The first date is not always accompanied and ends with romance. Sometimes it turns into a real horror, from which you want to wake up as soon as possible. How beautiful is it to slip away from a bad date? We’ll tell you right now.

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The first date is always stressful. You’re getting ready, picking out an outfit, thinking about how to impress. You arrive – at the meeting place is far from the man you imagined.

Many girls are embarrassed to leave a date, not wanting to offend their companion. However, if you are really unable to tolerate the interlocutor, and communication with him does not bring pleasure, then it will not become easier from pretense.

It is better to leave on time than to give hope and reproach yourself for the hours spent.

It is not necessary to say goodbye rudely or promise new meetings. You can honestly and openly say that you are not suitable for each other, and then leave. If straightforwardness is alien to you, five clever tricks will come in handy.

Bad dateBad date

1. Deadline is the best solution

Set a time for your meeting. Say that you only have an hour or a couple of hours to communicate, and therefore you need to go on business: to your mother, girlfriend, work, etc.

Setting a time frame at the start of a meeting is fine. During this time, you will be able to better consider and get to know the interlocutor, and suddenly you will like him. Then you can agree on a second date and there already talk longer.

How to run away from a dateHow to run away from a date

2. Rescue bell

If you don’t like the young man and there is no communication, there are no common topics and you want to leave as soon as possible, ask for friendly help. Write to a close friend or friend to be called during the meeting and picked up.

In this case, the call should not arouse suspicion. It is better if they call you some time after you wrote the message. Then come up with a suitable excuse and move your feet.

3. Headache

Women are rightfully considered one of the most cunning creatures on the planet. Do you want to get away from the cavalier? Show bad health! Make a languid look, complain about a headache, a temperature. As Svetlana Loboda sang: “It’s time to go home!”.

If the guy tries to trick you or offers to take you home, and you don’t want this at all, then say that there is someone to take care of you (these can be relatives, friends, etc.).

4. The production of “I have to go”

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. On a date in a cafe or restaurant, a phone call may not save, so you should come up with something tricky. Ask a friend for help.

Write to someone to come and pick you up under any valid pretext. Moreover, this must be done quickly so that the gentleman does not have time to understand what is happening and protest.

5. Operation Clutch

You can quickly and effectively escape from a date with the help of an “accident” with clothes. Pretend to be a slob and allegedly accidentally knock coffee, juice, wine or any other drink on yourself.

In general, cover yourself with anything, because of which you have to go home. Apologize and say you can’t continue the date like this. Leave.

Boy and girl Boy and girl

Of course, it’s best to avoid bad dates. However, life is unpredictable, so sometimes it is necessary to take risks and look for loopholes. We are sure that these life hacks will be useful not only in your personal life.

Have you had to run away from the “terrible gentlemen”? Share your stories in the comments.