologist also clarified that it is not worth buying expensive filters that deionize water, since complete purification can only negatively affect its beneficial properties.

Earlier, residents of the Tomsk region turned to Rosprirodnadzor because of the Tom River, the water in which began to resemble viscous fuel oil. According to known data, the amount of oil products in some places is exceeded by 286 times.