Lack of sleep can lead to depression, cardiovascular disease, and lower immunity. It is reported by 24 with reference to the general practitioner Alexei Khukhreva.

He noted that in sleep, many physiological processes are much more intense than during wakefulness. In addition, certain hormones are produced during deep sleep. For example, growth hormone somatotropin, the therapist specified. At the same time, sleep nullifies the negative accumulated during the day.

“In a dream, we must relieve muscle tension, relax,” Khukhrev said.

Violation of the duration of sleep and its depth leads to the fact that a person does not get enough sleep and feels unrested, the therapist explained. Lack of sleep can also cause anxiety, an increase in the frequency of depression and anxiety-depressive disorders.

Lack of sleep in well-fed people increases the risk of stroke due to intermittent sleep, nocturnal awakenings and lack of sleep depth, the expert concluded.

Earlier, nutritionist Jolanta Langauer said that eating foods rich in proteins and fats for breakfast will help to avoid overeating after a lack of sleep.