Breaking up is a difficult step in the life of every person, especially a girl. Yes, breakups are not easy for us. Some even become depressed. However, if you do everything right, you can become happier.

How to break up with a guyHow to break up with a guy

Why break up with a guy? At least to maintain dignity and honor. As a maximum, protect emotional health and peace of mind.

Breaking up with a guy is always stressful. It is very difficult to let go of a person when he leaves you, and even more difficult to leave yourself. We are angry, sad, worried and obsessed with this event.

Breaking up with boyfriendBreaking up with boyfriend

Breakups are big things. It always seems to give more than it takes.

As a result, communication with a person breaks off and it becomes more difficult to accept separation, because over time the bad is forgotten, but the good remains in the memory. And now you already regret the breakup, and he probably won’t want to communicate again, because you broke up badly. How to break up with a guy who has become unkind? We have put together a few life hacks for this occasion!

The earlier the better

Don’t drag out the breakup. It won’t get any easier. If the relationship went downhill, then it ends! Do not build illusions and do not try to pull everything on yourself. There must be reciprocity.

If you feel bad next to your loved one, and everything possible to fix it has been done, leave without regrets. Relationships in which one of the partners feels unhappy are doomed. In order to change the situation and breathe life again, be brave and act!

Relationships and loveRelationships and love

Losing a man is not the worst thing. The worst thing is to lose yourself because of him.

The main thing is honesty

Do not rush to scream and blame your beloved for all the troubles, and even more so yourself. If everything goes wrong in a relationship, both are often to blame. It doesn’t even matter who initiated the breakup. Probably, the feelings have changed in both. Just not everyone has the courage to admit it. Just be honest and be honest about what led you to decide to break up.

New relationship is not the solution

They say they knock out a wedge with a wedge. But after parting, it is better to be alone with your “I” for some time. You need to accept and survive the fact of the breakup. Yes, a new novel may seem like something interesting and even bring vivid emotions and passion. However, over time, they fade away, and hidden feelings about the former will take over, and you will again suffer and think about how to break up with the guy.

How to break up with a guyHow to break up with a guy

Once we leave our loved ones, so that later we can mentally return to them all our lives …

So in this case, it is better to find yourself a new hobby or go out with friends more often.

let me speak

One position is good, but two is even better. Give your partner the opportunity to speak, to explain their position. A heart-to-heart conversation can even help save a relationship. Don’t ask for an explanation yourself. If he has nothing to say, you probably made the right decision to leave.

It happens sometimes that life separates two people – just to show both how important they are to each other.

Put yourself in the shoes of a partner

If you don’t know how to painlessly leave a guy, try to put yourself in his place. Think about how you would like to be separated from you. Choose the right words and be honest.

Without scandals and quarrels

Only those who can’t speak scream. Whoever initiated the breakup, it is important to remember that screaming and accusations will not help the cause. Trying to get your point across or just get rid of anger will only make things worse for yourself. Nerve cells do not regenerate. So try to control yourself so he knows what he’s missing.

Ways to break up with a guyWays to break up with a guy

Yes, breakups are painful. However, pain has an evolutionary purpose. It carries information from our environment that our behavior can harm us.

Think about yourself

Breaking up with a guy is twice as difficult for girls. Many begin to blame themselves and torment thoughts about the past. This is strictly prohibited. People meet and diverge – this is an integral process. Remember the good times, be grateful for them, and move on with your life. Even if you are begged to stay, remember that you made the decision to leave the guy for a reason. There were reasons.

How to stay friends

Perhaps many people ask themselves this question. If you broke up in an environmentally friendly way – without unnecessary quarrels, reproaches and misunderstandings – the probability of remaining in a friendly relationship is high. But this does not mean that after the breakup, you immediately run to drink coffee and complain to each other about life.

It will take time before it becomes clear whether either of you wants to stay in the other’s life. In general, the percentage of such “friends” is very small. Most often these are people who have one social circle, or they simultaneously realized that their relationship has exhausted itself.

Friendship after a breakupFriendship after a breakup

Relationships between men and women are very hard work. We all have different characters and temperaments, and thinking in general. Sometimes, girls are too frank, emotional and receptive, while men are reserved and closed. However, nothing stands in the way of mutual love.