Male betrayal is pain and resentment for any woman. Despite this, men cheat, someone once in a lifetime, and someone every day. I will share some typical signs that I have traced over 20 years of working with married couples.

husband is cheatinghusband is cheating

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Husband cheated 1 time

As a rule, in such cases, a man is tired of family life, everyday life. I want new sensations. When meeting with friends or at a corporate party, he can sleep with another woman under the influence of alcohol. However, later he will feel guilty for his act. He loves his wife, does not want to destroy the marriage because of a fleeting mistake, which the wife can interpret as a good reason for divorce.

Signs of male infidelity:

  • will give gifts, pay more attention to his wife, help around the house, etc.
  • if a wife talks to a cheating husband, looking him straight in the eye, he will definitely look away from her.
  • the first time after the betrayal, he will shudder at every call.
he is cheatinghe is cheating

Husband cheats from time to time

If a man does not have sex with his wife for a long time, he will look for him on the side. This does not mean at all that he does not love his wife and for this reason is cheating on her. No. Most likely, he knocked on the closed door many times, and at some point he got tired of it. And he found solace in the bed of other women. He leads a double life, being both an exemplary family man and an alpha male.

Signs of cheating husband:

  • delays at work
  • frequent meetings with friends in entertainment venues
  • the man began to take care of his appearance more
  • increased financial spending
  • phone, social networks under passwords
  • you can find condoms in your bag/pockets
  • venereal disease donated by her husband’s mistresses
signs of male infidelitysigns of male infidelity

Husband cheats all the time

This case is much more serious than the two above. At first, a man will be able to diligently hide relationships on the side, but after a while, seeing that he manages to lead a double life, he will relax and there will be plenty of signs.

Signs of his betrayal:

  • became nervous and irritable, can throw a scandal and leave home (pretending that this is because of a quarrel)
  • began to go on “long business trips” more often
  • acquaintances often say that they saw him with a woman
  • does not part with the phone, goes to another room when calling
  • does not show initiative in bed with his wife, became indifferent
  • some of my husband’s things are missing at home
  • isolation, unwillingness to share news from work
  • Husband doesn’t care about family holidays
  • took off his wedding ring
  • hair on clothes, scratches on the back, the smell of women’s perfume

The main thing is not to sound the alarm ahead of time. One sign from the above list is not enough, which proves it. There are different situations in life. However, if several signs coincide, it is worth considering.