Today is International Vegan Day. Experts told RIAMO about the benefits and harms of a vegan diet.

According to nutritionist Nata Gonchar, vegans differ from vegetarians in that they do not consume not only meat and fish, but also milk, eggs, honey, and any additives made from animals.

Gonchar claims that the vegan diet makes it possible to quickly lose weight, provided a balanced diet. The diet should include vegetables, vegetable fats, legumes, herbs, mushrooms. At the same time, such a menu can lead to overeating and a set of extra pounds.

A vegan diet helps in the fight against acne and other skin imperfections. However, the disadvantages of such a diet are much greater than the advantages. It is difficult for people to find essential amino acids for the normal functioning of the body, said nutritionist Artem Tuzhikov.

Vegans need to be especially skilled at getting the protein they need from plant-based foods. If they do not, the body does not receive important components.

You can compensate for protein deficiency with vegetable protein. You also need to pay attention to foods that contain zinc and iodine.

Nutritionist Elena Salikova recommends that people who want to become vegans first get tested and see a doctor. Becoming vegan is contraindicated for citizens with chronic diseases, young children, diabetics, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Earlier, nutritionist Jolanta Langauer said that eating foods rich in proteins and fats for breakfast will help to avoid overeating after a lack of sleep.