Signs of falling in love are a delicate and complex matter, it happens differently for everyone, but still there are common points that are definitely manifested in all who are deeply in love.

signs of falling in lovesigns of falling in love

So, how do you know that you’re head over heels in love with him? Notice the signs!

1. You don’t think about your ex.

If you have stopped thinking about your exes and how they are jerks, and are busy with your life and your affairs, and especially with communication with a new sweetheart, this is a sure sign that your relationship is developing very well.

2. You hug a lot.

Psychologists will confirm: hugs are a sure sign of emotional attachment. Hugs give a sense of security, security, and they mean that you trust the person. If you can lie in bed all evening just cuddling, consider that a good sign. Not only are you in love with him, but he is in love with you.

3. You don’t wait for him to write

In the early stages of a relationship, you counted the minutes when he would write to you, checking messages over and over again, but over time you stopped doing this. Here it is important to pay attention to feelings:

  • if you don’t care if he writes, it’s not love;
  • if you are sure that he will write to you – this is love.
signs of falling in lovesigns of falling in love

4. You are not afraid of being hurt

A sign of a strong love is that you have ceased to be afraid that he might have affairs on the side or hurt your feelings. On the one hand, this is good, because you trust the person so much, but on the other hand, you should be a little more careful in matters of trust if you have known each other recently.

5. If your ex is trying to get back, you don’t care.

Exes are strange creatures that can suddenly decide to come back into your life. If your ex tries to do it and you don’t care and it doesn’t bring up any memories or thoughts at all, that’s a sure sign that you’re in love with your partner.

6. Literally everything reminds you of him.

You constantly remember your walks when you walk around the city by yourself. Or, calling a taxi, you remember how you returned in the same car from a date. The list is endless.

7. You don’t need a compatibility chart

If he is a Sagittarius, and you are a Capricorn, and you are not at all worried about the romantic compatibility of Sagittarius, this is a sure sign of falling in love. Especially if you believe in horoscopes and check them every day.

8. You are insanely easy

When you’re in love, a relationship doesn’t feel like a complicated maneuver, but an easy adventure. If you don’t have to plan your dates around some fun stuff because you’re having fun together anyway, consider the relationship moving in the right direction.

9. You really miss him

If you realize that you really miss him, and not just bored, you should think about the fact that, most likely, you have a crush on him.

how to understand that you are in lovehow to understand that you are in love

10. You talk about things you will do next.

You do not make any joint plans, but you have already accumulated a lot of ideas where to go and go together, what to do together, or even have a common list of films to watch. If this is the case, and it doesn’t bother you, then you are most likely in love.

11. You are comfortable giving in.

If you are inferior in something, and at the same time you are really comfortable, this is a sure sign of falling in love with a guy.

12. You feel comfortable around him.

You are not afraid to seem funny, stupid, or something different. A sure sign of falling in love is that you can come to a meeting without makeup or with some kind of creative make-up. If you are not afraid to show him your hobbies or something secret, you let him listen to your playlist, which mixes Valerochka Meladze, Lana Del Rey and Metallica – this is love.

13. With him, even boring things are fun

Going to the market for potatoes or cleaning are not fun things, and only a true connoisseur can enjoy them to the fullest. But if boring activities next to him seem fun, or at least less depressing, consider that this is really falling in love.

What signs of love do you identify in yourself? Share in the comments!