Scientists say that almost every tenth dream we have is of a sexual nature. Sometimes such visions even cause an orgasm! Can you understand the meaning of the message?

erotic dreamserotic dreams

Sexologists say: “hot” dreams visit the fair sex on average 5 times a month. And in 40% of cases, they end with an orgasm (due to which night dreamers wake up rested and in a good mood). What can these dreams indicate? “Every erotic dream has a meaning,” says German professor Michael Schroedl, a dream researcher at the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim.

Erotic symbols in dreams

Sometimes in a dream you can see not sexual intercourse as such and not the caress of a partner, but some symbols that are signs of sexual desire.

  • Symbolic actions: riding, swinging, flying in a dream.
  • Phallic symbols: banana, snake, various oblong objects – a champagne glass, a pipe, a gear lever.
  • Symbols of the female womb: a tunnel, a cave, containers like a cup and a vase.

But you should not see a secret meaning in everything. Sometimes a train entering a tunnel is just a train entering a tunnel. Not what you thought! However, why not think about sex. As you know, our thoughts are material.

erotic dreamserotic dreams

How to interpret erotic dreams

It is erotic dreams that help to unravel what desires and aspirations are hidden in our unconscious. Of course, a one-time dream does not mean anything, but if the same plot is constantly, this is not just like that! So, the subconscious is trying to convey some important information.

PLOT #1. me and the stranger

An unknown man brazenly pesters, spitting on all the conventions and norms: in the subway, car, plane, elevator, toilet … His audacity, of course, shocks, but, oddly enough, turns on (and the fact that he is a stranger, turns on doubly).

How to interpret it: dreams about a sexually horny stranger are classics of the genre. Such “adult films” testify to only one thing – the lack of thrills in reality. Think!

PLOT #2. Sex with a woman

For the fairer sex with a normal orientation, such dreams are a nightmare. Cleaner than dreams, where you have to run away from a maniac. “Am I a closeted lesbian?!”

How to interpret it: “Pink” dreams do not at all indicate unconventional sexuality, but a lack of tenderness in real life. Most likely, the partner is stingy with affection or “squeezes” oral sex. And the subconscious is so creatively rebelling.

dream about sex with a womandream about sex with a woman

PLOT #3. In bed with a celebrity

For example, with Johnny Depp, George Clooney or another famous person. This very person lived calmly for himself, and then suddenly flared up with a mad passion for you … How can you not give in here?

How to interpret it: most likely, this indicates a desire to be in the center of attention, but others do not notice this. So the subconscious slipped sex with a star – well, anyway … Another reason for “starry” dreams is that it’s boring with a partner, but you want brightness.

PLOT №4. Intimacy with the boss

It can be just sex – by mutual consent. But more often the alignment is different: he runs, humiliates himself, and she (you) is his “dynamite”, after which he graciously allows access to the body.

How to interpret it: an affair in a dream is an attempt to recoup for one’s complexes, to relieve the oppressive feeling of one’s own inferiority. Maybe in life try to behave a little more confidently?

PLOT №5. In the arms of the former

Another reason to wake up in a cold sweat is to see yourself in bed with an ex. Especially if parting cost a lot of nerves, and trying to forget him – a lot of effort.

How to interpret it: perhaps the feelings are still there. However, such dreams rarely end in orgasm – one part of the “I” wants everything back, but the other remembers the pain and protests even in a dream.