Someone else’s soul is dark, but we will try to give you a flashlight in your hands, which will help you figure out what might be on the mind of the guy you are dating. And most importantly – we will tell you about the main signs that something is wrong with him.

What could be “wrong”? Yes, whatever: the guy you start dating may turn out to be dishonest to you or, in the worst case, a real sociopath. How to understand that something is wrong with a guy? We will tell in our new article.

“I am not angry”

You constantly feel guilty, shrink and be careful not to upset this tender and touchy mimosa, God forbid. In the end, he is offended, diligently showing this with his appearance, but answers the questions “I am not angry”, while making a face of offended innocence.

Dating a passive aggressor is a sure path to getting a nervous breakdown, because he will always be unhappy and will always bully you.

Sweet Talking Devil

This guy surrounds you with compliments: you are the best for him, the most beautiful, the smartest. He has exactly the same interests as you. He even loves those stupid Baby Yoda memes. This guy gives you likes, comments on your every picture, and even when you’re specifically stupid, he still thinks you’re a genius.

There are three options: he agrees with you out of a desire to please or because of a desire to manipulate, or – the guy is infinitely in love with you. It’s worth taking a closer look at it.


If your boyfriend did something nasty and doesn’t even repent of it, you should think about it. He can humiliate, offend others, shamelessly lie or use, and not even be ashamed of it.

Think about it: if he is toxic to others, will he switch to you?


Either he adores you and wants to spend all his free time with you, or he ignores your existence for a week. This cannot be called normal.

Think about his behavior, because it is likely that this guy just got himself someone on the side. Or “on the side” just got you started.

He has no one but you

He has no friends, classmates, people from the past, and you don’t even know anything about his family. If you feel like your boyfriend is just a new character in The Sims who was created and put together with you on purpose, take a deep breath.

Most likely, he hides them from you and you from them.


He does not have social networks or accounts are empty and seem fake.

It is likely that your lover has an account somewhere in social networks, in which his whole life. It’s just that he doesn’t quite want to devote you to his life.


He shows active aggression towards you or others. You don’t even need to think: just run away from such a type.

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And what signs of not the most normal guy do you know? Tell me in the comments.

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