Beloved tried hard, really. I wanted to please and surprise you (only the second succeeded). When you open the box, you realize that you have received the typical Not That again. How to teach a man to choose gifts correctly?

man gifts March 8man gifts March 8

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you suspect that your loved one will give something wrong again? Then read our article – there is still time to teach him how to choose gifts correctly. Men, with panic in their eyes, rushing about in shopping centers in search of gifts for the New Year, Valentine’s Day or March 8, have long become heroes of comedies and jokes. And when you see another present from your beloved, tears well up in your eyes … How to avoid annual disappointment and teach him to give what you like? Let’s first understand why men have it so hard. So, a man gives a gift to …

Method number 1. … just keep the tradition

It was once believed that only sweets, flowers, a book of poetry or a bottle of perfume could be accepted as a gift from a gentleman. Decency has changed a long time ago, but many givers still follow the unwritten rule “flowers – perfume – sweets.”

Psychologist Elizabeth Dun from the University of British Columbia during the experiments found that for men, gifts are bright markers of a couple’s compatibility. If you get a bad one, it means that your partner does not know you at all, and you are not suitable for each other. It is for this reason that they are so afraid of making a mistake – after all, a woman can also draw the same conclusions. So here you are, dear, another box of “Assorted”!

My husband believes that gifts should be functional, and on the last (God forbid, not the last) wedding anniversary, he handed me a bladeless fan. Marina, 28 years old

men gifts valentine's daymen gifts valentine's day

What to do? If your man lacks imagination, it’s better to say exactly what you want to get: concert tickets or a shellac lamp. If you want to keep the element of surprise, then on sites like Pinterest, you can create a 100-item wishlist. Send a link to the list to your loved one and freeze in happy anticipation.

Method number 2. …make an impression

man gifts March 8man gifts March 8

Often a man sincerely dreams of giving his woman a royal gift. In this case, wealthy noble men are guided primarily by price. And then the lucky woman may find herself the owner of a painting by some modern genius of the brush or an expensive watch. But it is still possible to survive. But gigantomania, multiplied by modest finances, gives a more depressing effect. A man so wants to give something worthwhile, like a new iPhone, that in the end he does not give anything. There is no money for an expensive gadget, and it’s a shame to waste money on trifles.

What to do? Such strategies are not very clear to women. We know perfectly well that a good gift can be made with any budget. Therefore, be sure to praise your loved one in those infrequent moments when he guessed your desires. Emphasize that only a truly wise and enterprising man can remember everything and “see people through”. Then the beloved will break into a cake, but will find out what kind of gift you are waiting for on March 8th. And don’t forget to “talk out” more often and give hints.

Method number 3. … to please you just like last time

Admit it, you did this (especially at the beginning of a relationship): you get some unnecessary nonsense as a gift, but you don’t show it. With a joyful smile, you coo: “Thank you, dear! What cool earrings!” Although in these huge rattles you feel like a soloist of a gypsy song ensemble. The deed is done – and in ten years the donated pendants would be enough for a whole camp, but it’s already somehow awkward to explain that there was a misfire that first time.

My brother at the age of five dreamed of a children’s railway. And at thirty-five he gave one to his wife. She was delighted, now they play together. Found each other! Anya, 24 years old

What to do? Cunning! Say, dear, the concept has changed, now I like small stud earrings. Yes, yes, that’s how we women are unpredictable.

Method number 4 … show your sense of humor

man gifts valentine's dayman gifts valentine's day

According to various surveys, a sense of humor consistently ranks among the top five most attractive male qualities. The only pity is that men do not always understand when to turn off the fountain of wit and turn on seriousness and / or sentimentality. Anyone who received a box of chewing gum in a box from Tiffany as a gift knows how not funny it is.

For almost a year, my boyfriend “forgot” to bring a cool thing that he allegedly bought me for the New Year.

What to do? Reconcile: it is not treated. And hope that someday your loved one will give you a diamond ring. Let alone a roll of toilet paper.

Method number 5 … show your solidity

gifts valentine's daygifts valentine's day

Well, what joy can there be from an expensive tiny bottle smelling of miserable lilies of the valley! Whether it’s a cookbook, a powerful vacuum cleaner or the coolest non-stick frying pan. Here is the thing!

I complained for a long time that romance had gone out of our lives. Therefore, on March 8, my husband gave me a crooked earthenware vase. But he promised flowers for his birthday. I really look forward to July – fortunately, there are a lot of flowers in summer. Larisa, 38 years old

What to do? Explain that a gift is not for good, but for the soul. Well, then in detail, with an indication of the stores, tell what exactly the soul requires. It is better to do it now, over the years it will only get worse.

Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland found out who is better at giving gifts: couples who met recently, or families with a solid experience of 30-40 years. The latter lost by a wide margin. Scientists explain this by the fact that with age, people increasingly believe that a partner wants the same thing as them. “I don’t have enough screwdriver, which means that my wife will be delighted that now we have such a useful thing on the farm,” they think. And in vain!

Every winter, a caring husband buys me a set of studded tires and goes to the tire shop to change the wheels himself. My car, interestingly, he also drives himself. Anna, 34 years old