The Tinder dating app is a handy way to quickly find the guy you want to go on a date with and just as quickly go to a meeting. It sounds perfect, but there is one caveat that is worth considering.


Not all Tinder dates can go equally well. How to identify an inadequate guy with whom a date definitely won’t work?

The first rule of a normal date is to chat before him in correspondence and take a good look at the young man, at least superficially. Already by preliminary communication, you can catch the so-called “alarm bells” that will make you think about the need to continue your acquaintance on a date.

Sign 1. You do not like him intuitively

You just saw his photo, and already some kind of hostility appeared, dissatisfaction: you don’t like the expression on his face, and the photo from the gym is also somehow not very good, and he rewrites extremely unpleasantly, as if they drive on glass with foam plastic.

You need to listen to your intuition: if you don’t like the guy right away, it’s unlikely that your date will go well.

Sign 2. He has only one photo and the face is not visible on that one

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This is not at all coquetry or shyness, but the first and main call, indicating that it is better not to arrange a date with this young man. Firstly, it may not be as pleasant in appearance as you would like. Secondly, he may turn out to be a pervert or a fraudster.

Be sure to take a good look at the photo of the guy you’re going on a date with and, for your own safety, send his photo to your girlfriend before you go to the meeting.

Sign 3. Someone else’s photo

Before you go on a date, you need to check if someone else’s photo is on the avatar of the handsome prince. To do this, save the photo or take a screenshot of it, and then use the image search.

Fraudsters often prey on their victims using other people’s photos, so be careful and attentive.

Sign 4. He does not have social networks

It has become normal to draw a conclusion about a person from his pages on social networks. But what if the guy has no accounts at all or they all look fake? In this case, you can immediately sweep this gentleman aside, because he is most likely a scammer and deceives that he does not have social networks to hide his real life.

Sign 5. He has social networks, but they are unpleasant


Look closely at what the young man is posting. If you are terribly annoyed by his memes about garlic bread, do not like photos or his friends – it is unlikely that the date will be normal. If you don’t like at least something, you can very well refuse a date, and no one will tell you anything.

Sign 6. He calls for a visit

Right instead of the first date, he immediately calls you to his house? This is a reason to be wary and refuse to date at all. Most likely the guy was up to something bad.

Sign 7. He asks for a visit, tries to find out the address

This is a common fraudulent scheme: a guy, under a noble pretext, wants to call a taxi for you so that you get to your first date with a breeze and beautifully. But in fact, this is a sophisticated scam. When you return home after a date, you may find your apartment empty, because the guy’s accomplice will take everything of value out of it.

Do not give your address to anyone, even if the person then tries to be offended by you. Safety is paramount.

Sign 8. He does not ask for your opinion

If a guy starts pushing his point of view, does not take into account your wishes already at the stage of correspondence, does not know how to compromise and takes the position “Either in my opinion, or not at all” – this is not a sign of an alpha male, but rather an alpha jerk.


Sign 9. He hates girls

It doesn’t matter which: he can hate his ex, hate beauties or fat women. If a guy in correspondence pours a tub of slop towards other girls, you should think about whether you will get a couple of ladles of this substance when you piss him off too?

Sign 10. He started a conversation off topic

For example, you are looking for a normal relationship or a fun movie date, and he starts with a rude and greasy offer to “drink tea at his house.” And under “drink tea” is not tea at all.

If you have different goals, there is no point in dating at all, right?

What are your stop signs? Tell me in the comments!

Photo: Freepik