Social media and online dating have a huge impact on our relationships. They set their own adjustments and even whole trends. So, for example, recently the Internet gave us the term “meganmarkling” – when a person radically leaves a toxic environment.


Well, in a new article we will talk about what catfishing is, and why such an attitude is reprehensible.

What is catfishing, how to understand that you are its victim, and how to protect yourself from catfishing – read about all this below.

What is catfishing

Social networks allow us to create a variety of identities. On Instagram, a person can show himself as a lover of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics with clothes that does not eat meat, but in reality – gobbling up fried chicken in mass-market clothes made in Bangladesh. Or tell the interlocutors completely different stories in which it appears from different sides.

Catfishing or whale fishing is a new online dating trend, a kind of deception, when a person creates a completely unreal person in social networks to communicate with other people online.

Why do people do it:

  • to have fun (in order to get the attention of strangers, to have fun on a boring evening or to troll others);
  • to talk to at least someone (if a person is lonely, ashamed of himself);
  • to cheat.

Catfishing is now very popular, regardless of what it is used for. Catfisher, the person who does this, can be such a talented liar that it is very difficult to recognize him until it is too late: the fish will fall for the bait.

Regardless of the type, catfishing is harmful. This is not a hobby, but an obsession that can become very dangerous for both the victim and the fisherman.

How to understand that you are being catfished

It is very difficult to calculate the deceiver, because they are all different from each other. But there are common features that unite catfishers and give them away with giblets.

Signs of catfishing:

  • relationships develop too quickly;
  • only text messages: it does not record voice messages, does not go to video calls, does not call;
  • one cool story after another is a sign of inventing such stories;
  • Prince Charming – he is too perfect in everything;
  • it is not in other social networks;
  • he asks for help, in particular – material;
  • you rarely communicate, he often disappears.

How to protect yourself from a catfisher

So, what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of catfishing? There is a pretty clear plan of action and recommendations for keeping your space away from toxic people:

  • do not register on dating sites through Facebook or main mail, do not indicate your accounts on dating sites, in applications;
  • do not share personal and confidential information: phone number, address or bank card number;
  • check: look for his pictures through Google Pictures;
  • take you to a personal meeting;
  • protect your data, do not share too personal on social media pages.

You can protect yourself from catfishing only if you behave carefully. As the saying goes, trust but verify.

Photo: Unsplash