Who likes the news that the boyfriend, whom so much free time has been wasted on, is dragging after every skirt she meets? Nobody.

womanizer guywomanizer guy

Being friends with a womanizer is quite good. Usually they are understanding and well versed in relationships, understand other men and willingly share advice that even works. That’s just a relationship with such a young man, nothing good will end.

How to recognize a cheater

A womanizer can be recognized very easily if you look at him carefully, without being fooled by sweet speeches and beautiful deeds. Just watch him for the first time and if you notice a set of the following signs, run.

Behavior of a typical womanizer:

  • Extremely self-confident, even when he just met and there is no reason to be so confident.
  • It seems to you that he speaks a cliché, like the protagonist of a romance novel.
  • He immediately tells everything “about himself”, creating a verbal portrait.
  • He dresses as cool and chic as possible, shows with external attributes that he is successful.
signs of a womanizersigns of a womanizer
  • There are always a lot of women and girls around him – a womanizer does not miss the opportunity to meet and have as many relationships as possible.
  • The flow of compliments is simply inexhaustible: at first it confuses, and then it disarms.
  • During the day, he is never available, because he has some kind of mythical employment around the clock, and all your meetings take place in the evening.
  • He rushes things and tries in every possible way to drag you into his bed. Usually very pushy.
  • Having received what he wanted, he beginsaboutstyle. He proceeds to search for a new “victim”, cutting off all contacts.

How to Know You’re Dating a Womanizer

What are the signs that you are dating a womanizer? There are quite a few of them, but we will highlight the main ones:

  • He does not miss the opportunity to flirt and flirt with other women. He does not see anything wrong in this, even if everything happens in front of you.
  • He pours mud on his ex in all colors. She is a monster, an abusive and toxic woman who caused a poor boy mental trauma. This is necessary in order to pity you and so that you strive in every possible way to show that you are not like her.
  • He is constantly talking to someone on social networks, even when you have a date and even when he has a day off. Of course, there is a job where a person really needs to be in touch all the time, but if your boyfriend is sitting in the office from eight to five, it is worth drawing conclusions.
how to teach a womanizer a lessonhow to teach a womanizer a lesson
  • He is a speaker and sweet-talking devil, bestows the best compliments that look somehow very hackneyed. He may turn out to be either a creep or a womanizer with whom you lose your guard.
  • Beautiful grooming. He is very romantic, caring and… obsessively caring. You look at such a guy with unloving eyes, and the thought immediately creeps in that an unpleasant one stuck in front of you. But when you’re in love with him, you don’t notice it.
  • He suddenly disappears and just as suddenly appears. This is called paperclipping and is necessary so that you do not “slipped” out of his pens.

If you notice that your boyfriend is a womanizer, you should draw the appropriate conclusions and not rely on him too much. Usually such guys are good lovers, but they are very bad at handling responsibility and serious relationships.